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Smackdown Results 05/02/14

Smackdown results from Kansas City, MO:

Smackdown opened with a video package talking about the feud that has developed with Evolution and The Shield. Michael Cole and JBL were on commentary and reminded fans of the big four-man match over Dean Ambrose’s US Championship later with Rollins and Reigns banned from ringside. The Wyatt Family arrived out for the opening match followed by The Usos and Sheamus as their opponents.

The Wyatt Family defeated The Uso Brothers and Sheamus in a six-man tag match. Late in the match, Jimmy Uso came in and took out all of the Wyatts but then missed on a corkscrew moonsault attempt. The action broke down with multiple superstars hitting their finishers and guys falling out to the floor. Ultimately, Bray made a bling tag on Harper, then snuck up on Jimmy Uso to hit Sister Abigail. Post-match, Jey Uso and Sheamus tried to attack, but got taken down by the Wyatts. Bray knelt over Jey to close things out.

They had the contract signing in the ring for Hornswoggle vs. El Torito’s Extreme Rules WeeLC match on the pre-show. Both guys signed or stamped their foot on the contract to sign it, but then a brawl broke out involving Los Matadores and Torito against 3MB and Hornswoggle. It ended with Matadores clearing the ring and Torito diving out onto 3MB on the outside.

Rob Van Dam defeated Jack Swagger. RVD won in about two minutes. Late in the match, Swagger had the advantage and took down RVD on the outside. He rolled him back in, but Cesaro grabbed Swagger’s leg as he was back in. RVD used it to his advantage to kick Swagger down then hit a Frog Splash for the win. Post-match, Cesaro made an attack on RVD to hit The Neutralizer.

Alexander Rusev defeated R-Truth via disqualification when Xavier Woods interfered. During the early part of the match, Rusev knocked Truth to the floor, then went out to attack him some more. Rusev also knocked down Xavier Woods who was ringside. Rusev slammed Truth into the ring apron and rolled him back in the ring. Woods attacked Rusev before he could get back in the ring. Post-match, Woods and Truth were able to overpower Rusev a bit, but not enough. Lana and Rusev finally retreated from the scene.

Daniel Bryan came to the ring and did a speech about how he plans to leave Extreme Rules as champion but it’s about more than that. He brought up Kane getting personal and attacking Brie on Monday’s Raw. He said he’s going to take Kane straight to hell even if he has to go too. Kane showed up on the big screen and he told Bryan he likes hell and when they get there together, he’ll give him the tour. Kane set off a video to show their feud including his attack on Brie Monday night. Kane told Bryan he’d only begun to show him "the depths of his depravity."

Dolph Ziggler defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall. Sandow wore his Magneto costume from Raw and pretended to have magnetic powers at one point in the ring. Ziggler eventually hit the Zig Zag to get the win.

Big E defeated Titus O’Neil via disqualification in a non-title match. During the match, Big E knocked Titus out of the ring to the floor. Big E went outside to get Titus, but Titus responded by tossing Big E over the announcers’ table. They crew lost their headsets. Titus kept up his attack on the outside, and the ref called for the DQ. Post-match, Big E was irate and retaliated, destroying Titus on the ringside area before rolling him back in the ring and getting in to place a foot on his chest as a pose.

Dean Ambrose defeated Ryback, Curtis Axel and Alberto Del Rio in a four-way matchup to retain the U.S. Title. During the match, Ryback took out Ambrose in the time keeper’s area. Meanwhile, Del Rio knocked out Ryback, but then Axel hit a Perfectplex for a two count. Axel went for a Superplex on Del Rio later, but ended in a tree of woe type move, with Del Rio getting a near fall. Ryback got in the ring and accidentally clotheslined Axel down. Del Rio then hooked a cross-arm breaker submission on Ryback. Ryback was able to power up and drive Del Rio to the mat for a near fall. Ryback made a cover, but Axel yanked him from the ring. Axel got in to go for a cover on Del Rio, but Ambrose was able to quickly get in and grab a roll-up pinfall to retain. Post-match, all of the heels ganged up to attack Ambrose. Rollins and Reigns rushed in to make a save and eventually The Shield hit a Triple Powerbomb on Axel to close the show.

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