Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time is Now for WWE/Cena Lawsuit

The rap group M.O.P. has filed a federal lawsuit against the WWE and John Cena over illegal use of one of their songs at a televised WWE event. The two rappers from the group, Jamal Grinnage and Eric Murray claim that Cena's WWE song "The Time Is Now" borrows heavily from their rap single "Ante Up". The major point of contention is over the non-English line "BRRR Abado" from M.O.P.'s song which was used three times in Cena's song.

The lawsuit filed in a federal court also alleges that the WWE's lawyer had a secretary sign off on the paperwork giving rights to use M.O.P.'s song. The rappers are asking for the "destruction of Cena's song" and $150,000 to be payed in damages. According to, WWE may also have to edit out the song from any DVD's that have "The Time is Now" featured in them. In addition, WWE may have to cease using the song in future productions. There's been no comment by John Cena or WWE on this lawsuit yet.

(Story Source: Monsters and Critics)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To tell u the truth i knew that this was coming but I didn't know when.
When I 1st here heard of that other song it was in Midnight club 3 I thought to myself,"OMG this almost sounds like CENA's song", but yeah anywayz it goin to sound really weird to put a new song 4 Cena or To edit out the beginning of the song. Just the hype of the beginning gets everyone pumped up (thats if you are a cena fan LOL even though I kinda am).

November 3, 2008 at 3:23 PM  

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