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2014 WWE Extreme Rules Results Coverage (Updated)

Welcome to the 2014 WWE Extreme Rules results coverage. This year’s event is being held at the IZOD Center from East Rutherford, New Jersey with the Intercontinental, Divas and World Heavyweight Championship titles all on the line. Among those in action will be Daniel Bryan, Big E, John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista, The Shield and the “Big Red Monster,” Kane. Fans can find match-by-match results listed out below.

El Torito defeated Hornswoggle in the WeeLC match via pinfall. This match was featured on WWE Network for the exclusive online pre-show. Late in the contest, Torito took out the rest of 3MB then hit a springboard off the top rope to crash through Hornswoggle on a table in the ring, grabbing the pinfall win.

Cesaro defeated RVD and Jack Swagger in a Triple Threat match via pinfall. Heyman was out to introduce his new client and pronounced this event as "the one night that WWE gets it right out of the whole year." During the early part of the match, Cesaro hit a huge Superplex from the second rope to bring Swagger to the mat, and then RVD leapt off the other corner to hit a Five Star Frog splash for the win. Swagger was eliminated first and headed backstage. Late in the match, RVD had control of things after kicking a trash can into Cesaro’s face in the ring. He set up the trash can on top of Cesaro then went for the Five Star. Cesaro slid the can up to block his face, causing RVD to land face first on it. From there, Cesaro grabbed RVD and hit the Neutralizer onto the can for the pinfall win.

A trainer was working on Daniel Bryan backstage, helping him with his left arm. Stephanie walked in and asked for a few moments to talk to Bryan. She warned him that she's afraid of what Kane might do to him tonight. She brought up she's afraid for Bryan for his wife Brie and his mother. Steph told Bryan he doesn't have to compete tonight and he could officially surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Bryan told her to get out of his face. He said he was going to walk into the match as champion and then walk out the same exact way. Stephanie told him he won't be walking out as champion, but he'll be walking out as "Kane's b---h."

Alexander Rusev defeated R-Truth and Xavier Woods in a 2-on-1 handicap match via pinfall. Lana came out to give a pitch that tonight's match was dedicated to the most dangerous man in the world, her role model, idol and her president, Valdimir Putin. She then introduced the Bulgarian Brute, Alexander Rusev. Before the bell even rang, Rusev kicked Woods into R-Truth then went to the outside to beat up on both guys. He smashed Woods face first into the bottom of the ring apron, then took Truth in the ring. Truth barely got up and agreed to the ref to start the match on his own. Rusev hit a swinging side slam before stomping on Truth for a pose and then putting him into The Accolade. Truth soon tapped out of it with the ref calling for the bell. Post-match, Lana ordered Rusev to deliver more destruction on the outside as he slammed Woods backwards onto the hard floor before posing with Lana.

Bad News Barrett defeated Big E for the Intercontinental Championship via pinfall. At one point, Big E was able to spear Barrett off the apron to the outside in a big spot. Later, Barrett hit Wasteland in the ring for a near fall. Big E hit a huge move of his own in the corner for a pinfall attempt of his own. Big E hit a big splash then pulled a strap down to go for The Big Ending. Barrett escaped his grasp and then prepared for the below. Big E ducked it once, but then Barrett flew at him to knock him down with the Bull Hammer for the title win.

The Shield defeated Evolution via pinfall. Late in this one, Reigns had a pinfall on Batista, but HHH and Orton yanked him out of the ring. HHH then hit a Pedigree on Reigns and tried to put Batista on him for a pinfall, but Ambrose was able to break it up. Ambrose and HHH fell to the outside, then Orton hit an RKO on Reigns. Batista went for ap infall again with Rollins breaking it up. Orton yanked Rollins out of the ring. Orton, Rollins, HHH and Ambrose started fighting up into the stands. HHH and Orton managed to great Ambrose down to the floor. Rollins dove out onto them from bleachers, with Ambrose and Evolution crashing down in a pile. Meanwhile, Reigns gained momentum in the ring hitting a Superman Punch on Batista, followed by the big Spear take down for the pinfall win. Post-match, Reigns went up near the ramp to pick up Ambrose and Rollins. The other two staggered on their feet, then all three men put their fists together in unison.

Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena via pinfall in a steel cage match. During the match, Harper and Rowan were on the outside of the cage, guarding the floor and the door so Cena couldn’t get out. At one point Cena was about to go out the door after knocking Bray down, but Harper and Rowan were there to hold the door closed. Cena tried to force it open but Bray hit him from behind and The Wyatts slammed the door on John. Later, Cena was climbing up the wall only for one of the Wyatts to meet him at the top. Cena battled him to the point of knocking him down to the floor, then started to climb out, only for the other Wyatt to meet him towards the bottom of the cage with a chair. Later still, Cena managed to put a STF on Wyatt by countering Sister Abigail. Wyatt was halfway out of the cage door, but Cena managed to pull him back inside. Cena managed to hit an Attitude Adjustment off the corner, but Harper was still in the cage and broke up the pinfall.

Cena once again began to climb up the wall but was met by one of the Wyatts again. He battled him on the top of the cage wall, leaving him hanging up there. Cena managed to climb back down into the ring and knocked down Bray and the other Wyatt. With all three now out of commission, Cena began to slowly crawl to the door, then pulled himself up and started to exit. The Wyatt sound effect hit and the arena went dark. All of a sudden, a creepy voice started singing “Whole world in his hands” and the lights returned. A young boy was standing right outside the door staring at Cena singing. Cena froze in his tracks looking at the kid, before Bray rushed over and grabbed Cena to hit Sister Abigail. Post-match, Bray hugged the kid on the outside, before Harper and Rowan led the kid up the ramp to leave.

Paige defeated Tamina via submission to retain the WWE Divas Championship. During the match, Paige charged at Tamina and was able to tackle her to take her to the outside. Paige went back up on the apron and Tamina grabbed her leg. Paige stomped on her hand on the apron then went for a head scissors, only to have Tamina whip her against the crowd barrier. Back in the ring, Tamina put Paige on her shoulders and climbed the ropes with her for a move. Paige countered by power bombing Tamina off the corner for another near fall. Moments later, Paige ran the ropes and hit a flying cross body with Tamina catching her for a side slam. The finish saw Tamina go for a Superkick on Paige, but Paige caught her foot, then turned it into a Sharpshooter-style submission including pulling Tamina’s arms behind her back. Tamina soon tapped out to give Paige the match.

As Paige was celebrating her win, the Wyatts sound effect went off and the place went dark. The Wyatts showed up on the big screen with the little boy from the cage match earlier. Bray told “Little Johnny” he did very good out there tonight. Bray said his message can no longer be ignored as Cena’s hopes and dreams are trapped in a box. He handed the boy a sheep mask with the little boy putting it on before the segment went out.

Daniel Bryan defeated Kane via pinfall to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in an Extreme Rules match. Daniel Bryan tried to stage an attack on Kane on the ramp as Kane was making his entrance. Kane got the upper hand and tossed Bryan into the barricade, then found a kendo stick under the ring to hit Bryan with a few times. Bryan managed to get control back in the ring by hitting a bit running knee and then clotheslining Kane out over the top rope. On the outside, Kane landed a huge boot to take down Bryan. At one point, Kane used several steel chairs in the ring and ended up side slamming Bryan onto one that was set up in a seated position. Moments later, Bryan hit a running dive out into Kane against the barricade. He pulled the top off the Spanish announce table and hit Kane with that, before ripping apart the U.S. announce table too, using pieces to hit Kane. Kane turned the tables and slammed Bryan into one of the tables then pulled monitors off the other. Kane stood up and grabbed Bryan for a chokeslam, but Bryan elbowed him off then hit a flying DDT off the table to take Kane to the floor.

Towards the end of the bout, Bryan managed to get Kane knocked down then went way across the other corner to climb up. The crowd gave a “Yes” chant as he got ready and flew off for a diving headbutt. To the crowd’s surprise Kane got a shoulder up before 3. Bryan got the crowd into another change with Kane still down. All of a sudden, Kane sat up, but Bryan ran at him for the big knee. Instead, Kane grabbed him around the throat and chokeslammed Bryan for a near fall. Later still, Bryan grabbed a steel chair and smashed it on Kane multiple times before putting him into the Yes Lock. Kane struggled looking ready to tap, but crawled over and grabbed a kendo stick to hit Bryan with. Bryan grabbed it from him and used it to put another submission hold on, but Kane pulled himself to the outside to recover. Bryan did a running dive move, but Kane caught him then chokeslammed him through the announce table.

With Kane in control on the outside, he grabbed a table and set it up on the outside then retrieved a plastic gasoline container from under the ring. Can dowsed the top of the table with the gasoline, then lit it on fire drawing plenty of cheers from the crowd. He got up on the apron to grab Bryan, but Bryan kicked him then yanked the ropes causing Kane to fall backwards through the enflamed table. Immediately, a WWE staffer rushed over to spray Kane with a fire extinguisher. Kane stumbled around near ringside then rolled back into the ring. Bryan was waiting and hit his running knee then grabbed the winning pinfall to retain the title. Post-match, Bryan celebrated with the belts up on the ramp doing his “Yes” chant with the crowd. Kane stood up looking enraged from what just happened, then threw his arms up and down to set off his pyro, staring out at Bryan as the PPV ended.

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