Monday, January 8, 2007

RAW Recap 1/8/07 - possible spoilers

Warning: If Raw hasn't aired in your area yet, this may contain spoilers!

RAW kicked off with champ John Cena arriving to the ring. Cena discussed his tough battle with Umaga from last night's New Year's Revolution and how Umaga beat him up for 30 minutes until Cena managed to get a win. Cena said Armando Estrada tried to report on after the match that Cena's win was a fluke. Cena asked the crowd if they should see a rematch tonight, Umaga v Cena for the title. As the crowd was cheering for it, Coach arrived on the ramp, and announced to everyone he had given Umaga the night off. Coach said Cena would not have the night off and would be facing RAW's newest acquisition, the 7'3 Great Khali. Khali arrived to the ring and he and Cena stared each other down.

Vince McMahon was shown and began speaking about the big "Rosie O'Donnell vs Trump" match for later in the night. An attempt to play on the latest controversial gossip headlines. Rosie arrived to see Mr McMahon and McMahon gave her a Carvel ice cream cake which she began to devour. She snarled at McMahon when he asked for some cake.

Jeff Hardy faced Kenny Dykstra, with the IC title on the line. As the 2 battled, Johnny Nitro arrived at the ring and Hardy turned his attention to Nitro as did the ref. With Hardy's back to him, Dykstra in ring didn't see Ric Flair sneak into the ring. Flair hit a "low blow" on Dykstra then rolled out of the ring. Hardy landed the Swanton bomb on Dykrsta to get the victory and keep his title.

Rosie seen in Divas' lockerroom with Candice Michelle and Maria. Rosie checking out the Divas as she had Maria bend down to pick up fallen postcards/photos she brought of vacation spots.

Diva Tag Match, Maria & Mickie James vs Victoria and Melina - The "bad girls" get the win as Victoria and Mickie battled outside the ring. Despite an accidental punch to Melina's pretty face by Victoria, Melina continued to battle Maria in ring and landed her move off the ropes. Melina collected the pinfall on Maria and the win for her team.

Rosie vs Trump match. First Vince arrived to the ring, followed by "Rosie" and then a really bad Trump impersonator, possibly the same guy who posed as George Bush with Cryme Time a few weeks ago. The 2 exchanged in ring antics and moves, and the crowd began to chant "boring". Rosie went for a splash on Trump who moved out of the way. Trump left the ring and retrieved some of the ice cream cake which was at the ring announcers' table. As Rosie looked out of the ring Trump smashed some ice cream cake in her face. He re-entered the ring and got the pinfall and victory. Rosie sat in the ring with cake all over her hair and face. Unfortunately this match of fakes couldn't keep up with last week's K-Fed story and it was obvious the crowd felt duped here.

Carlito vs Chris Masters - fresh off their match last night, the 2 faced off about 24 hours later in a heated contest. Torrie Wilson cheered on Carlito from outside the ring. Masters had the upperhand from the get go putting several technical holds on Carlito. Masters turned his attention to Torrie outside the ring and Carlito knocked Masters to the apron. As the ref talked to Carlito he didn't see Torrie grab a foreign object and smack Masters' leg. Carlito capitalized and landed his finisher on Masters and then the pin for the victory.

Several times during the show, the RKO vs DX match was revisited. Shawn Michaels eventually was fed up with the ref and knocked him out. A blood bath ensued for RKO, as DX smashed them with chairs. HHH landed a pedigree on Edge on the ring announcers table. Michaels flew from the top turnbuckle onto Orton on the announcers table, landing in a bloody heap. The aftermath of this match was a bad quad tear for Triple H. JR announced that the Game will be getting surgery on his knee/quad tear tomorrow and be out of action for 4-6 months. Bad news for Triple H and WWE fans.

RKO arrived to the ring, with upset looks on their faces and a neck brace on Orton. In ring Orton said even though he and Edge got the hell beat out of them last night, they put an end to DX. Orton said he and Edge lost tons of blood at last night's match but it was worth it, because in the end Triple H got injurred. Randy said Rated RKO did what nobody else has, end DX. Edge said next week they will finish the job and kill DX, because they will have a handicap match vs HBK. DX's music intro started, then stopped and HBK walked to the top of the ramp. Crowd began chanting "HBK". Michaels said he came out to address if this was the end of DX. He said he didn't know, but he does know that his best friend is lying in a hospital bed and undergoes surgery tomorrow. Michaels said he will be at HHH's side for this. HBK said as for RKO, he will deal with them both next week.

Cryme Time defeated Cade and Murdoch, after Cryme Time removed the padding from their corner of the ring. As Murdoch got whipped into the corner he noticed the missing pad, but Cryme Time managed to grab him by the head and knock him into it. A rollup pinfall by Cryme Time for the win.

Main event: John Cena vs The Great Khali - Armando Estrada sat at the ring announcers' table during the match. As Cena and Khali exchanged blows, Armando left the announcers table and grabbed a chair. Armando got on the apron to interfere, but Cena snatched the chair away. Cena turned and smashed the chair over Khali's head, but it had no effect. Cena was DQ'd. Khali then picked up Cena with both hands and slammed him down to the apron. As Khali left the ring , Umaga ran out of the crowd and into the ring to attack the fallen Cena. Umaga put Cena in the corner, seated, and then rammed into him, snapping Cena's head back against the bottom turnbuckle. Umaga then looked over Cena in the middle of the ring. Cena held his throat as Umaga stood over him and Raw ended.

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