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Raw Recap 05.12.08

Raw Recap from Detroit, MI:

Raw opened with highlights of last week's main event with Mr. Kennedy and Triple H facing the entire ECW roster. After the ECW won, Triple H grabbed a steel chair and began to take out various wrestlers with chair shots. All of a sudden, the lights in the arena went off. When they returned, Randy Orton had snuck into the ring behind Triple H. As HHH turned, Orton delivered a vicious RKO to leave the champ down in the ring.

Raw began with the lights out. As they came on, William Regal was in the ring with announcer Lillian Garcia. Lillian sang the national anthem ("God Save the Queen") for England while fans booed. Regal addressed the crowd for disrespecting him. Regal said he could have people thrown out if he wants, then left the ring. Regal said he would set an example, then told security to remove a young couple in the audience. WWE Diva Mickie James came running up to Regal begging him to stop. Regal said he didn't care if it was her brother and his girlfriend, then demanded security to toss them.

Mickie followed Regal into the ring still pleading with him. Regal told Mickie to leave the ring now before he had her thrown out. Regal asked Mickie if she wants to be stripped of the Women's Championship. Mickie shook her head and Regal told her to look at him. Just then, John Cena's theme music hit and Cena walked out from backstage. Cena came down to the ring and had Mickie exit. Cena said he had to talk to Regal man to man. Cena said he knows what it's like to give your all and have the fans say "you suck". Regal said Vince endorsed him, and Cena responded that Vince is insane. Cena then read emails from upset fans sent to abut Regal's recent actions.

Regal gave his word tonight that he wouldn't shut the lights out. Regal told Cena he knows he wants revenge for what Orton did at the Fatal Fourway. Cena asked when JBL will interfere. Regal said if anyone gets involved they will automatically be suspended. Regal remarked "now perhaps I've earned a bit of your respect". Cena then chastised Regal for having Lillian sing another country's anthem in the United States. Cena said if Regal keeps messing up the fans will rip him apart. Cena mentioned Aretha Franklin and the song "Respect". Lillian Garcia burst out and sang the song acapella before Cena exited up the ramp.

Santino & Carlito vs. Holly & Rhodes
World Tag Team title match

Prior to the match, Rowdy Roddy Piper came down to be ringside.

Holly took control of Santino early as he hung him on the top rope and kicked him. Early on the ref also became distracted by Cody Rhodes trying to help Holly. Carlito came in and delivered a quick swinging neckbreaker to bring Holly down for Santino. The two heels continued to work on Holly and keep him away from the tag to Rhodes. Santino taunted Roddy Piper outside the ring then whipped Holly to the corner. Carlito tagged in to try to continue beating up Holly. Holly scored a quick slam on Carlito then crawled over to tag Rhdoes.

Rhodes had serious momentum getting a powerslam on Santino. Santino managed to gain the advantage on Cody Rhodes and went to the corner ropes. All of a sudden Santino hopped down to the mat and began to get into a verbal argument with Piper outside the ring. Cody Rhodes waited for Santino to turn back around then hit him with the DDT for the finish.

Winners: Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes win via pinfall over Santino Marella and Carlito to retain the World Tag Team titles.

Mr. Kennedy arrived to the top of the ramp then reached up for the microphone to drop down. Kennedy said he "has a big mouth but nobody can shut it for him because he is Mr. Kennedy.......Kennedy!" Kennedy then continued down the ramp and got into the ring.

Snitsky vs. Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy went for quick kicks on Snitsky to start things off. Snitsky tried to force Kennedy to the corner, but Kennedy kicked his way out. As Kennedy tried to jump off the corner at Snitsky, the bigger Snitsky caught him and took over. Snitsky used a slam and elbow drop but couldn't capture the pin. From here, Snitsky tried to keep Kennedy up in a bear hug center of the ring. Kennedy used his elbow to hit Snitsky and escape, but Snitsky soon re-applied the bear hug. Kennedy delivered several punches to Snitsky's head to get away, but was quickly knocked back down.

Kennedy soon gained the advantage and took out Snitsky's leg to drop him to the mat. Kennedy failed at the pin and eventually Snitsky overpowered him with a clothesline. Snitsky set up Kennedy for his finisher by picking him up, but Kennedy escaped off his back. Kennedy hit a quick Mic Check to plant Snitsky face first into the mat for the pinfall.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy wins via pinfall over Snitsky.

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed Santino Marella. Santino was outraged over Piper ruining his shot at winning the tag team titles. Santino then vowed he will find Roddy Piper and hurt him bad.

John Cena was backstage getting a drink at a buffet table when Mickie James showed up. Mickie thanked Cena for stepping in to talk to Regal earlier on the show. Mickie invited Cena out for drinks with her, her brother and his girlfriend later. At first Cena seemed to brush it off saying he had serious business tonight and on Sunday to handle, first against Orton, then against JBL. Cena then told Mickie he was kidding and to be prepared for a wild night.

WWE Slam of the Week showed last week's Women's Championship Lumberjill match between champ Mickie James and Challenger Beth Phoenix. Things backfired during the match as Melina tried to hit Mickie with a boot, but Mickie ducked causing Melina to knock out Beth. Mickie took the pin to keep her Women's title.

Maria & Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix & Melina

Maria and Melina started out, with Maria slamming Melina onto her knee. Mickie tagged in quick and the two divas did a double drop the mat and trip of Melina from the ropes. Mickie went for the pin with the Glamazon entering the ring to break it up. As Beth got back out onto the apron, Mickie whipped Melina at her, causing Beth to fall off. Beth stood outside the ring glaring at Melina for what happened. Melina stayed in control but Beth began to walk up the ramp leaving Melina alone in the ring. Mickie took advantage of the solo Melina and knocked her to the mat for a pinfall.

Winner: Maria and Mickie James win via pinfall over Beth Phoenix & Melina.

Jim Ross and Lawler gave fans the results of a text message cell phone poll. The question was "Is Shawn Michaels telling the truth about his leg injury?" Fans voted 72% YES that Michaels is telling the truth about the injury.

Chris Jericho arrived to the ring for what Jim Ross said would be an apology to Shawn Michaels. Jericho had footage shown from Backlash where Michaels appeared to hurt his knee during the match with Batista. Michaels was able to get a Superkick on Batista to win the match despite the injury. Jericho said he's in the minority and didn't buy it that Michaels hurt his leg. Jericho said he even gave Michaels an award for a brilliant performance, but then last week something changed. Jericho said he noticed the pain in Michaels' face last week during their tag match against Miz & Morrison. Jericho said he wanted to come out tonight and apologize to HBK, and if Michaels wants to call off their match, he understands.

All of a sudden, HBK's music hit and Shawn Michaels came limping down the ramp to the ring. Michaels told Jericho he doesn't have to apologize. HBK said for the first time in his career, he feigned an injury, so Jericho was right. Y2J began to laugh and accused Michaels of playing mind games prior to Judgment Day. Jericho said that sort of trickery might work on Batista but not him. Michaels said he will do whatever it takes to win, and he did. Jericho said Michaels thinks he's smarter than everyone and it doesn't matter what he says. Out of nowhere, Michaels delivered a huge Superkick to Jericho knocking him down to the mat. HBK got down on one knee and said to Jericho to trust him when he tells him "I'm not hurt".

Jerry Lawler announced that "Take it All" by Zididada is the official Judgment Day theme song, available soon on iTunes.

Jeff Hardy's theme music came on and fans began to go wild. Soon Hardy emerged from backstage and he received a standing ovation as he made his way to the ring. Lillian Garcia asked fans to welcome back Jeff Hardy. Fans chanted "HARDY" before Jeff began to speak on the mic. Jeff said it feels good to be back. Jeff told fans he made a mistake and he payed for it, but now that he's back he has a lot to do, like become Intercontinental- . Jeff was cut off mid-sentence and thought his mic was broken. Then, William Regal arrived to the top of the ramp. Regal told Jeff nobody wants to hear from him and he should be punished for his sins. Regal then introduced Jeff's opponent as Umaga and sent a ref down to the ring.

Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga

Before Umaga could even enter the ring Jeff dropkicked him through the ropes then jumped over the top rope out onto Umaga. Umaga soon recovered and was able to toss Jeff into the crowd barrier. Umaga threw Jeff back into the ring and the bell sounded.

Umaga began to dismantle Jeff in the ring using a strong uppercut to knock him down. Umaga followed with a diving headbutt off the ropes then started to pound away on Jeff in the corner. Umaga put seated Jeff in the corner and went for the hip splash, but Jeff moved away. After Umaga crashed off the corner, Jeff climbed the ropes and hit Whisper in the Wind to capture the pin. An enraged Umaga began to yell out from the ring as Hardy made his way up the ramp.

Winner: Jeff Hardy wins via pinfall over Umaga.

Cade & Murdoch vs. Cryme Tyme

Cade started with JTG by whipping him to the ropes. JTG slid out under the bottom rope then started to pose with fans to taunt Cade in the ring. JTG got back in where Cade tried to beat him up with Murdoch's help. With Murdoch the legal man he started to beat on JTG in the corner. JTG kicked and fought his way out then manage to tag in Chad. Chad used several huge moves include a powerful slam and elbow drop. Cade came in the ring and Chad quickly punched him down to the mat. Chad made the tag to JTG who tried to jump in and pin Murdoch. Trevor fought out and knocked JTG down.

Cade & Murdoch took control of JTG with a doubleteam. Murdoch whipped JTG to the corner, but he elbowed his way out. After Murdoch whipped JTG to the ropes, JTG tried to flip over him for the Sunset Flip, but didn't grab his legs. Murdoch capitalized on JTG's mistake as he grabbed JTG's legs and to kept him pinned to the mat.

After the win, Cade got a mic and said it's good they're back on a roll. Cade said maybe Murdoch's singing is doing something to help. Cade asked Murdoch to sing another song. Murdoch began to sing "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers despite fan protesting. As Murdoch continued to sing, Cade delivered a knockout punch out of nowhere to drop Murdoch down to the mat. Cade stared down at him as Murdoch tried to get up. Cade delivered another solid punch to knock Murdoch down, then left the ring.

Winners: Cade & Murdoch win via pinfall over Cryme Tyme.

Smackdown Rebound showed highlights of last week's Championship Chase which was set up by GM Vickie Guerrero. The tournament included previous title holders on the Smackdown roster such as Batista, Big Show, Kane, Matt Hardy, Finlay and MVP. These six men were the winners of individual matches and then were put into an Over the Top Battle Royal. It came down to Big Show vs. Batista, with The Animal able to use a headscissors to pull Big Show over the top rope. Just when it seemed Batista was the winner, Vickie announced that Edge was cleared medically to compete. Edge charged to the ring and then rushed Batista, ramming him off the side apron. Edge became the winner of the tournament and Undertaker's opponent to decide the World Heavyweight title.

Backstage, Melina was holding an ice bag on her neck talking to Jillian. Beth Phoenix came up to them and Melina asked her why she left her alone for their match earlier. Beth told Melina she intentionally cost her the Women's title last week by hitting her. Melina tried to say it was an accident, but Beth wouldn't hear it. Melina delivered a shot to Beth's face and the two got into it. Beth grabbed Melina and began to smash her against a nearby locker, then the floor. Finally, WWE officials rushed over to break the two divas apart with Jillian checking on Melina.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did a run down of the entire Judgment Day card including Jericho vs. Michaels, Cena vs. JBL and the steel cage match between Triple H and Randy Orton.

Todd Grisham interviewed Randy Orton backstage. Grisham asked Orton about his match on Sunday as well as tonight's match against Cena. Orton reminded fans and Grisham that he stood victorious at Wrestlemania, and also stood tall last week after dropping HHH to the mat. Orton said Triple H had 1 lucky night over him to win the title, but Orton's had six months of dominance. Orton said tonight he will show Cena that he is the most athletically-gifted and smartest of WWE performers.

An ad was shown for tomorrow night's ECW on Sci-Fi. In one main event match, The Miz will face CM Punk and in the other John Morrison will battle Kane.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Orton arrived to the ring with brand new theme music. The two familiar opponents started off in the corner grappling, until the ref broke it. Orton capitalized and slapped a headlock on Cena then brought him down to the mat. Cena soon stood up and shoved Orton to the ropes, then knocked him down. After several punches, Cena sent Orton to the corner, then bulldogged him off the ropes. Cena continued to stay in control and tried for a pin after using a suplex. Orton kicked out at 2. The two got up and continued the fight.

Orton soon gained momentum elbowing Cena down off the ropes. Orton followed with a backbreaker and tried for a quick pin. Orton went to stomp on Cena, but Cena grabbed his boot. Cena stood up while still holding Orton's boot, then shoved him over the top rope. Raw headed to commercial with Orton laying out of the ring.

Raw returned with Orton applying a headlock to Cena in the ring. Cena got to his feet and began to power out. As Cena came off the ropes, Orton caught him in a powerslam then went for a pin. Cena kicked out and Orton re-applied a headlock. Cena escaped and tried to jump at Orton off the ropes. Orton moved away and Cena hit the mat. Orton waited for Cena to stand and went for the RKO, but Cena countered shoving Orton to the ropes, then bulldogged him. Cena continued with momentum delivering a leg drop off the corner and eventually Orton fell out of the ring.

All of a sudden, William Regal arrived at the top of the ramp with JBL in a ref's shirt. JBL announced on a mic that Regal appointed him the ref to continue this match. As JBL got down into the ring Cena immediately began to punch away at him. Cena knocked JBL out of the ring then turned his attention to Orton. Cena beat up Orton then hoisted him up for the FU. Before he could finish off Orton, JBL was back in the ring to kick Cena in the face. Orton landed on him and JBL counted a quick 3 to give Orton the victory.

JBL and Orton tried to doubleteam Cena after the bell, but HHH's music hit and the Game quickly showed up from backstage. Triple H came down to the ring where Cena tossed JBL outside then brought him into the crowd. Cena and JBL began to fight it out in the crowd. In the ring, Orton seemed to have the advantage as he started to attack Triple H. A steel cage began to lower down around the ring with Orton in control. Triple H got to his feet and was able to counter Orton then hit a Spinebuster. HHH folllowed up by throwing Orton into the cage, and Orton then hit the outside. Triple H climbed the inner wall of the cage and stared down at the fallen Orton. Raw ended with HHH pointing down at Orton as he stood to look up at the champ.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over John Cena.

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