Friday, November 16, 2007

WWE Smackdown Preview 11.16.07

Batista gets no rest prior to the big Hell in a Cell match he has with the Undertaker this Sunday. On tonight's Smackdown, it will be Batista facing the Silverback, Mark Henry in a one on one matchup. Earlier this week, Batista teamed up with Undertaker to face the World Tag Team champs on Raw. As they won their match over Cade and Murdoch, Batista and Taker sent each other statements via their finishing moves. Now Batista will fight yet again, tuning up for his hellish match this Sunday. Read more about this match at

Also expect to see other Smackdown and ECW stars in action as they prepare for this Sunday's traditional Pay Per View event. Matt Hardy and MVP will continue to try to put their differences aside as tag team champs. Hardy still seeks MVP's US title, but in the meantime they will try to keep their titles safe.

Rey Mysterio, Finlay, Kane. Great Khali and the WWE divas may also be in action this Friday night, as they all are scheduled for the Survivor Series card.

Check out Smackdown, Friday night at 8PM EST on the CW Network for all the action!

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