Friday, May 8, 2015

SmackDown Results 05/07/15

SmackDown results from Ottawa, Ontario:

The opening segment had Jerry “The King” Lawler conducting an in-ring interview “from one king to another” with King Barrett. Barrett took exception to Lawler referring to them as some sort of equals and said Lawler should say “All hail King Barrett,” instead. Eventually, Barrett’s rant was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, leading to the opening match.

Dolph Ziggler defeated King Barrett due to disqualification. Sheamus interrupted at one point in the match to cause a DQ. Sheamus and Barrett started a beatdown after the bell, but Neville rushed into make a save. After commercial, a tag match had been set up.

Neville & Dolph Ziggler defeated Sheamus & King Barrett via pinfall. Neville splashed on Sheamus on the outside late in the match. Barrett tried to get a rollup pin on Ziggler, but Neville broke that up. Moments later, Ziggler hit a Zig Zag for the win.

Luke Harper defeated Fandango via pinfall. Harper hit a big boot kick late and then a discus clothesline for the win. Post-match, Erick Rowan’s music hit and Rowan came to the ring to destroy Fandango some more. Harper and he stared at each other. Rowan left his mask in the ring.

Lana did a segment in front of the crowd asking that they don’t cheer for her since it upsets Rusev. She introduced him and then he dismissed her backstage, causing boos. Rusev cut a promo about Cena showing mercy for Sami Zayn on Raw, but that at Payback he’s going to make Cena say the words “I Quit.”

New Day defeated Kidd, Cesaro & Ryback via pinfall in a six man tag match. Bray Wyatt’s sound effect hit late in the match with the lights going out. When they flashed back on, Woods was holding Ryback’s legs which allowed Big E to deliver a huge clothesline. Kofi Kingston later got the win by rolling up Tyson Kidd and grabbing his tights to secure the pin.

Naomi defeated Emma via pinfall. Tamina was also there with Naomi who got the win when she hit the Rearview.

Lucha Dragons defeated Los Matadores via pinfall. Sin Cara missed a Swanton on Diego in the ring, but later rolled him up for the winning pinfall. A frustrated Diego shoved Torito down after the match.

Payback championship match contract signing: Kane came out to introduce the contract signing for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Payback. Reigns, Orton and Ambrose all came into the ring. Rollins came out but stood on stage saying he authorized Kane to sign for him. Kane eventually ordered him to come to the ring. Once there, Rollins told each of his competitors what the others used to say about them, to incite them. After everyone had signed, it turned into an all-out brawl. Reigns hit the Superman Punch on Kane, and Orton RKO’d Ambrose. Reigns hit another Superman Punch to take down Ambrose but then Rollins kicked Reigns in the face to stand tall at the close of SmackDown.

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