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2014 WWE Battleground PPV Results

Welcome to the latest results for the 2014 WWE Battleground pay-per-view. Here you’ll find the latest updated match-by-match results from the event scheduled for Sunday, July 20 in Tampa Bay, Florida. Among the big matches on the card will be John Cena defending the WWE World Heavyweight title in a Fatal Fourway and a battle royal to determine the new  Intercontinental Title holder. Also, Chris Jericho battles Bray Wyatt and Paige will try to win back the WWE Divas championship from AJ Lee.

The WWE Battleground PPV kicks off at 7:30 p.m. EST with the pre-show. This special half hour kickoff show will feature former diva tag team partners, Cameron and Naomi, going head-to-head in the ring. Which of the two “Total Divas” will score the victory and move ahead in the divas division? 

At 8 p.m. EST, the main show starts and that will feature several big matches. John Cena will be defending his championship against Kane, Roman Reigns and Randy Orton in a Fatal Fourway match. Remember, Cena doesn’t need to be pinned or submit to lose this match, so he’ll have his work cut out for him. Will he leave the event as the champion still?

A number of superstars will compete in an Intercontinental Championship battle royal. Former champion Wade Barrett was injured during a Smackdown show weeks ago and was forced to vacate the title. Who will replace Barrett as the champion? Among the strong contenders are Kofi Kingston, RVD, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Sheamus and Bo Dallas.

The PPV begins at 8 p.m. EST and runs until 11 p.m. EST approximately. The latest matches and results for all bouts are listed below:

Adam Rose defeated Fandango via pinfall. Layla, Summer Rose and the Rosebuds were ringside. At one point, Layla and Summer started leading the Rosebuds around ringside area, which caused a distraction. Fandango confronted the divas and they slapped him. Fandango rushed back into the ring, where Rose got the upper hand and hit the Party Foul for the win.

Cameron defeated Naomi via pinfall. The match lasted about 3 minutes with Naomi gaining a late comeback only for Cameron to roll her up and hold her tights for the win.

The Usos won two of three pitfalls over Harper & Rowan to retain the WWE Tag Team titles. Harper and Rowan won the first pinfall.The Usos won the 2nd pinfall to tie things at 2-2 in the match with one deciding fall to go. Rowan and Harper both went for high risk moves late but they either missed or were crotched. Jey Uso hit a Superfly Splash but shockingly only got a 2 count. Rowan battled both Usos at one point up on the corner and hit a double superplex, but only had a 2 count on it. Another near fall moments later with Jey making a save for Jimmy after a huge clothesline from Harper. He dumped one of The Usos out of the ring, but they responded with a double super kick on Harper, then one on Rowan to send him off the apron, followed by a double Superfly Splash off the corner on Harper for the win.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins match never took place. Rollins gave a backstage interview but Ambrose busted in to attack him, tossing Rollins into some equipment crates and throwing a light down at him. A bunch of WWE officials and personnel came rushing in to try to hold Ambrose back. Eventually, HHH showed up and told them to get Ambrose out of the building and that he doesn’t want to see him back. HHH went over and attended to Rollins. The commentary team argued over whether or not HHH should have done that or if the match should have happened still.

AJ Lee defeated Paige via pinfall to retain the Divas championship. During the match, Paige seemed to be dominating, but kept saying “come on AJ!” whenever AJ was slow to react or get up. Late in the match, Paige hit the Paige Turner, with AJ kicking out. The two countered submission and pinfall attempts late. Moments later, AJ hit a shining wizard to grab the winning pinfall.

Rusev defeated Jack Swagger via count out. Swagger had the Ankle Lock locked on late in the match with Rusev in agony. He managed to withstand the hold and eventually grabbed the bottom rope to break it. Rusev went to the outside, with Swagger following behind and clipping his leg. He grabbed Rusev’s ankle again on the outside to hold the Ankle Lock, but Rusev was right near the steps and ring post. He shifted his weight to break the hold, throwing Swagger into the ring post, causing Swagger to get KO’d and counted out. Rusev and Lana celebrated in the ring post-match as a Russian flag banner dropped down behind them in the ring. Eventually, Lana ordered Rusev to grab Swagger from the outside and attack. Rusev brought Swagger into the ring and locked The Accolade hold on with referees telling him to break it off.

Rollins made his entrance to the ring with his MITB case. In the ring, he waited out a “You Sold Out” chant and then said he wanted himself announced as the winner of the match against Dean Ambrose by forfeit and to have his hand raised. Justin Roberts checked it with the referee who agreed to it, so Roberts announced Rollins as winner by forfeit with the ref raising Rollins’ hand in victory. Post-match, Rollins was heading up the ramp to his music when the commentary team cut away to a shot of Ambrose attacking Rollins. He kept beating him up into the crowd area. Rollins fought back in the crowd, but as he went up on the barrier, Ambrose grabbed him and slammed him onto the Spanish announce table. Security rushed out to pull Ambrose away. Ambrose broke free and then ran and jumped off the commentators’ table to tackle Rollins down. Triple H came walking down the ramp as referees pounced on Rollins. HHH ordered them to carry him out of there and shoved Ambrose several times. They started to, but now Rollins came over and jumped on Ambrose. Eventually, the WWE staff started to carry Ambrose up the ramp with Rollins attacking again. Eventually the staff separated the two and HHH gathered Rollins towards the top of the stage to raise his arm.

Chris Jericho defeated Bray Wyatt via pinfall. Late in the match, Jericho escaped the Sister Abigail, then tried to put on the Lion Tamer. Bray started to punch back and kicked Jericho to the ropes. Moments later, he hit the Crossbody in the ring. However, the match ended surprisingly with Jericho getting the Codebreaker out of nowhere for the pinfall.

Seth Rollins was shown being escorted outside in the parking area by two security staff. He eventually stopped walking and turned to look at them saying he didn’t need any more backup. They both left the scene. Rollins started to walk forward then stopped and looked around to make sure Ambrose wasn’t lurking around the parked buses or cars. The scene looked clear, but he turned his back on his rental car. The trunk opened and Ambrose was hiding in there, then jumped out with a crowbar or wrench to try to hit Rollins. He kept on attacking, slamming Rollins on the hood of the car. Eventually, Rollins fought him off, got in the car and sped away.

The Miz won the Battleground Battle Royal to become the new Intercontinental Champion. Competing in the battle royal were Big E, Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro, R-Truth, Ryback, Curtis Axel, Zack Ryder, Titus O’Neil, Damien Sandow (dressed in summer gear), Heath Slater, Diego of Los Matadores, Sin Cara, Xavier Woods, The Great Khali, Kofi Kingston, Bo Dallas, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and Sheamus. After all competitors were introduced, Bad News Barrett’s music hit and he arrived out in a suit wearing a sling on his right arm. He told them the winner gets his IC title but the bad news is they’ll meet their demise later from him in the form of a Bullhammer Elbow. The bell sounded and Khali started to chop everyone down fast. Xavier Woods and then Zack Ryder were both eliminated by Khali. Sheamus rushed over and hit a Brogue Kick on Khali, then multiple superstars eliminated Khali together. It came down to a finals of Dolph Ziggler, Bo Dallas, Cesaro, Heath Slater and Sheamus. Cesaro eliminated Kofi but then moments later, Heath Slater rushed over to push Cesaro over the top rope and out. 

Sheamus eliminated Slater, then Bo Dallas tried to eliminate Sheamus. Sheamus retaliated and hit the multiple smashes on Dallas’ chest on the apron. Ziggler rushed over and kicked Sheamus into Dallas, causing Bo to fly to the ground. It came down to Sheamus versus Ziggler for the title. Sheamus hit a catapult move at one point to send Ziggler over onto the apron. Ziggler held on to the ropes with Sheamus coming over to try to knock him off. Sheamus ended up on the apron and tried for the battering ram but Ziggler responded with a big kick to send Sheamus out of the match. Ziggler thought he had the win and sank against the ropes, but soon The Miz rushed in and eliminated Ziggler from behind to claim the title. Cole yelled that The Miz was never officially eliminated.

John Cena defeated Kane via pinfall in the Fatal Fourway to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Late in the match, both Cena and Reigns had pinfall attempts on Kane, after pulling one another off. Soon after, Cena hit the AA on Reigns for a cover, with Kane breaking it up. Kane hit a chokeslam on both Reigns and Cena, then tried to pin Reigns only to get a 2 count. Kane went for the Tombstone attempt on Reigns, but Reigns broke away and then speared Kane for a cover. Orton came in and broke it up, then RKO’d Kane. Cena pushed Reigns out of the ring, and then hit the AA with Orton on to Kane. Cena pinned Kane to get the big win to retain the title belts. Post-match, he celebrated with Reigns show looking up at him from the outside floor. The show closed with Cena up on stage celebrating with his title belts.

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