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Raw Results 03/10/14

Raw Results from Memphis, TN:

The show opened with Hulk Hogan arriving to the ring to reminisce about his previous WrestleMania matches including those vs. Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior and Andre the Giant. He said in Andre's honor he's announcing a 30-man battle royal at WrestleMania with the winner getting a trophy made in Andre's likeness. John Cena came to the ring to hug Hogan and officially announce his name for the battle royal, but soon the Wyatt's music played to interrupt. The Wyatt Family came to the ring with Bray and Cena engaging in more verbal banter, until Cena challenged Bray to a match at WrestleMania, saying he won't be in the battle royal. Bray accepted and laughed saying Cena has made more "empty promises." The Wyatts got in the ring with Hogan and Cena ready for a fight.

John Cena defeated Erick Rowan via pinfall. Hulk Hogan was ringside along with the Wyatts. At one point, Rowan looked away from Cena towards Bray and Harper. Cena surprised him with a quick rollup pinfall. Post-match, the Wyatts looked ready to attack, but Bray gathered Rowan and Harper from the apron. Cena and Hogan posed in the ring to close the opening match out.

Stephanie and Triple H came out on stage to address HHH hitting a Pedigree on Bryan last week. She said it was due to Bryan attacking Hunter, and that normally that's grounds for termination. She said they realize Bryan has some value but not like A-Players such as Batista, Orton and Triple H. Stephanie said Bryan needs to apologize or there will be severe consequences.

The Usos defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel via pinfall in a non-title match. Jimmy hit the Superfly Splash off the top on Axel for the win. The Usos posed with their belts to taunt the New Age Outlaws who were on commentary.

Backstage, Kane told The Shield it was time to light a fire under them to see how they co-exist. He told them they'd face the Rhodes Bros tonight, a team they dropped the tag titles to. Rollins brought up how Kane lost to Bryan recently and how Big Show KO'd him. Kane was upset, telling Rollins he's had enough. He said to take care of Rhodes Bros. tonight. Reigns stepped up to Kane and said they'll take care of any demon standing in their way.

Big E defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall in a non-title match. The close saw Swagger yelling at Cesaro for not helping him out during the match. Big E took advantage of the distraction and rolled up Swagger from behind. Post-match, Zeb Colter told Swagger and Cesaro to shake hands. They did but Cesaro put a tight grip on Swagger's hand and eventually let go of it.

They had an Undertaker segment with Paul Heyman arriving out on stage as advocate for Brock Lesnar. He said Taker's had 21 straight wins in 21 Mania matches. He referred to the man becoming a myth, the myth becoming legend and legend becoming deity. Heyman said if Taker gets in the ring with Lesnar at WM30, the streak will be conquered. Taker told him that fear of death is greater than death itself, but the fear of unknown is greatest of all. He told Heyman to tell Brock if he shows up in New Orleans he'll "Rest..In...Peace." Heyman looked concerned on stage.

The Shield defeated Rhodes Brothers via pinfall. Reigns broke up a late pin attempt by Cody. Rollins and Cody collided in the ring after a brawl broke out. Reigns speared Goldust out of the ring. Rollins hit a finisher on Cody to get the pinfall win.

The Bella Twins defeated AJ Lee and Tamina via pinfall. AJ tagged in after Tamina had dominated Brie for a bit. Niki eventually got in and AJ lost control of things. Nikki managed to drop AJ for the winning pinfall. AJ will defend her Divas title against Natalya on Main Event on Tuesday night.

Daniel Bryan came to the ring to talk about the "Yes! Movement" and how Stephanie's apology to him earlier didn't seem sincere. He told HHH he can't have it both ways, acting corporate and then Pedigreeing him in the ring. Bryan vowed to fight HHH, and in response to the request to apologize, Bryan said he had one word for him, "No!" Bryan told HHH It ends here tonight, because tonight they're going to occupy Raw. Bryan invited some fans who were members of the Yes! Movement to join him in the ring. Bryan continued speaking with Raw fading to a commercial as if cutting his speech off.

After a commercial break, Daniel Bryan had a slew of fans with him in the ring and around it as part of his "Occupy Raw Movement." Triple H and Stephanie came out to intervene, trying to order them all to get out of there. Bryan and the fans refused. Hunter tried to send a couple security guards down and even Damian Sandow for a match, but none of that worked. Eventually, Hunter gave in and told Bryan he can have a match against him at WM30. HHH told him he got what he wanted now everyone needs to leave. Bryan said that's not what he wants, he suggested that if he beats HHH at WrestleMania 30, he gets put into the title match. HHH finally agreed to it and dropped his mic, seething at Bryan.

It was announced that the majority of fans voting on WWE's App chose a Memphis Street Fight as the match involving Christian and Sheamus on tonight's Raw.

Sheamus defeated Christian in a Memphis Street Fight. The match involved a variety of objects as weapons including a big bass drum. Late in the match, Christian hit a Frosplash to drive a chair into Sheamus. Christian was hurt as well but went for a pin, with Sheamus kicking out. Moments later, Christian tried to use the bass drum on Sheamus, but Sheamus destroyed it and Christian's face with a Brogue Kick for the win.

Backstage, Batista and Orton were upset about the news that Bryan could be a part of their match at WM30. Brad Maddox was standing by and said The Authority left the building. He told Orton and Batista to take care of Bryan and Big Show tonight. Orton said he's willing to make it work if Batista will. Batista looked at him a bit and left without saying a word.

They had a promo from NXT stars Lana and Rusev on stage about Rusev taking over WWE.

The Wyatt Family appeared on screen for a promo, where Bray accepted Cena's challenge for a WM30 match. He told Cena "Your time is up, I am forever." Bray sang about time being on his side. It closed with Erick Rowan grunting while wearing the sheep mask.

Daniel Bryan and The Big Show defeated Batista and Randy Orton via pinfall. Late in the match, Bryan had a Yes! Lock on Orton, but Batista came in to break things up. Show kicked Batista in the face, but then Orton hit an RKO on Show, leaving all four guys down on the mat. Orton and Bryan both got up first. Orton went for an RKO, while Batista tried to spear Bryan. Bryan moved away as Batista speared Orton down. Moments later, Orton hit a second rope DDT on Bryan. Orton went for another RKO, with Bryan avoiding it and attempting a backslide pin for just 2. Moments later, he hit a running knee on Orton to drop him for a pinfall.  Post-match, Bryan celebrated the win as the crowd chanted Yes. As Raw closed out, Bryan was shown with the WM30 banner off in the distance above his shoulder as he was on the ring corner celebrating.

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