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Raw Results 05/19/14

Raw results from London, UK:

The show opened with Bray Wyatt delivering a promo about how a teacher once called him evil because he questioned if she thought she was smarter than him after mommy and daddy paid for her diploma. He told the teacher who is probably now rotting in a retirement to look at him now. “I’ve got the whole damn world in my hands,” Wyatt said before the crowd sang some of it. He brought up Cena, calling him a plastic hero who smiles while everything around him is burning. Cena’s music hit to interrupt the promo and Rowan/Harper prepared on the ramp for Cena to come down. Instead, Cena slipped into the ring behind Bray for the sneak attack, hitting the AA before sliding back out of the ring as Rowan and Harper got in.

Cesaro defeated Sheamus via pinfall in a non-title match. Sheamus had control of things towards the end but jumped off the rope into a big uppercut. Cesaro had a near fall there. Moments later, Heyman distracted Sheamus from the ring apron. Cesaro was able to hit a German Suplex on Sheamus for a pinfall win.

Big E defeated Ryback in 5:02 in a Beat the Clock Challenge match. The challenge winner will get a shot at the Intercontinental title at Payback. Late in the match, Ryback hit a Meathook clothesline for a near fall. Axel got on the ring to distract, with Big E knocking him off before hitting The Big Ending on Ryback for the win.

Fandango & Layla vs. R-Truth & Naomi match never got started. Before the bell, Summer Rae rushed to the ring to her entrance music and kissed Fandango in the ring. She then attacked Layla and the two had a brief cat fight on the mat, with Fandango pulling them apart to bring Layla backstage. Summer smiled from inside the ring.

Stephanie McMahon came out to Daniel Bryan’s theme music to mock the “Yes!” chants. She brought up how WWE needs an active champion and suggested stripping Bryan of the belt to give it to Kane, or Wade Barrett. She also suggested Batista or Triple H but said she’s not going to strip the title and told Daniel Bryan he needs to show up on Raw next week to do the right thing - surrender the championship personally, because that’s what’s best for business.

Alexander Rusev defeated Heath Slater via submission. 3MB came to the ring to perform a messed up version of “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones. Lana came out to cut a quick promo before introducing Rusev. He came to the ring and Slater dove at him only to get slammed. Rusev rouged up Drew and Jinder before the match started, then slammed Slater again before Lana ordered him to “crush” Slater. Rusev put on The Accolade for the win.

The Shield cut a backstage promo with Reigns’ stitched up eye pointed out by Ambrose asking if it was Triple H’s brand of justice. Reigns asked if it was his best shot, because if so “you’ve got so many problems.” 

Rob Van Dam defeated Alberto Del Rio in 4:15 in a Beat the Clock Challenge match. RVD had a clock counting down from 5:02. Del Rio was able to avoid a Frogsplash and had a near fall towards the end. RVD was able to duck a super kick attempt from Del Rio, then got a rollup pinfall for the win.

Backstage, Evolution was standing by with Hunter bragging how Orton busted up Reigns’ eye. He then turned to Batista and talked about him taking out Rollins ahead of the Payback PPV. Batista said he could do it on his own, then laughed and headed out of the picture.

Seth Rollins defeated Batista due to disqualification. Prior to the match, HHH came out after being introduced as the guest ring announcer. HHH then said he was making sure this match went properly and introduced Orton as the guest timekeeper. Rollins then got on the mic and introduced Ambrose and Reigns as guest commentators for the match. A brawl broke out at one point during the match on the outside. Orton hit Reigns with a chair to the back, and then Ambrose ran across the tables and clotheslined Orton. Hunter attacked Ambrose, so Rollins left the ring to try to help. He got punched by HHH, causing the ref to call for the bell. Post-match, Shield gained control and went for a Triple Powerbomb on Batista, but he managed to get away.

Alicia Fox defeated Paige via pinfall in a non-title match. Paige had the Paige Turner but Alicia Fox was able to kick out and score the pinfall win of her own. The crowd booed the finish as Paige was back in her home London for the first time as the divas champ.

The Wyatts cut a promo backstage. Harper said “you’re playing a very dangerous game, little mouse, and the snake has grown tired of it.” Bray Wyatt showed up, saying The Usos and Cena are just dominos in a line who will “all fall down.” Rowan finished the segment saying “run.”

Mark Henry and Dolph Ziggler fought to a draw at 4:15 in a Beat the Clock Challenge Match. Henry slammed Ziggler down at one point for a near fall. He picked up Ziggler to go for a finisher, but Ziggler escaped and hit the Zig Zag. He pinned Henry but the clock expired before the ref could count it. Post-match, RVD came out to celebrate winning the Beat the Clock Challenge. Bad News Barrett attacked from behind, knocking RVD down to stand over him. He said the bad news is RVD will have to face him for the Intercontinental Championship. He said there’s no way an Englishman is going to “lose to a bloody yank.”

Renee Young introduced Adam Rose who came out with his entourage to dance around a bit and crack some jokes. Rose said he wants Jack Swagger to stop being such a lemon. That brought Zeb Colter out with Jack Swagger to interrupt. Colter suggested that Rose plays better to “these freaks” than the people in America. Colter suggested Rose should get his people out of the ring and he’d get Swagger to leave so they could settle their differences. Rose turned away for a moment and Swagger attacked. Rose fought him off and then danced with the Rosebuds to close the segment.

John Cena defeated Luke Harper due to disqualification. The close saw Rowan get up on the ring apron to try to intervene. One of the Usos ran through the ring and kicked Harper down. Bryan Wyatt got in the ring and hit Sister Abigail on both The Usos. Bray rushed at Cena who ducked him, pulling the ropes down so Bray would spill out. Harper hit a slam for a near fall on Cena. Cena managed to come back and hit the AA but Rowan rushed in to shoulder block him, causing a DQ. Post-match, the Wyatt Family overpowered Cena on the ramp and stage area. Bray hit Sister Abigail up on stage, and started to sing the whole world song. Harper did a mock ten count in anticipation of the Last Man Standing match to close out Raw.

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