Thursday, June 18, 2015

SmackDown Results 06/18/15

SmackDown results from Buffalo, NY:

The opening of the show had Sheamus come to the ring with his MITB briefcase. He mentioned that nobody can stop him from achieving his goal now of becoming the champion again. He said he’s taken care of Randy Orton, so now he wants to move forward. Sheamus added he plans to take advantage of the situation with Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose came out to remind Sheamus that he beat him recently. He also said that Roman Reigns would have that briefcase if not for Bray Wyatt interfering at MITB. Ambrose said maybe he should come take the briefcase for Reigns. Sheamus called out Ambrose for being unable to win the big one so he steals other people’s property. Ambrose got into the ring with Sheamus, but then Kane came out to interrupt. Kane told Ambrose he seems to like getting in everyone else’s business but isn’t very good at following through. After some jabs made by Ambrose about Kane, Kane booked a handicap match with he and Sheamus against Ambrose.

Kane & Sheamus defeated Dean Ambrose via disqualification. Ambrose had control and went to the top rope, but Kane crotched him, allowing for he and Sheamus to start double teaming. Roman Reigns rushed in for the save, which also caused a DQ on Ambrose.

Brie Bella defeated Paige via pinfall. Paige was dominating the match following a commercial break. She got to the top rope for a move, but Alicia Fox rushed down and shoved her off. That helped Brie set up her facebuster finish for the win.

Neville defeated Xavier Woods via pinfall. At one point, Woods’ New Day teammates tried to intimidate Neville on the outside. Primetime Players came down to have Neville’s back. With Woods trying to climb the rope back in the ring, Neville got in and yanked him down. Neville hit the Red Arrow for the victory.

Seth Rollins came out to the ring to give a promo about having to face Brock Lesnar at Battleground PPV next month. He talked about how at first he was surprised to see Lesnar back as his opponent, but now it makes complete sense. Rollins said he’s defeated Reigns, Ambrose and Orton, so Lesnar is the last guy he needs to defeat to cement his title reign. He said Lesnar had a chance to do something on Raw but didn’t because he knew Rollins would’ve destroyed him. Rollins ended by saying he’s been getting asked all week what he thinks of Brock Lesnar and he said he can’t wait.

Kevin Owens defeated Cesaro via pinfall. The match lasted over 10 minutes with Cesaro able to get the apprehend for quite a bit. At one point, the two competitors went back and forth, before Owens eventually hit his pop up Powerbomb to get the win.

Sheamus & Kane defeated Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose via pinfall. The match went nearly fourteen minutes. At one point, Kane had both Ambrose and Reigns ready for a chokeslam, but they broke out of the hold. Sheamus blasted Ambrose down with a Brogue Kick but then Reigns hit Superman Punch moves on both opponents. He set up for the spear to Sheamus but Bray Wyatt appeared on the Titantron, causing a distraction. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Reigns to pin him. Post-match, Wyatt wished Reigns a happy Father’s Day and told him “run.” The lights went out briefly and returned back on. Reigns was sitting up on the mat and found a picture next to him of he and his daughter as SmackDown ended.

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