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Smackdown Results 04/21/14

SmackDown results from Houston, TX:

The show opened with Cole informing fans there would be a Fatal Fourway tag team match to determine new #1 contenders. Also, John Cena will take on Luke Harper in the main event. Kane came out to deliver an opening speech about Monday Night Raw and Daniel Bryan.

Kane talked about what happened to Bryan on Raw and said he had it coming because he’s an egomaniac who craves the attention of the fans. He blamed the crowd for what happened to Bryan. He said Bryan thinks he’s bigger than WWE and The Authority, but on Raw everyone learned that nobody is bigger than The Authority. He said The Authority is better than Bryan and better than the Yes Movement. He read a letter from Triple H saying that Daniel Bryan forced him to take matters into his own hands. He said it was never The Authority’s intention to be involved personally with Bryan, but they had no chance due to Bryan trying to “Occupy Raw.” The letter concluded “Thank you, and welcome to Smackdown. Signed, Triple H.”

Fernando of Los Matadores defeated Fandango via pinfall. Late in the match, El Torito started to chase Summer around the ring because she had a red dress on. She jumped onto the apron to get away, which distracted Fandango. Fernando grabbed him from behind for a surprise rollup pin.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall. At one point, Sandow had a chin lock on Ziggler to wear him down. Ziggler made an escape and started to comeback, hitting a dropkick, then a back suplex for the near fall. He set up for the Fameasser, but Sandow avoided it. After more back and forth, Ziggler finally hit the Fameasser for the win.

The Wyatt Family sound effect hit and they appeared to deliver a message to John Cena. Luke Harper said it’s not safe here for Cena, and tonight he is the reaper who will carry out his will. Bray Wyatt added it makes sense that Cena would be afraid of him, because he was born of this world to relieve it of his sins. Bray said he’s the tears of his mother for the love he couldn’t repay her. Bray added that he is the sad truth that is waiting for him down below. Bray said fear is his power and he is now in control. He finished by telling Cena he’d ruin his entire world. “Run” ended the promo.

3MB vs. The Real Americans vs. The Shield vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback ended in a no contest. The late part of the match saw Rollins clear the Real Americans and Drew McIntyre from the apron before hitting a blockbuster move on Mahal. Reigns hit a spear on the outside on Heath Slater. Rollins hit a flying stomp on Mahal and had a pin, but Drew broke things up. Kane showed up at ringside and attacked Roman Reigns to cause the DQ. Post-match, Kane kept attacking Reigns on the ramp. New Age Outlaws showed up and continued to help with the beat down. Eventually Real Americans, 3MB and Rybaxel helped to take out Rollins and Ambrose. Kane eventually hit a chokeslam on Rollins and Reigns.

MizTV segment featuring Big Show talking about the Battle Royal at WrestleMania 30. Miz invited some of the other Battle Royal competitors down including Sheamus, Cody, Mark Henry, Kofi, Del Rio, Big E and more. A huge brawl broke out, with Sheamus and Big Show remaining in the ring after everyone else was cleared out.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Big E via pinfall in a non-title match. Late in this one, Del Rio got ready for the cross arm breaker, but Big E pushed him off. Big E charged at Del Rio in the corner, but ADR moved and Big E hit the corner post instead. Del Rio followed with his kick to the head to pin Big E.

They had a backstage segment with Santino getting makeup up put on to cover a black eye. He kept telling the makeup lady how great Emma is, and started to do her Emma dance. Emma appeared and tapped him on the shoulder. Santino was surprised and fell out of the chair. As he got up, he and Emma hit heads into each other. Santino left the scene embarrassed and Emma took a seat in the chair.

The Bella Twins defeated Natalya and Summer Rae via pinfall. The late part of the match saw Summer toss Brie into the corner, but then Summer got into another argument with her partner, Natalya. Natalya tagged in and tossed Summer out of the ring. Brie was able to take advantage and hit a face buster on Natalya for the win.

They  showed footage from Main Event featuring Undertaker delivering a message through Paul Heyman to Brock Lesnar. Michael Cole said that Undertaker and Brock will both be on Raw in Brooklyn Monday night. Backstage, Kane talked to 3MB, Real Americans and Ryback/Axel. He 3MB an entry into the Battle Royal at WM30. New Age Outlaws came in and Kane thanked them saying he knew he could count on them.

Lana came out onto the stage and said “Houston, we have a very big problem.” She introduced Alexander Rusev. Meanwhile, Cole updated fans that Daniel Bryan suffered a partial shoulder separation due to  Triple H’s attack on Raw. They said Bryan still planned to do WWE live events over the weekend and show up on Raw for Monday, but they questioned his decision. 

John Cena made his entrance for the main event match.

John Cena defeated Luke Harper via pinfall. Late in the match, Harper hit a big boot to Cena’s face, but couldn’t get a pinfall. At one point, Cena dumped Harper out of the ring. Later, Cena put a crossfire on Harper, but Harper bit Cena’s hand to escape it. He went for a Powerbomb on Cena, but Cena reversed with head scissors. Harper hit a head scissors on Cena, then went for a huge clothesline. Cena avoided it, then hit the Attitude Adjustment for the win. Post-match, Cena left the ring to rush up the ramp to avoid an attack by the Wyatt Family.

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