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Raw Results 05/12/14

Raw Results from Greenville, SC:

The show opened with recaps of what happened to The Shield recently due to Evolution, including Ambrose losing his title to Sheamus in a 20-man battle royal on Raw, and Evolution attacking Shield during their main event match against The Wyatt Family. Shield was in the ring for Raw and called out Evolution, saying they were going to go through them because they’re not running.  Reigns said if that’s all they had last week, then they have a serious problem. Shield vowed to hunt down Evolution when they arrived.  A limo was shown pulling up backstage, so Shield left the ring to head backstage. Hunter got out of the limo and was shown signing papers with Orton and Batista standing nearby. Suddenly, Shield showed up to attack and got in some shots, before security and other agents got involved to break things up.

Rob Van Dam defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall after hitting the Five-star Frogsplash. Adam Rose came out during the match causing a distraction with Swagger trying to hit him off the apron. RVD was able to capitalize on the incident.

Paige defeated Alicia Fox via pinfall in a non-title match after hitting her finisher. Post-match, Alicia Fox threw a tantrum outside the ring including kicking the guardrail and stealing JBL’s hat to wear as she left.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan came out to address the WWE Universe. He talked about how taking all those tombstones from Kane will require him to have neck surgery this coming Thursday and how frustrating it is for him. He said there’s a chance this could end his career but then said he will be back. After he was done talking, he led the crowd with “Yes!” chants.

John Cena & The Usos defeated The Wyatt Family in a six man tag match via pinfall. The close came when Bray tried for a Sister Abigail on Cena but got super kicked by one of The Usos instead. They cleared Harper out of the ring next, and then Cena was able to hit the Attitude Adjustment on Bray for the win. After Cena and The Usos left the ring, Bray got on the mic, thanking Cena for helping him know what he finally must do.

Evolution came out to the ring to address being attacked by Shield earlier. Orton and Batista said they’d had enough. HHH got on the mic saying earlier was “the last straw” and they will get their rematch at Payback in a few weeks. He said they’d get rid of each member of The Shield one-by-one. As HHH kept talking, suddenly Shield rushed to the ring to attack, eventually clearing the heels. Batista got on the mic and told Reigns “You and me tonight.” Evolution’s music hit as they went up to the stage.

Nikki Bella defeated Natalya via pinfall. The various “Total Divas” were ringside for this match and held up 0-10 score cards after the various moves that each diva did. Nikki won when Natalya’s frustration got the best of her.

Sheamus defeated Curtis Axel via submission in a non-title match. Ryback and Axel did rock, paper, scissors then pulled coins out of the beanies they were wearing to determine who would fight Sheamus. Somehow Ryback won and decided Axel was the one who would wrestle. Sheamus won with a Texas Cloverleaf submission.

Sheamus defeated Ryback via pinfall in a non-title match. The match came about when Ryback attacked Sheamus after he defeated Axel. In this one, Ryback ducked one Brogue Kick at one point and hit a Spinebuster for a near fall. Later, Ryback was in control after an Axel distraction, but Sheamus escaped a Shellshocked attempt and hit the Brogue Kick.

Stephanie McMahon came to the ring to address the Daniel Bryan WWE title situation. She said she needed to do what’s best for business, since Bryan is having surgery and just isn’t an “A-plus player.” She called Bryan to come out so she could tell him something face-to-face. Instead, Kane’s pyro hit and he came out on the stage dragging Bryan by one arm. Bryan’s shirt was ripped up with his face and arms scratched. Referees and trainers rushed out to help Bryan as Brie Bella also rushed out to check on Bryan. Stephanie came up the ramp and told the EMT’s that Bryan is having surgery on Thursday.

After commercial, Bryan was shown being loaded into an ambulance with Stephanie backstage telling him she was sorry and didn’t know this would happen. Brie was nearby and shoved Stephanie telling her to stay away. Stephanie was surprised, then got an angry look on her face.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Fandango via pinfall. Ziggler hit the Zig Zag for the win. Post-match, Fandango got in the ring and professed his love for Layla before they made out.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan came to the ring and plugged Legends’ House on WWE Network. Lana’s music interrupted and she came out to denounce the U.S., talking up China and Vladimir Putin. She introduced Rusev and started to walk to the ring, telling Duggan he had one last chance to beg for mercy. Duggan tried starting a USA chant, but Rusev grabbed Duggan’s two-by-four and broke it over his knee. Rusev was about to put Duggan down until Big E rushed out to intervene. Rusev got the upper hand and connected on a big kick to E’s head, causing him to fall to the outside.

Cody Rhodes defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall. Goldust was ringside. Cody was able to rake Sandow in the eyes when the ref was busy yelling at Goldust. Rhodes hit a Disaster Kick to win the match.

They had a backstage segment from Bray Wyatt talking about how humans have become parasites - “infected.” He said Cena is the same, then challenged Cena to a Last Man Standing match for Payback PPV.

Roman Reigns and Batista fought to a no-contest. Their match lasted a bit over 4 minutes. Towards the end, the rest of Evolution jumped in to get involved, so the other Shield members also got into it. Shield got the best of them. Post-match, The Shield had Evolution down in the ring and were standing around them dominant. All of a sudden, Stephanie came out onto the stage and directed a group of wrestlers to head to the ring. They included 3MB, Ryback, Axel, Swagger, Brodus Clay, Titus O’Neil and Fandango who all rushed in to attack Shield. Evolution watched from ringside, but Shield managed to overcome the attack, eventually hitting a Triple Powerbomb on Ryback. Evolution looked concerned from ringside as Raw went off the air and Shield was still in the ring, dominant.

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