Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wrestling Poll: WWE Heels

Wrestling fans it's time to let your opinion be seen once again. Right now the WWE has several heels causing mayhem and problems for fans, other wresters and themselves. There's Smackdown's Edge & Vickie Guerrero who continue to make life miserable for Undertaker and other members of the roster. Recently, Vickie took away Undertaker's title and banned his Triangle Choke submission hold. There's also Edge who is nicknamed the "ultimate opportunist", but took the easy way out by entering a battle royal at the last minute to earn his chance at the title.

Then there's the power-hungry, King and Raw General Manager, William Regal. Regal continues to show the WWE wrestlers and fans that he has ultimate control over what matches they see. He even stops them at his discretion, shutting the lights out. Last week he forced Mr. Kennedy and Triple H to wrestle against the entire ECW roster.

Let's not forget the other heels such as Randy Orton, Santino Marella and MVP, all who do their best to irritate fans, cheat through matches and attack opponents!

Take a look at the heels listed below to vote for which you dislike the most!

Which heel in WWE do you despise the most?
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Vickie Guerrero
William Regal
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