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2014 WrestleMania 30 Results Coverage (Updated)

Welcome to 2014 WrestleMania 30 results coverage for all of the annual pay-per-view's biggest matches. Below you’ll find recaps and results for each of the matches on the card including tonight’s main event: a Triple Threat WWE World Heavyweight Title match. In that match, current champion Randy Orton defends against 2014 Royal Rumble winner Batista, as well as the winner of tonight’s Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H match. Also on the card, The Undertaker puts his legendary undefeated streak on the line against Brock Lesnar, and John Cena takes on Bray Wyatt.

Below are match-by-match recaps and results. You can refresh this page to get the latest updated results from tonight's Wrestlemania.

WrestleMania 30 Pre-Show Match:

The Usos vs. Real Americans vs. Los Matadores vs. RybAxel
Tag Team Championship Fatal Fourway

This match was featured on the WWE Pre-Show exclusively on WWE Network starting at 6 p.m. EST. Los Matadores were first to go in this elimination style Fatal Fourway as Swagger made one of the two submit to the ankle lock. The Usos came in to take the fight to Swagger, but Axel tagged in for Swagger. Rybaxel took control from there. Eventually, Ryback was on a rampage against Swagger. He hit the Meathook Clothesline and then set up for the finisher, but hoisted Swagger up close by to Cesaro. Cesaro pulled Swagger off Ryback and tagged in blindly. Ryback managed to clothesline Swagger out of the ring and then launched Cesaro off the top rope down to the mat. He went for a Meathook but Cesaro avoided it and got him into the Neutralizer to eliminate Rybaxel. It came down to Usos vs. Real Americans. At one point, Swagger had the ankle lock on one of the Usos, but the other came in to break things up. Cesaro grabbed him for a Neutralizer and then the other Uso hit a Samoan backdrop. The finish saw Cesaro got throw into Swagger on the apron, knocking Swagger off the apron to the floor. With Cesaro down on the mat, the Usos hit a double splash off opposite corners for the win

Winners: The Usos defeated The Real Americans via pinfall to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.

WrestleMania 30 PPV Results:

The show opened with host Hulk Hogan coming to the ring to introduce the show. At one point he forgot which arena they were in and called it the Silverdome. The 75,000-plus fans corrected Hulkster. Soon after his speech was underway, broken glass was heard and Stone Cold made his entrance to the ring. Stone Cold paced for a bit and polled the crowd if they wanted him to whoop whoever was in the ring. They gave him a “hell yeah,” but Austin refused to do it. He paid massive respect to Hogan for what he’s done for the business. Soon after that, the crowd went crazy as The Rock’s music hit and out came Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. The three legends stood in the ring at once, with Rock delivering a classic promo about the importance of the two superstars in the ring with him to the history of WWE. He talked up how Cena wouldn’t be there to fight today if not for Hogan’s arrival 29 years ago. He talked about how Daniel Bryan would challenge the Authority tonight, but not unless Stone Cold had challenged the boss and whooped his candy ass years ago. The promo finished with each of the three superstars delivering their traditional line along with the crowd and then doing a beer bash with Austin in the ring.

A video package was shown for the Daniel Bryan and Triple H feud.

Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H

Stephanie McMahon was in ring and made the official intro for her husband, COO Triple H. HHH had a haunting symphony playing for him as he was seated on a throne with scantily-clad women at his sides and foot area. He eventually stood up, removed the skeleton style mask he had on and his real theme music played as he walked to the ring to pose for the crowd with Stephanie applauding for him. Daniel Bryan's music hit soon after with the crowd delivering "Yes" chants as Stephanie sneered at Bryan. Bryan's shoulder was heavily taped with Cole saying it's been hurt for months and it was recently re-injured by HHH.

HHH tried to offer a handshake to start things off, but Bryan kicked his hand away, then went for a quick pinfall. HHH kicked out and soon escaped the ring to regroup with Stephanie. Back in the ring, HHH started to take it to Bryan’s injury to get an advantage. Things went to the outside at one point with HHH tearing up an announcers table and going for a Pedigree on Bryan. Bryan blocked it and fought him off a bit, but HHH yanked Bryan’s arm down against the table as he jumped down. From there, HHH kept on attacking the injury in the ring. Bryan managed to knock HHH out of the ring and went for a running suicide dive, but HHH was ready and hit a punch on him to take control again.

Triple H had the crossface submission locked on Bryan for a bit, but Bryan managed to reverse it and put on the Yes! Lock. He had HHH in agony, but Stephanie urged him on to finally grab the ropes to break things. HHH fell to the outside, but Bryan did a running dive on him to crash into the barrier. Bryan got back up and did a second running dive to further punish HHH. Back in the ring, Bryan connected on multiple kicks with the crowd yelling “Yes!” each time. Bryan couldn’t score the pinfall as HHH kicked out after 2. Bryan got the crowd going and went for a running knee, but HHH grabbed him and hit a Spinebuster. Moments later, HHH hit the Pedigree and pinned him, but Bryan miraculously kicked out after 2.

Triple H gained control and went for a Pedigree again to finish Bryan, but D-Bryan blocked it several times. HHH dropped him to the mat and kept kneeing Bryan in the head. He picked him up for a slam, but Bryan flipped over HHH’s back then delivered a huge running knee to finally finish off HHH for the pinfall win.

Post-match, Bryan led the crowd in "Yes" chants ecstatically. Stephanie McMahon came in the ring to check on her husband, but instead walked up to Bryan and slapped him in the face several times. Bryan smirked about it, but all of a sudden, HHH clotheslined him down from behind. Triple H yanked Bryan over to the corner of the ring and yanked his bad shoulder against the ring post, then grabbed a steel chair to smash against his arm. Stephanie got in Bryan's face mockingly saying "Aw poor Daniel," a few times before she left with HHH up the ramp.

Winner: Daniel Bryan defeated Triple H via pinfall to advance to the Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight title.

The Shield vs. New Age Outlaws & Kane

New Age Outlaws started to come out to the ring delivering their standard entrance speech, but were interrupted by Shield’s music. Shield arrived through the crowd wearing special protective masks. Suddenly, Kane’s pyro hit and he arrived out as Lillian finished the intros of each team. The Shield quickly grabbed control of things with their opponents barely able to get involved. Reigns scored multiple Superman punches on all of the opposition. At one point he hit a Spear on Kane right after Rollins and Ambrose did a double suicide dive out of the ring onto all three opponents. The Shield finished with a double power bomb on New Age Outlaws, with Rollins scoring the winning pinfall. Shield celebrated the victory and put their fists in together after. Winners: The Shield won via pinfall over New Age Outlaws and Kane.

Andre the Giant Memorial 30-Man Battle Royal

Most of the superstars were already in the ring for the battle royal with Big Show making his official entrance to complete the field. In the early going, Brodus Clay and Great Khali were eliminated one after the other to get rid of two of the behemoths in the match. 3MB tossed out Zack Ryder. Next out was Darren Young as he got tossed over the top. Mark Henry eliminated all 3 members of 3MB but then Big Show dumped out Henry. At one point, Fandango and Big E fought on the apron. Surprisingly, Fandango managed to deliver multiple strikes and a big kick to cause Big E to fall out. Unfortunately, Fandango didn't get back in the ring and kept shaking his hips on the outside. Sheamus took advantage and grabbed him for about 20 chest strikes on the apron, then shoved Fandango to the floor. Alberto Del Rio eliminated Goldust with his big kick to the head, then moments later eliminated Rhodes.

At one point, Cesaro had several impressive European uppercuts and seemed to throw Kofi Kingston out over the ringpost to the floor. Kofi's feet didn't hit the floor with one landing on the steel steps, so he was allowed back into the match. Moments later, Cesaro connected on a multiple swing Cesaro Swing on Kofi.

It came down to a final four of Del Rio, Sheamus, Big Show and Cesaro. Sheamus got Del Rio up in the Celtic Curse but Del Rio countered and put a Cross Armbreaker. Sheamus powered up and picked up Del Rio then went to dump him out of the ring, but had to use all his power to do it an fell out with him. It was down to Cesaro versus Big Show with Show seeming to have control and the win. However, Cesaro managed to slide off Show's shoulders on the throw out attempt. He clotheslined Show into the ropes then lifted him up with pure might to dump Big Show out over the top rope.

Winner: Cesaro wins the Andre the Giant Memorial 30-Man Battle Royal after eliminating Big Show.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

An elaborate dark and fiery setting was up on stage with a woman dancing around rhythmically until finally the flames shot up after she knelt down. The Wyatts showed up on the screen with Bray lighting a lantern and telling “New Orleans, we’re here” before blowing the lamp out. From there, Mark Crozer and his band (wearing masks) played The Wyatt Family theme song “Live in Fear” to bring out the Wyatts for their match. John Cena made his entrance next to a selection of boos and cheers from the crowd. He stood on the ramp staring down at the ring where the Wyatts were.

As Cena slid into the ring, Harper and Rowan stayed in front of the ring corner that Bray sat on. They stared Cena down to deliver the fear factor a bit before the bell. Finally things started and Bray knelt down in the center of the ring with his arms wide open. Bray yelled "Finish me John, show them the monster you are!" Cena kept telling Wyatt to get up and fight. Wyatt finally charged at Cena in the corner, but Cena put on a headlock and brought him down to get things started.

Cena finally snapped at one point and as Bray tried to run at him in the corner, Cena delivered a huge clothesline to level him. Cena caught himself in the corner then turned around and rushed over to pounce on Wyatt, pounding on him. As he stood up, Bray licked his fingers after the attack and laughed that he'd gotten into Cena's head finally. The ref had to keep backing Cena off from attacking Wyatt too much. At one point, Wyatt had to order Harper and Rowan to get off the apron and let Cena continue. Cena tried to attack Wyatt again, but this time Bray was ready and hoisted Cena up in the Attitude Adjustment style move to throw Cena to the mat.

At one point, Cena managed to deliver his move set and drop Wyatt onto his back, then set up for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. However, as Cena went off the ropes, Wyatt had put himself into the crabwalk causing Cena to fall to the mat shocked at what he saw. Rowan got on the apron so Cena took a swipe at him and missed, allowing Wyatt to strike. Later still, Cena jumped off the corner to try to take down Wyatt, but Wyatt caught him in a powerbomb pin for the near fall.

Things spilled to the outside when Cena jumped off the corner to take out Harper and Rowan on the outside. Bray came storming over, grabbed Cena and whipped him into the steel steps. Moments later he prepared to smash part of the steps onto Cena, but Cena avoided it then tossed Bray over the steps. Cena picked up part of the steps and was ready to smash them on Bray but stopped himself.

Bray tossed Cena to the outside and one of the Family put out both arms for Cena to come to him. Cena charged and tackled him through the barricade. Bray saw it and rushed out and over to attack Cena. Moments later, back in the ring, Bray set up for Sister Abigail, but Cena countered and put on the STF. Bray managed to get over to the ropes to break it.

At one point, Bray brought a chair into the ring. One of the Family tried to get in the ring but the ref backed him off. Bray slid the chair to Cena then knelt down before him and yelled “Finish me” several times. Cena stood with the chair in hand and went forward but instead ran over and smashed the family member off the apron, then dropped the chair. Bray tried to grab Cena for Sister Abigail, but Cena avoided it and hit the AA for the big win.

Winner: John Cena wins via pinfall over Bray Wyatt.

They brought out this year’s Hall of Fame class members: Lita, Carlos Colon, Mr. T, Razor Ramon, Jake the Snake Roberts, Paul Bearer (represented by his sons) and Ultimate Warrior.

They showed Daniel Bryan getting medical attention backstage after the earlier attack by Triple H.

A video package for Undertaker's streak and Brock Lesnar as challenger this year was shown.

The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

Lesnar made his entrance first, setting off a set of pyro on stage as he threw his arms down. After that, a video entrance package played about Undertaker’s various “victims” during his streak with coffins shown on stage inscribed with the names of the defeated opponents. A 22 casket was shown with Lesnar’s name on it. Taker’s bell eventually sounded and the smoke went off as Taker came out from backstage to his theme music. He eventually stopped and looked over at the Lesnar coffin and its lid opened. Moments later, Taker caused the casked to light on fire before walking down the ramp to the ring. As Taker got on the ring steps, he brought the lights back on and flames shot up from the coffins up on stage.

The bell sounded and Taker immediately started to punch away. Moments later, Lesnar gained control with a suplex to toss Taker across the ring. Lesnar clotheslined Taker out of the ring but Taker landed right on his feet, then got on the apron to battle with Lesnar. 

At one point, Taker seemed in control of things but as he charged at Lesnar, Brock moved from the corner. Taker ran into the corner and got his leg tweaked on the ropes. Brock took advantage and targeted the leg, eventually smashing it against the ring post. He continued to punish Taker on the outside, smashing him to the ground.

At one point both guys were out of it and fell to the mat for a bit. They got to their feet and Taker gained control with several punches and a whip of Lesnar to the corner followed by multiple clotheslines in the corner. Taker hit Snake Eyes dropping Lesnar face first onto the corner, then delivered a big boot and an elbow drop for another near fall. Heyman screamed at Brock to watch out. Taker grabbed him for a chokeslam and hit it for the cover. However, Brock managed to get a shoulder up before 3.

Moments later, Lesnar got Taker up and hit the F5 on him for a pinfall attempt. However, Taker kicked out of it before 3 to keep the streak alive. Lesnar got cocky a bit later and slowly approached Taker to grab him off the mat. Taker quickly responded by locking Lesnar into Hell’s Gate submission. Lesnar stood up and slammed Taker down to the mat to break it.

Taker was still on the mat and once again managed to grab Lesnar for another Hell's Gate near the center of the ring. Once again after several moments, Lesnar powered up with Taker in his clutches and slammed him to the mat to break the hold. Moments later, Taker crawled over for a cover on Brock, but Lesnar grabbed him for the Kimora submission he's used on others. Taker cried out in pain during the hold. Taker managed to reverse the hold and put Lesnar into it causing Lesnar to cry out. Neither man would tap though.

Taker managed to get to his feet and went for Old School from the top rope on Lesnar. However, Brock grabbed him from the ropes onto his shoulders to deliver another F5. Another pinfall attempt and Taker barely escaped it in time. Lesnar followed with several German Suplexes to slam Taker to the mat.

Another spot saw Lesnar pounding away on Taker in the corner. However, Taker responded by lifting Lesnar carrying him forward a few steps and hitting the Last Ride. He waited for Lesnar to get up and then picked him up for the Tombstone Pildriver, delivering it. Taker put Lesnar’s arms crossed over his chest and pinned him. Surprisingly, Lesnar kicked out before 3.

The close saw Taker give the cutthroat signal. He grabbed Lesnar for another finisher, but this time Lesnar escaped it, hoisted Taker up on his shoulders and delivered a third F5. This one was good enough for the win as Lesnar completed the pinfall for the win. The bell sounded and complete shock filled the arena, with Heyman rushing into the ring to hug Lesnar yelling “you did it, you did it!” Lesnar and Heyman along with the announcers were in disbelief. The stat on the screen showed 21-1.

After Lesnar and Heyman left the ring, Taker struggled to get up multiple times with the fans chanting for him. He looked groggy and fought off tears as he finally stood up with fans still chanting for him. All of the announcers stood up to give a standing ovation to Taker with JBL saying "he's the greatest I ever fought."

Winner: Brock Lesnar won via pinfall over Undertaker to break the legendary undefeated streak.

Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational

This match featured AJ Lee defending her Divas Championship against the entire divas roster in a single pinfall or submission match. The match featured multiple spots with the various divas including finishers and a suicide dive from the Bella Twins out onto the rest of the roster. The close saw AJ put her Black Widow submission onto Cameron. Cameron struggled not to tap for a bit, but AJ grabbed her arm and hit her hand to the mat to make it look like she tapped. After the bell, Vickie reluctantly handled the Divas belt over to AJ.

Winner: AJ Lee won via submission over Cameron to retain the Divas Championship.

Batista vs. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan
Triple Threat Match for WWE World Championship

At one point during the match, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H came rushing from out of the crowd near the timekeepers area. Triple H yanked the referee out of the ring as he was trying to count a pinfall for Bryan. From there, Steph and HHH brought crooked ref Scott Armstrong over and sent him in as the new official for the match. Eventually though, Bryan managed to knock him out of the ring. Bryan also hit a running dive onto Steph, HHH and Armstrong on the outside. With Stephanie holding onto her ankle, an enraged Triple H retrieved the sledgehammer from under the ring. He got on the apron and prepared to clock Bryan, but Bryan cut him off, then took the sledgehammer and rammed it into HHH’s gut to knock him off the apron.

Orton and Batista continued to beat up Bryan on the outside as Stephanie, HHH and Scott Armstrong were all escorted up the ramp backstage. Orton and The Animal cleared off two announce tables side-by-side, then Orton stacked steel steps up near them and walked up top. Batista stood Bryan up on the table and prepared a Batista Bomb and as he did Orton jumped and did the RKO with Bryan through the table. In the process, it looked like Orton landed with his back on a TV monitor. With Orton and Bryan both down, Batista came away without any harm. Daniel Bryan was checked on by WWE staff and medical personnel, who eventually decided to strap him onto a stretcher with a neck brace.

Later, Orton and Batista continued to fight in the ring, as Bryan was being wheeled up the ramp. Bryan tore off the neck brace and restraints to fall off the stretcher. Orton rushed over and beat up Bryan then tossed him into the steels steps for further damage. He rolled Bryan into the  ring, then urged the WWE Universe to give their final respects to Bryan as he dropped down for an RKO. Bryan was quick to grab Orton and put on the Yes! Lock to try to make Orton tap. Batista came in and broke up the hold, then walked over to grab Bryan but got put into the hold himself. Orton had to save Batista from the Yes Lock to keep his title safe for then.

Moments later, Orton dropped down and went for the RKO on Batista, but Batista shoved Orton off to the mat. Batista tried for a running spear on Orton, but Orton leapfrogged him and Batista took down Bryan. Bryan fell to the outside of the ring. Orton finally hit an RKO on Batista, but The Animal kicked out before 3 to send the crowd into a frenzy. With Batista down on the mat, Orton backed up for the running punt kick. Out of nowhere, Bryan rushed in an delivered a running knee to Orton. Batista quickly grabbed Bryan away from a pin and tossed him out of the ring.

Batista finally hit a Batista Bomb on Orton but before he could officially make a pinfall cover, Bryan was back in the ring and hit a running knee to take down Batista for good. With Orton trying to get into the ring, Bryan grabbed Batista into the Yes! Lock and after several moments, Batista tapped out, giving Bryan the championship belts. The crowd chanted Yes! with Bryan as he stood up on the announcers table with the two belts and fireworks shot off in the arena. Confetti poured from the rafters as Bryan celebrated in the ring with the titles. The show closed with an emotional Bryan in the ring holding up the belts as his theme music continued to play and Cole wished fans a good night.

Winner: Daniel Bryan won via submission over Batista in a Triple Threat match to become new WWE World Heavyweight champion.

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