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Raw Results 06/22/15

Raw Results from Indianapolis, IN:

The opening segment featured Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar in ring. Hyman said Lesnar was allowed to come back on the condition he makes a serious apology to Michael Cole for what he did to him months ago. Lesnar went out to ringside and shook JBL’s hand then walked around to the other side of the announce table, frightening Cole a bit. He stuck his hand out, then started messing around with Cole like they were friends, before sitting him down in his seat and shaking his hand saying he was sorry. Cole told him “We’re good,” in a nervous voice. Heyman talked about how Seth Rollins has always been protected by The Authority since day one. He said Rollins isn’t flying to Battleground, but has a “one way ticket to Suplex City.” He said everyone wants to see Rollins get beat and Lesnar will be the former and future undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Kane defeated Dean Ambrose via pinfall. Late in the match, Ambrose had control but Seth Rollins came down to get involved. Ambrose avoided Kane’s chokeslam attempt and hit a suicide dive out on Rollins. Moments later, he went to the top rope for a move on Kane, with Rollins again interfering. Ambrose kicked him away, but Kane took advantage and chokeslammed Ambrose for the win.

Rollins tried to tell Kane backstage he isn’t afraid of Lesnar. Rollins almost told Kane he doesn’t need him, then said it’s about family. He offered a handshake but Kane didn’t shake.

The Prime Time Players defeated The Ascension via pinfall in a non-title match. New Day was shown backstage watching the match via TV monitor. Eventually, Young hit his knees to the gut finisher on Viktor to score the winning pinfall.

Sheamus defeated Roman Reigns via contout. At one point in the match, Reigns was able to hit a leaping clothesline on the outside, sending Sheamus onto the commentators table. Moments later, Bray Wyatt appeared up on the big screen to show he was having a tea party. He acted like he was talking to a child and looked at the camera to Reigns to say “We’re back here waiting on you, Find me.” Reigns quickly left the ring to go backstage as he was counted out, giving Sheamus the win.

After break, they cut backstage to Reigns searching for Wyatt and his daughter. He went into a room where there were pictures of Reigns with the eyes and mouths cut out. On the wall it said “Anyone But You.” Wyatt could be heard singing the teapot song. The singing stopped and the camera cut away.

Backstage, Seth Rollins tried to soothe things over with J&J Security, but they weren’t having it. He said they are more than just security, they are friends. He asked if they were cool, but Noble and Mercury walked off on him.

Rebuke defeated Mark Henry via pinfall in a non-title match. Big Show was on commentary. Show stood up at one point yelling for Henry to finish Ryback. Ryback was able to escape Henry’s finisher attempt and hit a frogsplash for the win. Post-match, Show got in the ring to trash talk Henry before leaving him in the ring lying in pain from the frogsplash.

Ryback did a backstage interview with JoJo. Big Show came in to interrupt and got in a fight, leaving Ryback down on the ground.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Adam Rose via pinfall. Ziggler was able to hit a super kick when Rose leapt off the corner at him. Post-match, Ziggler took Lana’s hair down and kissed her. Rusev was backstage watching and became irate. He threw his crutches. Summer Rae showed up and handed him a crutch.

The final segment had Seth Rollins come to the ring to call out Kane, Noble and Mercury so he could publicly apologize. They all came out to Kane’s music. Rollins apologized to them each saying he wanted them to be back together as a family again, because he realizes he is only as strong as his foundation. He told Kane that he knows he only gets better with age, and apologize for calling him a dinosaur, since they are extinct but Kane is alive and well. He eventually extend his hand asking if they’d take him back.

Brock Lesnar’s music hit and he came out with Heyman. They came to the ring and J&J/Kane looked ready for a fight but ended up leaving Rollins alone in the ring. From ringside, Lesnar smiled at Rollins, but Kane came to attack from behind. Lesnar tossed him away and then J&J tried to prevent Lesnar from going the ring. He fought them off too and got in the ring. Rollins went for the attack, but Lesnar got the upperhand, hitting a few German Suplexes. The fans chanted “One more time.” Lesnar tried for an F5 on Rollins but Kane grabbed Lesnar by the throat and eventually chokeslammed him after he dropped Rollins.

Lesnar recovered and tried for another F5 on Rollins, but Kane clipped him in the knee. Rollins grabbed Lesnar’s leg and put it around the ring post. Kane slammed his knee with a steel chair, and then he and Rollins started to kick away at Lesnar. Mercury got into the ring to help too, helping the other two continue a beatdown. Rollins went for a flying knee off the top rope, but Lesnar moved away. However, Kane hit another chokeslam and then Rollins hit the Pedigree to put Lesnar down. He celebrated with the WWE World Heavyweight title belt to close the show as Lesnar was left on the mat.

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