Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 King of the Ring Results

2015 King of the Ring results from Moline, IL:

The 2015 King of the Ring tournament was shown on the night of Tuesday, April 28th on WWE Network. In the semifinal matches were Neville vs. Sheamus and R-Truth vs. Bad News Barrett. Prior to the show, WWE ran a memorial graphic for Vern Gagne who passed away as of Monday.

Byron Saxton interviewed Sheamus backstage, who won the 2010 King of the Ring. He said in less than an hour he’ll become the new King. Sheamus said it won’t matter if he faces Barrett or Truth in the finals, he’s going to make everyone in the lineup “Kiss Me Arse” like he did to Ziggler at Extreme Rules.

Renee Young interviewed Neville backstage. He talked about debuting recently in WWE after previously being the NXT champion. Neville said he intends to show Sheamus “what this little fellow is capable of.” 

Neville defeated Sheamus via pinfall in a King of the Ring match. Late in the match, Dolph Ziggler came out onto the stage with a mic and called out to Sheamus. He had footage of the finish of their Extreme Rules match show. Sheamus turned back to go for the Brogue Kick on Neville, but he dodged it. Neville kicked the back of Sheamus’ head and hit the Red Arrow for the win. Post-match, Ziggler rushed into the ring to attack Sheamus saying he was going to collect on the promise made as the stipulation in their match. They fought a bit with Ziggler getting the upperhand but Sheamus was able to escape.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Bad News Barrett. He called Neville’s win one of the biggest upsets in history. Young asked Barrett how he felt heading into his match with R-Truth and he said he’s ready to defeat Neville and become King of the Ring.

R-Truth was interviewed by Byron Saxton. He spoke about facing your fears and how he has a fear of spiders. He said when he wins and becomes King he will ban all spiders.

Bad News Barrett defeated R-Truth via pinfall in the King of the Ring tournament. Late in this one, Barrett managed to dodge the scissors kick. Truth landed another kick for a 2 count. Barrett was able to hit Winds of Change and got a near fall. Moments later, he thumbed Truth in the eye and then hit the Bull Hammer elbow to win by pinfall.

Backstage, Barrett was interviewed and said it's bad news he has to face Neville who beat him not long ago in a match. He said it's bad news he has to fight after just defeating R-Truth, but bad news for Neville he's got to face him now. Barrett vowed to take his spot on the throne as the new King of the Ring. Neville made his entrance and seemed to be favoring his ribs which must have been hurt against Sheamus.

Bad News Barrett defeated Neville via pinfall in the King of the Ring final. Late in the match, Neville dodged a Bull Hammer from Barrett and had a near fall. Neville was able to knock Barrett down and went for the Red Arrow, but Barrett moved away. Neville managed to land on his feet, but Barrett hit him with a quick Bull Hammer for the pin.

Post-match, Barrett put on his crown and picked up his scepter. He said there is finally someone with enough class and elegance to call himself the king. He said he’ll rule with an iron fist and the Bull Hammer. “Boom,” Barrett finished his speech before Cole closed out the show.

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