Monday, May 12, 2008

Raw Preview 05.12.08

Tonight's Raw will be the final edition before the upcoming Judgment Day Pay-Per-View. Last week on Raw, the King and General Manager, William Regal, continued to flex his power over the WWE. Regal had lights shut out on several matches and wrestlers, put Mr. Kennedy and Triple H against the ECW roster, and also had Jim Ross replaced by commentator Mike Adamle for a match. Regal's grand finale had him shut the lights out on Triple H in the ring, allowing Randy Orton to sneak into the ring and deliver the RKO. What does the powerful and diabolical Regal have in store for tonight's show, and how will Triple H respond to last week's RKO?

Chris Jericho also continues to accuse the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels of faking a leg injury. The feud has inflated more, leading way to a match between the two superstars on Sunday. What will Y2J and HBK have in store for each other on tonight's episode?

Raw will also see the return of WWE superstar John Cena. Cena will be heading into a match on Sunday with the revenge-seeking JBL. The two last met in the Fatal Fourway at Backlash, where Cena eliminated JBL with the STFU. Since then, JBL has been hellbent on dismantling various wrestlers and vowing to destroy Cena. Will JBL have a message to deliver directly to Cena, or will Cena gain the upperhand tonight?

Be sure to tune in for Raw which will air live from Detroit, Monday at 9PM EST on USA!

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