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Raw Results 04/27/15

Raw results from Green Bay, WI:

An opening segment occurred with Seth Rollins, Kane, Randy Orton and then Roman Reigns. Rollins and Kane were still at odds after last night’s Extreme Rules finish. Orton and Reigns both said they deserve title shots. Kane booked he and Rollins to face Orton and Reigns in a tag match tonight and said the fans will get to decide who gets the title shot.

Bad News Barrett defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall in a King of the Ring tournament match. Barrett hit a Bull Hammer elbow when Ziggler was distracted.

Big E defeated Tyson Kidd via pinfall. Big E clotheslined Kidd late in the match. Woods held on Kidd’s leg from the outside to help with the pin.

Ryback defeated Bo Dallas via pinfall. Ryback finished off Dallas with a Meathook clothesline and Shell Shocked for the win. Post-match, Bray Wyatt’s sound effect went off. Wyatt appeared in the ring behind Ryback and hit Sister Abigail on him. He did his crab walk and then some trash talking after.

John Cena came out to cut a promo about his Payback title defense against Rusev in an I Quit match. He said if he loses by saying “I quit,” then Rusev will never see him again because Cena will have disgraced his nation. Rusev came out and Lana came out behind him. She waved to the crowd who seemed to be in favor of her, but Rusev sent her backstage. He said the people are all quitters just like Cena. He said they’ll be saying “I quit” soon. The Russian flag fell behind Cena in the ring as Rusev posed on chest while his music played out the segment.

R-Truth defeated Stardust via pinfall in a King of the Ring tournament match. Late in the match, Truth hit a move on Stardust as he was jumping off the ropes to get the win.

Adam Rose defeated Fandango via pinfall. Rosa Mendes was in disguise among the Rosebuds and started dancing, which distracted Fandango. Rose hit the Party Foul to collect the pinfall win. Post-match, she said she found someone who treats her like a sweet flower. She kissed Rose to show up Fandango.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Brie Bella about her husband Daniel Bryan and his injury situation. She said it’s been like a Cinderella story for Daniel and he loves WWE and the fans more than anything. She said he really wants to be there and they’re both grateful for all the fans supporting him in this. Just then, Naomi came in and shoved Brie down, saying nobody cares about her or her husband.

Naomi defeated Brie Bella via pinfall. Late in this one, Brie started a comeback after a missile dropkick. Naomi delivered a kick to put down Brie, then used an inside cradle pinfall for the win.

Sheamus defeated Dean Ambrose due to disqualification in a King of the Ring tournament match. Late in this one, the two competitors fought out to ringside. Ambrose ran Sheamus into the post. Sheamus retaliated with a Brogue Kick. Dolph Ziggler came running out and attacked Sheamus causing the DQ. Post-match, Ambrose was upset at the result.

Damien Sandow came out to talk to the fans about his stint as the guy wearing the bathrobe who was more enlightened than everyone else. He said he was told it wasn’t good enough. He talked about how he used to do imitation gimmicks of people like Magneto and Vince McMahon. Then he brought up being Mizdow and how if not for the fans he wouldn’t be here today. Curtis Axel came out to interrupt him saying one thing he can’t stand is a guy who doesn’t know who he is trying to be someone else. The trash talk continued but Sandow started to repeat everything Axel said. Axel got flustered and tried to attack, but Sandow punched him then hit an elbow drop on him. Some new theme music played for Sandow as the segment closed out.

Another Bray Wyatt pre-recorded video was shown talking about how he “can see right through you.” He said it was only the beginning. Bray finished by saying “Run.”

Neville defeated Luke Harper via pinfall in a King of the Ring tournament match. Neville had several moonsaults late in the contest. One was a standing moonsault for a near fall. Harper made a comeback, but Neville was able to get a German Suplex and then a dropkick to take Harper down. Harper had a power bomb for a near fall. Neville made his comeback and hit Red Arrow to get the big win and moves on in the tournament.

The commentary crew said the next round of KOTR matches will be Neville vs. Sheamus and R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett. The matches will be shown on WWE Network Tuesday night.

Everyone came out for the main event tag match, with Reigns making his usual entrance from the crowd.

Roman Reigns & Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins & Kane via pinfall. Late in the match, Seth accidentally dropkicked Kane. Later, Rollins went for a suicide dive to the outside and landed hard when Orton and Reigns moved away, making it seem as if Rollins hit Kane. Kane attacked J&J Security then Rollins. Back in the ring, Reigns hit the Superman Punch on Rollins. Orton hit the RKO on Rollins for the win.

Post-match, Kane announced that 78% of the fans voted for a Triple Threat match at Payback with Orton, Reigns and Rollins for the title. Reigns hit a Spear on Rollins in the ring as Orton watched from the stage, and Kane from ringside. 

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