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WWE Smackdown Recap 11.16.07

Smackdown Recap from Wichita, KS:

Smackdown started with highlights of the history of Mark Henry and Batista. Henry put Batista out of action for 6 months, costing him the World Heavyweight title, and Batista has not forgotten. Tonight the two will face off in the ring on Smackdown.

Michael Cole noticed there's just 2 days until Survivor Series. JBL said tonight's Henry vs. Batista match will be under No DQ rules.

Jeff Hardy vs. Finlay

Highlights from last week's Finlay vs. Mysterio contest shown, with Finlay capturing a win, then attacking Mysterio brutally afterwards. Also shown were highlights of this past Tuesday's ECW match involving the Hardy's against Mr. Kennedy and MVP. Jeff was yanked off the apron and hit hard outside the ring, then pinned.

Finlay backed Hardy to a corner and the ref ordered him to back away. Hardy was able to twist Finlay's arm, but Finlay took him down to his knees and locked a hold on. Jeff escaped and tossed Finlay out of the ring, then followed by dropkicking him through the ropes and jumping over the ropes onto Finlay. Back in the ring, Finlay was able to whip Jeff to the corner, Jeff jumped up over Finlay as he charged at him, but Finlay grabbed him and tossed him into the ringpost. Jeff fell out of the ring where Finlay attacked then tossed him back in. Finlay applied a headlock down on the mat to wear Jeff down.

Jeff fought his way to his feet then came off the ropes to get clotheslined down. Finlay continued the onslaught on Hardy. Finlay continued with a headlock, but Jeff got to his feet and pulled Finlay down in a neckbreaker move, but Finlay quickly recovered to dropkick Hardy down. Finlay continued to dominate for quite some time. Jeff found the momentum to get a Whisper in the Wind on Finlay. Jeff continued the fight, and Finlay grabbed the shalaleigh. The ref tried to pull it away, but Finlay yanked back. Finlay went at Hardy, but Jeff punched back as the ref rang the bell to DQ Finlay. Jeff knocked Finlay to the mat, grabbed his legs then catapulted him up over the ropes and out of the ring.

Winner: Jeff Hardy wins due to disqualifiication of Finlay.

Highlights of the 10/5/97 Hell in a Cell match between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels were shown, with Shawn Michaels falling off the cage wall through the commentary table.

The Smackdown confrontation between Batista and Undertaker was shown in the ring from several weeks ago. Undertaker requested a rematch for the World Heavyweight Title against Batista and then called for a Hell in a Cell match at Survivor Series.

Undertaker made his way down the ramp to the ring. In the ring Taker discussed how no opponent finds themself the same after Hell in a Cell and Batista will be no different. Taker said the match can be named "The Deadman's Playground" and that Batista will "Rest in peace".

Michael Cole said tonight there will be an official weigh in between Hornswoggle and the Great Khali, as well as Rey Mysterio facing Mr. Kennedy.

Torrie Wilson & Mickie James vs. Victoria & Beth Phoenix

Victoria squared off against Mickie, twisting her arm. Mickie did a cartwheel to escape and put a hold on Victoria. Mickie managed to get the upperhand, but Beth tried to distract her. Mickie punched Beth then turned and was kicked by Victoria. Beth came in to start attacking Mickie with Victoria's help. Mickie was able to escape from Beth's grasp and tag in Torrie.

Torrie started to gain momentum, attacking Beth once she got into the ring. Torrie jumped over Beth in the corner and tried to roll her up. Beth escaped and gained control. Victoria ran into the ring and went over to punch Mickie off the apron, then went out to attack her. Beth was able to pick up Torrie before she slammed her to the mat face first for the pin.

Winners: Beth Phoenix and Victoria win via pinfall over Mickie James and Torrie Wilson.

In the locker room backstage, Jeff was shown getting ready to leave the arena as Matt was taping his hands up. Jeff wished Matt Hardy good luck before exiting, and Michael Cole said Matt will be a guest on the upcoming "VIP Lounge with MVP".

6/28/98 Hell in a Cell classic between Mankind and Undertaker was shown. Taker tossed Mankind off the top of the cage and he went crashing through the commentators' table.

VIP Lounge Hosted by MVP

Matt Hardy was introduced as the guest on tonight's edition of the VIP Lounge. MVP talked about their Survivor Series match where they will be on opposite sides. MVP told Matt they've survived a lot over the past months as tag team champs. MVP said it's been the highlight of his career so far. Matt confronted MVP about allowing Mr. Kennedy to yank Jeff off the side apron this past Tuesday. MVP was able to score a pin over Jeff after the incident. MVP said he made the pin in the spirit of competition. MVP said he prevented Kennedy from hitting Matt with the chair after the match. Matt then said about competition MVP hasn't defended his US title in a while against him.

Matt requested a title shot tonight, but MVP said they are the tag champs and "friends". Matt told MVP they aren't friends, and MVP told him he how much that hurts. Matt again requested the US title match for tonight, but MVP said he can't because they have a tag team title match tonight. MVP called for some people to clear the set out of the ring, as John Morrison came down to the ring. The Miz came out next to form an ECW team to challenge for the titles.

The Miz & John Morrison vs. Matt Hardy & MVP
WWE Tag Team title match

MVP took Miz down to the mat early to beat him up some. MVP put Miz into the corner, then MVP ran at him with the boot to the face. After hitting Miz, MVP limped over to tag in Matt. MVP appeared to have hurt his knee. Morrison got into the ring and attacked Hardy near Miz' corner. Matt appeard to then hurt his knee when Morrison came down on it on the ropes. Morrison and Miz worked well with the doubleteam on Matt. MVP lead a "Hardy" chant from the apron and Matt was able to clothesline Morrison down. Matt tried to stretch to make a tag to MVP, but Morrison knocked him down again.

Miz tagged in just as Matt was able to fight off Morrison. Matt went at Miz and was about to score the Twist of Fate on him. Morrison got up from behind Matt and then rammed into his hurt leg, causing Matt to crash to the mat. Miz took advantage and scored a quick and surprising pinfall! Miz and Morrison grabbed the title belts and exited the ring up the ramp victorious. Immediately, MVP went in to look at Matt who was favoring his knee. MVP grabbed the mic and requested their rematch for the tag titles right now. Smackdown went to commercial with Miz and Morrison headed back to the ring.

Winners: The Miz and John Morrison win via pinfall over MVP and Matt Hardy to win the WWE Tag team titles.

Matt Hardy & MVP vs. The Miz & John Morrison
(WWE Tag title rematch)

Smackdown returned from a commercial with MVP beating up Miz near the ropes. Miz punched away at MVP, but MVP escaped using the ropes. Matt went over to tag Matt Hardy back in, but Matt's leg was still hurting. Miz dragged Matt into the ring and immediately started on his leg. Morrison and Miz then continued to work together to beat up Hardy. Miz scored the Reality Check but Matt was able to stick a leg on the ropes, preventing a 3 count. Morrison came back in to apply a Half Boston Crab and continue to hurt Matt's leg. Morrison put a Figure four submission hold on Matt's hurt leg eventually causing Matt to tap out in pain. Miz and Morrison posed from the corners of the ring with their tag team titles.

After the match, MVP helped Matt stand on his feet, hobbling with the hurt leg. MVP raised up his US title and Matt's arm. MVP smiled for a momeht before turning on Matt and kicking him in the hurt leg. MVP then attacked Matt's leg for a good 5 minutes, including smashing it between the apron and the steel steps. MVP tossed part of the steps into the ring and tossed Matt into the ring. MVP then picked up Matt and dropped him knee first on the steps. MVP got down and yelled in Matt's face before exiting the ring with his US title. At the top of the ramp MVP yelled "it will never happen Matt Hardy" as he held up his US title.

Winners: The Miz and John Morrison win via submission to retain the WWE Tag Team titles.

Smackdown returned to show highlights of the beatdown MVP gave to Matt in the ring on his knee. During commercial, WWE officials helped Matt back to the locker room. Matt fell once then was helped back to his feet in excruciating pain.

12/10/00 Hell in a Cell highlight shown, with Undertaker shoving Rikishi off the top of the cage into the back of a dump truck. Several other men were in the ring watching.

JBL and Cole discussed the lineup for Survivor Series. Cole said HHH's side might be down by 1 wrestler after what happened to Matt Hardy.

Smackdown of the night shown from this past Monday with the Lumberjack match between Umaga and HHH. The match ended up a brawl amongst all the lumberjacks, HHH and Umaga.

Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy yanked on Mysterio's arm early, but Rey flipped out to use an arm drag takedown. Kennedy whipped Rey to the ropes, but Rey came back to get the headscissors on Kennedy, flipping him to the corner area. Rey tried to take control and was able to knock Kennedy against the middle ropes. Rey ran off the ropes to go for a 619 but Kennedy rolled under the bottom rope to escape. Smackdown went to break with Kennedy standing outside the ring looking in at Mysterio.

The show returned with Kennedy isolating Rey down on the mat. Rey fought back to his feet and took control off the ropes. Kennedy was able to grab Rey and slam him down face first. Kennedy whipped Rey to the corner hard, causing Rey to hit his already hurting ribs. Kennedy then put a leg scissors around Rey's midsection down on the mat. Rey finally was able to stretch his hand out to grab the bottom rope. Rey fell out of the ring, but Kennedy went out to attack him against the crowd barrier and side apron. Kennedy went for a pin back in the ring to no avail. Kennedy then hoisted Rey up on his shoulders for a backbreaker. After several moments, Rey was able to escape and try for a pin. Kennedy then caught Rey up on his shoulder off the ropes, but Rey did a spinning DDT to take Kennedy down. Both men struggled to get up before a 10 count.

With both men back up Kennedy tossed Rey over the ropes but Rey landed on the apron. Rey managed to land several moves from here followed by a pin attempt. Rey hit a West Coast Pop off the corner ropes on Kennedy followed by a kick to the back of Kennedy's head. Rey tried to run off the ropes at Kennedy, but Kennedy caught him them did a backbreaker on him. Rey managed to land a dropkick on Kennedy knocking him against the middle ropes, then scored the 619. Rey went over at Kennedy who was down on the mat, and Kennedy grabbed Rey to yank him into the corner ringpost. Kennedy went up on the corner and put Rey on his shoulders, but Rey fought out and did a Hurricanerana to flip Kennedy down to the mat. Rey Mysterio captures the pinfall win!

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall over Mr. Kennedy.

12/18/05 Hell in a Cell between Randy Orton and Undertaker shown. Cowboy Bob Orton tried to intervene on his son's behalf. Orton tried to hit Taker with an urn, but Taker grabbed the item and hit both Ortons, then scored a Tombstone Piledriver for the win.

Khali & Hornswoggle Weigh-in

Hornswoggle came down to the ring looking obviously nervous about his impending face off with Khali in the ring. Khali came down to the ring with his translator, Singh. Hornswoggle cowered near the ropes when Khali stepped into the ring. Hornswoggle weighed in at 138 with Khali breaking the digital scale when he stepped on it. Michael Cole announced to the crowd that Khali has been known to weigh as much as 420 lbs. Cole asked Khali if he had any words for Hornswoggle. Khali took the mic and began to yell incoherently at the leprechaun who continued to cower away.

Singh translated and said that Khali saw the mockery Hornswoggle tried to make off Khali during the Raw practice match. Singh told him that Khali has beaten Kane, Batista, Undertaker and John Cena before, so Hornswoggle will be added to that list. Cole then asked the two opponents to stand side by side for a photo op. Hornswoggle came up to Khali's waist. Hornswoggle began to visibly cry as he stood there. Khali yanked Hornswoggle's hat off then crumpled it up before tossing it down.

Mark Henry vs. Batista (No DQ)

Batista started off unloading on Henry and backing him to a corner for more. Batista tried to whip Henry but Henry reversed. Batista kicked him down from the corner then went out of the ring to pull Henry's arm against the ringpost several times. Batista threw Mark Henry to the ringpost then continued to yank his arm against it.

Batista brought Henry back into the ring and was able to get a Spinebuster. Batista left the ring to grab his title belt then re-entered the ring. Batista waited for Henry to get to his feet and turn around then ran and clocked him with the belt. Batista scored the quick pinfall victory to make his statement. With Henry out of the ring, Batista went out and tossed him into the steel steps. Batista threw Henry to the corner of the ring announcer seat area and started to choke him with a headset. Batista then stood Henry back up and whipped him into the ringpost. As Henry got back up Batista speared him down. Batista grabbed a steel chair and went over to smash it down over Henry's back about 10 times.

Batista got back into the ring and posed with his belt as his music came on. Just then, the arena went dark and Taker's bell sounded several times. Up on the Titantron appeared the Undertaker's eyes looking at Batista as Smackdown went off the air.

Winner: Batista wins via pinfall over Mark Henry.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Khali vs Hornswoggle, thats not fair. Not fair at all. However I think that something big is going to come out of this. You all seen the SAVE US script that show up on the screen. We all know its Y2J & since it says SAVE US I think Y2J might make a surprise & show up early & save Hornswoggle from Khali.

November 17, 2007 at 9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe just how low a character MVP is-to attack his own partner! Traitor! I wish that loser would be released from WWE for what he did! He sickens me. Of course, being a MAJOR Hardy Fan-I am a bit bias (LOL). I know conflict makes WWE go round but sometimes it gets way too out of hand!

November 18, 2007 at 4:30 PM  

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