Friday, December 22, 2006

Smackdown Recap 12/22/06

Smackdown kicked off with Batista coming down to the ring to a roaring ovation. In ring, Batista took the mic and told the crowd he’s had an up and down year but is ready to end the year with a bang. He spoke about how happy he was to win his Armageddon match with partner WWE champ John Cena. Out of nowhere, Santa Claus appeared and began walking down the ramp to the ring. Along the way, Santa threw items from his bag to the crowd, such as WWE shirts and DVD’s. Sant gave a shirt and DVD to the ring announcers, then entered the ring. When Batista was least expecting it, Santa produced a metal pipe and struck Batista’s injured left arm. Santa then tried to leave and head up the ramp, but Teddy Long, Smackdown GM appeared. Long announced if Santa wanted to act like that he could wrestle in a match right now vs Batista. Santa went back down to the ring and proceeded to have a short match with Batista. Injured arm and all, Batista got the win and revealed that Santa was really the wrestler Sylvan.

Next match was for the US Championship, a rematch between Benoit and Chavo Guerrero. Benoit won by disqualification after Vickie Guerrero entered with the US Champiionship belt to strike Benoit. Benoit turned on Vickie who fell down. Chavo then sneak attacked from behind. This feud continues..

Next up we had Cruiseerweight champ Gregory Helms in the ring on the mic announcing the competition was lacking on Smackdown. He said his plan was to eat more and move on up to the Heavyweight ranks, because he needs new competition and nobody in the WWE can stop him. Then out of nowhere the Boogeyman’s music came on, and Boogeyman crawled out onto the ramp. Boogeyman came down to the ring to battle Helms. They fought briefly until Boogey pulled out a handful of worms. Helms saw this and hightailed it out of the ring and through the crowd. The ring announcer Tony Chivante then said “He’s the Boogeyman and he’s comin to get ya!”. Boogeyman turned his attention to Chivante, who he then chased down and force-fed some worm., causing Tony Chivante to run away up the ramp gagging and coughing up worms. It looks like Boogeyman might finally get his title match push.

MNM’s Joey Mercury came down to the ring with his face swollen, cut and in stitches from his tough match at Armageddon where he got smacked by the end of a ladder and had to be taken away by paramedics. Mercury had them re-show footage of Jeff Hardy jumping onto the end of a ladder which them smacked him right in the face. Mercury announced he had 33 total stitches and he holds 2 people responsible; Matt & Jeff Hardy. Matt Hardy then arrived to the ring and told Mercury this was unfortunate, but the nature of the match and not intended. Mercury kept asking Matt Hardy to fight him. Mercury then announced if Hardy wouldn’t fight him maybe he’d fight his tag partner, Johnny Nitro, who then arrived to the ring with Melina. Nitro then gave Hardy a beatdown in the ring. The two fought for a while and then Nitro went outside the ring to retrieve a metal ladder from under the ring. Mercury continued yelling “maim him, hurt him Nitro!” After the match continued for a while Johnny Nitro got the cheap win with his feet on the ropes to make the pin.

Next up, JBL got in ring to call out Smackdown GM, Teddy Long, for all that happened at Armageddon to Joey Mercury and MVP. JBL said in the ring “there is a reason we haven’t had inferno matches for the past 7 years,”. JBL said a human being was set on fire at Armageddon, and caused MVP injury . JBL said it was Teddy Long’s fault and this was not entertainment. JBL said he could smell the flesh of burning MVP near the announce table and he won’t forget it til the day he dies. JBL told Teddy Long to get to the ring now to apologize to Smackdown, JBL and MVP. When Long didn’t arrive to the ring, JBL went on a tirade saying he holds the audience of WWE responsible because they want blood, injury and suffering in the ring and they pay to see it. JBL said the crowd makes him sick getting a chorus of boos and jeers.
Divas Ashley and Layla faced Jillian & Kristal in tag action. Despite Kristal and Jillians attempts to cheat, Ashley landed her new move, an elbow drop off the top rope called “the Starstruck to get the win.

The Russian mixed martial arts expert, mixed Sambo champion Vladamir Koslov was ringside. Michael Cole asked him about how he is doing in America so far. Vlad said he is “very happy to be in America and double double E and he looks forward to America and double double E”.

In the main event the Brothers of Destruction, Taker & Kane faced Booker and Finlay, who claimed it was time to stop the2 brothers. The teams traded attacks for quite a while, back and forth. No appearance by Little Bastard from under the ring. When Finalay and Booker went to double team Taker, Kane was ready. Taker ducked a double clothesline and then Kane/Taker each grabbed an opponent to chokeslam. Taker did the Tombstone piledriver, match over. No sign of MVP or Mr. Kennedy on tonight’s show after their rough matches at Armageddon.

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