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Raw Results 04/05/14

Raw Results from Albany, NY:

The Shield made their standard entrance through the crowd. Commentary was being handled by Cole, Lawler and JBL, with Cole noting that The Authority ordered Dean Ambrose to defend the U.S. Title in a 20-man battle royal to open the show.

Sheamus won a 20-Man Battle Royal to become the new United States champion. The match featured Jack Swagger, Alex Riley, Ryback, R-Truth, Fandango, Santino, Goldust, Kofi Kingston, Heath Slater, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Titus O’Neil and Sin Cara. It came down to a final five of Ambrose, Ryback, Axel, Sheamus and Swagger. Ambrose was able to eliminate Axel, then kicked Ryback in the knee on the apron to send him off the apron. From there, he was able to dump out Swagger, but then turned around and was struck by Sheamus’ Brogue Kick. Sheamus tossed Ambrose out to the floor to win the match.  

Post-match, Triple H walked out onto the stage and said that The Shield was extremely lucky at Extreme Rules but it looks like now their luck is running out. He booked Shield to face Wyatt Family later on Raw.

Backstage Sheamus was interviewed about his US title win. He told Renee Young he had been spinning his wheels since his comeback to WWE, and this was the perfect time to step back into glory. When asked what he’d say to Ambrose about having to face 19 other mean, Sheamus smiled and said “No hard feelings fella.”

Rob Van Dam defeated Cesaro due to disqualification. At one point in the match, Cesaro tied RVD into the ropes in a Tree of Woe and kept throwing punches at him. The ref warned him to stop and when Cesaro didn’t, the ref called for the bell. Cesaro kept on with the attack after the bell, and Heyman told him to walk away before getting suspended.

The Wyatt Family did an in-ring promo with Bray sitting in his rocking chair. Footage was shown of the boy singing in a demonic voice during last night’s cage match that Bray won against Cena. He talked about how the innocent eyes of the children “see right through John Cena.” He said Cena calls him a monster and he is, because he believes the world has to be burned to the ground and reborn in his image. Wyatt said he does this for the children, for the poor man begging on the streets to the teenaged girl who wakes up crying thinking she isn’t pretty enough to be prom queen. He said people will remember Bray Wyatt for what he really is, “A god.”

Ryback defeated Cody Rhodes via pinfall. Late in the match, Axel tried to interfere from the outside but Goldust rushed over to stop him. Axel fought Goldust and drove him into the ring post. Cody was on the top rope and fell onto Ryback. Ryback caught Rhodes and hit Shellshocked for the win.

Daniel Bryan and Brie were shown backstage, with Bryan warning Brie to stay nearby. The lights went out in the room they were in so they left. The camera revealed a Kane mask covering the light. Bryan and Brie went into the hall and saw Stephanie. Bryan confronted Steph insisting she knows what’s going on. She played dumb then told them to stay put and she’d have their car brought to the building.

Los Matadores and El Torito held a Cinco de Mayo in-ring celebration with Torito throwing candy into the audience. 3MB came out with Hornswoggle to interrupt. Torito tried to give some candy to Hornswoggle, but they got into a fight. Los Matadores and Torito got the upper hand in the fight, clearing out the heels.

Alexander Rusev defeated Kofi Kingston via submission. The match lasted just under 3 minutes. Kofi had some momentum and tried to springboard with a cross body but Rusev caught him, then slammed him. Lana gave the order to crush Kofi, so Rusev did so and put on the Accolade finisher to cause Kofi to tap out.

Backstage in the parking area, Bryan and Brie went to their car. Bryan opened the door first and looked around for Kane. They both got into the car. All of a sudden someone knocked on the glass window and Brie screamed. Stephanie was there and told Bryan he needs to compete in a match now or will be stripped of his title. Raw went to commercial break.

Daniel Bryan defeated Alberto Del Rio via submission in a non-title match. The match lasted over 15 minutes. Bryan hit several dropkicks late and then a suicide dive onto Del Rio on the floor. Bryan got up on the top rope, but Del Rio came back with a kick to the head. However, moments later Bryan responded by locking on the Yes Lock to make Del Rio tap out. 

Post-match, Kane’s music and pyro went off so Bryan raced to bring Brie to the car backstage. When they got to their car it wouldn’t start. Bryan looked under the hood and said a wire was unplugged. He put it back in and slammed the hood down, but then saw Kane in the backseat behind Brie. Kane and Bryan got into a fight with Bryan able to fight off Kane and get into the car. Kane tried to grab Bryan through the sunroof, but Bryan hit the gas causing Kane to fall off the car. Bryan got out to check on Kane who soon sat up. Bryan rushed back into the car to drive off with Brie, with Kane smiling at the incident.

Bad News Barrett defeated Big E via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Late in this one, E hit several belly-to-belly suplexes, then lowered a strap on his singlet. Big E went for the finisher, but Barrett slid off and raked his eyes. Barrett followed with a Bull Hammer for the win.

They had an in-ring appearance from Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. Colter talked down about Cinco de Mayo being just May 5 in the U.S. and an excuse for Americans to get drunk. He listed off a bunch of WWE stars who need to be deported right now: Cesaro, Emma, Sheamus, Paul Heyman, Santino and Paige. Suddenly Colter was interrupted by Adam Rose’s theme song. Rose’s entourage danced onto the stage followed by Rose with the Rosebuds. They danced their way to ringside. Rose got in the ring and danced around Colter and Sagger a bit. After the music stopped, Rose took the lollipop out of his mouth and offered it to Zeb. Zeb told him to get back. Rose told him to be a “rosebud, not a lemon.” Swagger charged at Rose who backdropped him out of the ring. Rose’s entourage got in the ring and all dance around Zeb who eventually escaped the ring.

The Wyatt Family defeated The Shield via pinfall. Late in this one, The Shield set up for a Triple Powerbomb on Bray Wyatt. Evolution’s theme music hit to interrupt that idea. All three of Evolution headed to the ring in their new t-shirts. Shield cleared Wyatts out then Rollins and Ambrose hit suicide dives out onto Orton and Batista. Reigns hit a Superman Punch on HHH too, but then Bray Wyatt was right there to hit a running splash on him. He followed that with Sister Abigail for the pinfall win.

Post-match, Evolution kept attacking Shield, including a near Pedigree by HHH on Reigns. Reigns backdropped Hunter, but Orton hit an RKO to take down Reigns. Triple H hit a power bomb on him, then all of Evolution Triple Powerbombed Reigns to finish Raw.

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