Friday, May 16, 2008

WWE Web Stories 05.16.08

Here's the latest news, commentary and writings regarding the WWE from around the Web for May 16, 2008. Check out the latest from WWE commentator Jim Ross, a closer look at WWE as a business, comments about the recent WWE wrestling in Michigan and more!

In Jim Ross' latest blog entries he discusses how he will co-host a highly rated Oklahoma City news program, and also selects Jeff Hardy as his WWE superstar of the week.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim “J.R.” Ross to co-host highly rated Oklahoma City news program

J.R.’s Superstar of the Week - Jeff Hardy (from

J.R. finds restaurant business smokin’ (from

There's recent news on a few of the WWE divas. Various WWE Divas are offering health, fitness and nutrition tips for women. The latest tips come from Michelle McCool. Read Divas offer fit tips for National Women's Health Week here.

According to PWInsider, WWE Diva Victoria is opening her own custom car shop:

WWE Diva Victoria is opening up her own custom car shop called Black Widow Customs, as reported in a news item on May 15. The shop will be opening next week in Louisville, Ky. Victoria and other WWE Superstars will be in attendance for the opening.

According to Sun-News, former WWE Diva Lita and her band the Luchadors played with rock band Skid Row several days ago at a concert held at The Tiki in Myrtle Beach, Florida .

Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald takes a closer look at the recent financial reports of World Wrestling Entertainment as a business. Varsallone says anyone who thinks the WWE is in trouble financially is "misinformed".

Read Really understanding WWE's numbers by Jim Varsallone.

Michael "The Benchwarmer" Zuidema of Grand Rapids Press had the following blurb about how he was disappointed with the recent wrestling show at Van Andel Arena:

The WWE came and went at Van Andel Arena. And speaking as someone who was an avid fan as recently as five years ago, I couldn't believe how depressing it was. Maybe it's the nostalgic in me talking, but everything seemed so predictably boring and routine.

It was like watching a rerun of "Everybody Loves Raymond." It's times like these that you realize just how much pro wrestling misses The Rock, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Doink the Clown. "Memories, like the corners of my mind. ... Misty water-colored memories. ...Of the way we were." Sigh.
Source: Grand Rapids Press

This weekend, WWE Characters the Blog will present predictions, analysis and recap results from the Judgment Day Pay Per View! See the full lineup of Judgment Day matches here!

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