Sunday, May 11, 2008

Great Khali Revisits India

The Great Khali (Dalip Singh Rana) has been on a bit of a vacation from WWE lately, as he returned back to India and spoke at an event organized by Ten Sports. The event is called "The Great Khali Live in Mumbai". During his speech, Khali called upon the youth of India to join him in wrestling and bring even greater glory to their country.


Khali and his wife, Harvinder Kaur, were welcomed with a huge applause by a crowd of over 15,000 people consisting mainly of the younger generation.

"I want the youth to go in the right direction. I want you to be healthy and do something which will bring laurels to the country. I want you to stay well and abstain from all bad things," said Khali.

On being asked about his journey, the wrestler said it has not been easy. "After intensive body building for eight years, I went to the US for training. There I learnt the art of wrestling. Later, I went to Japan and joined a wrestling group. Training continued for a long time followed by a series of fights and finally, I am now in front of you," he said.

To a query as to whom he fears, the square jawed wrestler, who is 7-feet 3-inch tall and weighs 190 kg, said: "'Main sirf paramatma se darta hoon' (I fear only God)."

On being asked about the secret of his strength, Khali, who was recently promoted to the rank of inspector in Punjab police for his extraordinary feat, said: "I drink a lot of milk and exercise a lot."

Khali also noted that he misses his parents and Indian food when he's in the US. Read more about Khali's latest trip at

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