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2015 WWE Extreme Rules Results Coverage (Updated)

The 2015 WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view arrives on Sunday night as multiple championships are on the line in matches with rules that are - extreme! Among them are a Russian Chain match featuring US Champion John Cena against challenger Rusev. Roman Reigns takes on Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match. Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper will battle it out in a Chicago Street Fight while Seth Rollins puts his WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Randy Orton in a steel cage match! Kane will be looming outside to guard the cage door, so anything's possible, except for the RKO, which has been banned from use for Randy Orton tonight.

Here's the latest updated matches and results for WWE Extreme Rules. (Note: Daniel Bryan will not compete in his Intercontinental Title match due to being injured and unable to compete).

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Neville defeated Bad News Barrett via pinfall. (Pre-show match)

The match appeared on the Extreme Rules Kickoff show. Barrett had Neville set up on the ropes late and went for a Bullhammer but Neville avoided it. Moments later, Neville was able to land a kick followed by the Red Arrow for the victory.

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper - Chicago Street Fight 

The match eventually went outside the ring and then backstage. Harper got into an SUV of some sort parked at the garage exit. He got in the driver's seat to start up the car but Ambrose jumped in the passenger side as it drove out the garage exit. The commentators were shown looking baffled as to how the match was going to finish with no cameraman or ref with them.

Backstage, Triple H was texting someone on his phone when Kane came in. HHH told him to go find Harper and Ambrose. Just then, Rollins walked in. He and Kane got into a bit of a war of words. HHH told Kane to get on the same page as Rollins tonight. Kane reluctantly agreed after telling Rollins he's been an ungrateful punk since winning the title.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Sheamus via pinfall in a Kiss Me Arse Match. 

Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick late but Ziggler avoided it for a near fall. Moments later, Ziggler got the inside cradle pinfall win. Post-match, Sheamus kept ducking out in disgust not wanting to honor the stipulation. At one point, Dolph set up with Sheamus kneeling down behind him to kiss his arse. Instead, Sheamus hit a low blow and attacked Ziggler. He got the mic and said he wasn't going to kiss Dolph's arse in this awful town. Sheamus, move aside part of his trunks and then rubbed Ziggler's face on his arse instead before leaving the ring and going backstage to boos.

Big E and Kofi Kingston defeated Tyson Kidd and Cesaro via pinfall to become new tag team champions.

Late in the match, Cesaro had control but Woods got up on the apron to interfere. The ref told him to get down, and then Natalya came over to slap him. Tyson Kidd rushed over to kick him down to the floor. Cesaro set up for the winning move but Big E came in to disrupt it. Moments later, Kofi was able to roll up Cesaro from behind to steal a win, making New Day the new champs.

Backstage: Renee Young interviewed the new champs who said A New Day is going to start now. Just as they were doing a “New Day, New Champs” chant, the black SUV from earlier that had Harper and Ambrose in it came crashing into the nearby scene. Harper fell out in front of New Day. Dean Ambrose climbed up on top of the SUV and jumped off taking out all of New Day. He and Harper ended up going back out to the ring.

Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Harper via pinfall in the Chicago Street Fight. 

Back in the ring, about ten chairs ended up in play, with Harper able to knock Ambrose onto the mat and pile chair after chair on top of him. Harper climbed up onto the corner to jump but Ambrose busted out from under the chairs, rushed over and slammed Harper from the corner onto the chairs. From there, he hit Dirty Deeds and took the pinfall cover to win.

Rusev vs. John Cena (C) - United States Championship Russian Chain Match

The rules had Cena and Rusev chained together with the winner having to tap all four corners of the ring in succession while chained to their opponent. At one point, the crowd was chanting “We Want Lana” so she got up on the apron to acknowledge the chants. Rusev got upset and told her to get down and motioned for her to head backstage. A distraught Lana walked up the ramp and backstage as the crowd started a “No” chant. Back in the ring, Cena hit a backbreaker and then eventually put on the STF until Rusev seemed out. Cena managed to touch 3 corners of the ring to bring up green lights, but Rusev rolled out of the ring to prevent the 4th one. The close saw Cena able to tap two corners and Rusev able to reach two. They each tapped a third with the court one up for grabs. Cena managed to yank Rusev away from reaching it, then hit the AA before tapping the final corner for the win.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett - Intercontinental Championship

Nikki Bella defeated Naomi via pinfall to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

At one point, Naomi put a full nelson on Nikki and then dropped down to the mat to stun her, before wrapping her legs around her torso, twisting and making a pinfall cover. The ref pulled Nikki away from Naomi at one point because she was in the ropes. With Naomi hanging out of the ropes towards the end, Brie delivered a kick to her with the commentators saying it was payback from before. Nikki grabbed Naomi and hit the Rack Attack to get the pinfall win.

Roman Reigns defeated Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match.

Two tables were set up outside the ring, with Show able to toss Reigns out and through them late in the match. Reigns still managed to get up and remain in the match. Later, Show went over and ripped up the steel steps and then the commentators table with JBL, King and Cole all getting up to avoid harm. Back in the ring, he had Reigns against a table set up in the ring. Show charged and tried to jump on him for a splash with Reigns moving aside and Show crashing through the table. The ref started a count but both guys got up with Reigns connecting on a big Spear. On the outside of the ring, Show was leaning against the timekeeper barricade area. Reigns rushed around the ring and then landed a Spear to crash Show through the barricade. Both guys got up yet again. 

Moments later, Show grabbed Reigns and stood on the commentators table to try a chokeslam. Reigns elbowed out and got off the table, then set up for a Spear which he landed by running up some nearby steps and crashing Show through the table. Show managed to get up to beat the official’s count, but Reigns was able to lift up the announce table and shove it over on top of Show’s lower half. With Show pinned under the table, the ref started counting. Reigns stood on the table for extra weight as the ref’s count hit 10.

Backstage segment: Kane was walking backstage when he came upon Randy Orton. Orton told him they’ve known each other for a decade or so and fought side-by-side and against one another. Orton suggested that Kane needs to do the right thing for himself tonight because The Authority will just keep using him.

Cameras cut back to the carnage at ringside from the previous match with Cole, JBL and King still standing up to commentate. They introduced a promo video about the new WWE Tough Enough.

Bo Dallas came out to cut a promo about how bad Chicago is and the negative things they are #1 in. The crowd started getting on him and he went to deliver his “All you gotta do is Bo-“ line when Ryback’s music hit. Ryback came to the ring and ran through several moves including Shell Shocked on Dallas to get the crowd in a frenzy. He led them in a “Feed Me More” chant to close the segment.

Byron Saxton started interviewing Rusev backstage, but Rusev started yelling into the mic that Cena is a cheater and has never beat him. Lana showed up and Rusev asked her something in Russian. She said "It is done, the final chapter of Rusev vs. Cena will come at Payback in an I Quit Match." Rusev gloated saying that is the perfect match for him to defeat Cena and his American pride. Rusev walked off with Lana trailing behind.

Seth Rollins defeated Randy Orton by escaping the cage through the door in a WWE Championship Steel Cage Match. Orton's RKO move was banned from use in the match. Kane will serve as "gatekeeper" outside the cage door.

Rollins made attempts to get out of the cage at one point going for the door with Kane having to unlock it. Orton grabbed him to prevent it. Again, Rollins tried to scale the cage, but Orton climbed up to fight him down. Rollins hit a quick move to drop Rollins to the mat then ran and hit him with an elbow in the corner of the ring.

Late in the match, Orton had Rollins down so he dropped to the mat and began to pound his fists like he does to set up for the RKO. Rollins stood up staggering and Orton kicked him in the gut, then set up and hit the Pedigree to mock HHH. He took the pinfall but Rollins managed to kick out last second. With Rollins down near the cage door, Orton looked at Kane for a moment at the door. Orton moved back then prepared for a punt kick. He ran and went for it but Rollins moved out of harm’s way, then landed a kick to drop Orton. Rollins told Kane to open the door, which Kane did. The champ started to crawl for the opening but Orton grabbed him and hit a backbreaker.

Orton saw Rollins was down then saw the open door and walked over to exit. Kane pushed the door closed and held it. Orton screamed at him asking what he was doing. Rollins charged for Orton who moved aside causing Rollins to kick the door and knock Kane to the floor. Moments later, Kane slammed the door on both Rollins and Orton. He ripped off his suit jacket at ringside and got into the ring enraged. J&J followed him in telling him to stop but he hit a double chokeslam on them. A few moments later he went over and looked at Orton and Rollins on the mat. He put up his hand for a chokeslam then reached down and grabbed Orton, picked him up and hit the move. Rollins got up and went for the door, but Kane grabbed him and hit another chokeslam on him.

Kane rolled Rollins on top of Orton thinking it was the winning pinfall. As Kane went to exit, Orton kicked out at the last second. Kane turned and went to grab Orton again, but Orton retaliated and hit the RKO on Kane. Rollins was back to his feet and delivered an RKO on Orton, then crawled out the open cage door with both Kane and Orton down.

Rollins fell to the floor clutching the championship belt. The commentators bickered over Orton using an RKO in the match on Kane, with King saying Kane wasn't part of the match and JBL saying it didn't matter. King said he thought the RKO was banned, but JBL said it wasn't banned for Seth to use it. Cole wished fans good night from Chicago.

Thanks for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for your 2015 WWE Extreme Rules coverage. Make sure to check out WWE Raw on Monday night on USA for the latest followup and fallout from tonight's pay-per-view!

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