Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Bella Twins Brianna and Nicole Pics & Info

(Bella Twins Brianna & Nicole in action!)
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For fans of the new divas, the Bella Twins, here's even more info and pictures available of the beautiful Brianna and Nicole! Included are candid studios of the lovely twin sisters posing together in pink and red outfits. The Bella Twins are all smiles and are making a captivating addition to the Smackdown roster. According to her bio, WWE Diva Brie Bella is a half-Mexican, half-Italian beauty hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona. Since her debut on Smackdown this past Summer, she's been involved in a feud with fellow diva Victoria, winning several matches against her in surprise fashion.

Just a week ago, it was finally revealed that Brie's twin sister, Nicole had been the one helping her win matches. Nicole had been hiding underneath the ring and would sneak out at opportune times to help grab a surprise pinfall. It was usually WWE Diva Victoria who was on the losing end of the surprise. Time will tell if thes Bella Twins will use their trick to somehow capture the Divas or Womens Championship. But for now, they're easy on the eyes and managing to pull off victories on Smackdown!

Recently, the Bella Twins topped Yahoo search as the #1 search query! Check out their message to the fans on their Myspace blog:

Thank you to all of our Fans!!!!

The Bella Twins were the 1 search on yahoo today!!!!

We love you all and will keep kicking butt on SmackDown for you!!!!

Peace, Love and Twins!!!!

Love The Bellas!!!!

many many besos!!!

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