Friday, July 25, 2014

Smackdown Results 07/25/14

Smackdown results from Orlando, FL:

The Uso Brothers defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel via pinfall in a non-title match. The close saw Curtis Axel kick Jey to the outside as he tried to get back into the ring. Jimmy slid in near Jey and Axel grabbed him to bring into the ring instead of the legal Uso. Jimmy hooked a small package and the ref counted it as a pinfall win for Usos.

Miz TV featured Miz interviewing his mom at ringside who said she was proud of him and said it was awesome he was her son. Miz thanked Maryse, his dogs, cats, fans and his face, “the moneymaker.” He had Bo Dallas and Dolph Ziggler in the ring. Dallas said he knows Miz didn’t mention him by name, but knows he won because he “Bo-lieved.” Miz said he liked him and their people should get in touch. Ziggler came to the ring and called out Miz for laying outside of the ring during the IC title battle royal, then sneaking in at the last minute. Bo Dallas told Ziggler he could’ve won if he “Bo-lieved.” Ziggler shoved Dallas then went after Miz who fled the ring. Dallas attacked Ziggler from behind before their match.

Bo Dallas defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. Miz sat in on commentary during the match. Ziggler was outside the ring at one point and took a swing at Miz who ducked. Ziggler got back in the ring with Miz distracting him enough to allow Bo Dallas to score a rollup pinfall. Post-match, Bo ran around the ring to celebrate. Ziggler attacked Bo, but then Miz attacked Ziggler and pushed him into the ring post.

Renee Young interviewed Roman Reigns backstage about his recent run-in with Randy Orton and his match tonight against Alberto Del Rio.

Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro via pinfall in a No DQ match. Late in the match, Ambrose got attacked on the outside by Seth Rollins. He managed to fight him off and clotheslined Rollins into the timekeeper’s area then went back to the ring. Cesaro managed to cut him off at the top rope, then knocked Ambrose onto the apron. From there, Cesaro hit a deadliest superplex onto a bunch of chairs for a near fall. Cesaro was frustrated as he got up and went to grab Ambrose. Ambrose was ready and grabbed him into the small package for the win. Post-match, Rollins was able to quickly attack Ambrose, getting the upper hand. Cesaro helped out and hit the Neutralizer. Rollins yelled at Ambrose asking when he would ever learn, before hitting the Curb Stomp on him.

Paige defeated Naomi via submission. Early in the match, Naomi was distracted when Cameron came onto the ramp. Paige hit Naomi from behind, then hit the Ram-Paige and hooked the PTO for the win. Post-match, Paige skipped off to leave. Cameron got into the ring to beat up Naomi a bit before applying some lipstick and leaving.

Bray Wyatt defeated R-Truth via pinfall. During the match, Bray did his spider walk move, which creeped Truth out a bit. Moments later, Wyatt hit Sister Abigail for the pinfall win. Post-match, Bray got on the mic to deliver a message saying Truth was there when Jericho needed him, but Jericho wasn’t there for Truth. He said Jericho is no savior, but he is. Bray dropped to his knees and then yelled for Jericho to save them.

Roman Reigns defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall. In the main event, Del Rio and Reigns fought a match that lasted over 12 minutes. The close saw Reigns try for a running kick on Del Rio with ADR moving away. Moments later, Reigns recovered to drop Del Rio against the ring post. He followed with a running kick and the Superman Punch for the win. Reigns celebrated to close out Smackdown.

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