Thursday, April 30, 2015

SmackDown Results 4/30/15

SmackDown results from Moline, IL:

Roman Reigns came out to start the show talking about how he’ll be in a Triple Threat match at Payback against Orton and Rollins with the WWE title on the line. He talked about having to fight for everything he gets in WWE and every fight he’s had has been his biggest. Kane came out and looked ready for a match then waved a ref to come to the ring for it.

Roman Regins defeated Kane via contout. Late in the match, Reigns hit the Superman Punch, then went for a Spear but Kane left the ring. Kane started up the ramp and kept going backstage to leave the match with the ref counting him out. Backstage, Rollins and J&J Security were shown watching on a monitor.

Damien Sandow defeated Curtis Axel via pinfall. Sandow imitated Hulk Hogan’s comeback, to mock Axel, before hitting a full-nelson slam for the win.

Ryback defeated Luke Harper via pinfall. The match was just over nine minutes. Harper kicked Ryback on a Meathook clothesline attempt and hit a superkick for a near fall. Moments later, Ryback hit the Meathook and Shell Shocked for the win. Post-match, Bray Wyatt’s logo came up on the screen and then he appeared in the middle of the ring to attack Ryback, hitting Sister Abigail.

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro defeated Kofi Kingston & Big E due to disqualification in a WWE Tag Team Championship match. Late in this one, Cesaro was able to swing Big E into a Kidd dropkick. The challengers had a pinfall but Kofi and Xavier Woods got involved to break it up, causing a disqualification. Post-match, New Day escaped with the titles as Natalya checked on Kidd and Cesaro.

Nikki Bella defeated Cameron via pinfall in a non-title match. Late in the match, Nikki broke out of a rear chin lock from Cameron, and started a comeback. She landed a kick from the second rope. Cameron slapped Nikki in the face which irked Nikki. She hit a big right hand and the input Cameron in the Rack Attack to finish her off.

Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose via pinfall in a non-title match. In the late part of the match, Ambrose hit an elbow from the top to take out J&J and Kane on the outside. Rollins snuck up and took out Ambrose, then went to check on Kane who grabbed him by the throat. He grabbed Ambrose by the throat too with the ref threatening a DQ. Outside brawling continued with Ambrose able to toss J&J over the commentators table. Back in the ring, Rollins got the upperhand and hit a spike DDT move for the win. Post-match, Kane, Rollins and J&J tried to gang up on Ambrose, but Reigns ran in for a save. Ambrose and Reigns cleared the ring with Reigns hitting a spear on Kane. Rollins taunted the two faces in the ring by holding his title up away from the area as SmackDown finished.

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