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Raw Results 09/20/10

Raw Results from Indianapolis, IN:

Michael Cole welcomed fans to Raw 24 hours removed from Sunday's Night of Champions Pay-Per-View. Things immediately went to ring announcer Justin Roberts who introduced the new WWE Champion, Randy Orton. Orton came to the ring wearing a rare smile on his mug. He hoisted the championship belt up in the ring for all to witness.

Orton was up on the corner showing off his title, but was quickly interrupted by former champion, Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior came onto the ramp with a mic. Sheamus said he was robbed of the title twice now, once at Elimination Chamber, once at Night of Champions. Sheamus reminded Orton he's never defeated him one-on-one for the WWE Title. Sheamus got in the ring to face Orton, calling The Viper's win last night "pathetic."

Orton told Sheamus he's never beaten him because in their last match he got himself DQ'd. Orton said Sheamus is entitled to a rematch. The Viper said he better get that rematch quick or he'll be getting a punt to the skull instead. Sheamus asked Orton if he thinks he intimidates him, then said "fella, I'll kick your head off." Just then the lights flashed and the email ding sounded. Cole got up to read from the laptop.

The GM's latest email said Sheamus and Orton will have their championship match with no DQ's, no countouts, no escape and no excuses. In just under two weeks they'll fight in a Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Title. Sheamus said he's never been in one of those matches but took out HHH with his bare hands. He told Orton to hand over the WWE gold, since he's never beaten him one on one. Sheamus said if he's an honorable man he'll hand over the title until he wins at Hell in a Cell. Orton told Sheamus he's not an honorable man, and never has been. Orton said as WWE champion he's the only one who carries the title.

Orton finally told Sheamus if he wants it so bad to go ahead and take it. He put the mic down and threw the belt to Sheamus. Sheamus had it for a second, that is until Orton struck with the RKO, leaving Sheamus face down on the mat. Orton started to leave, but stopped at the bottom of the ramp. He got back into the ring and went to the opposite corner then rushed towards Sheamus for the punt kick. The Celtic Warrior was quick to escape and back up the ramp before he was kicked.

Cole said tonight John Cena will face Wade Barrett. Cole said it was for the first time ever, but these two fought a while back on Raw.

Santino Marello & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre

The Hart Dynasty were on guest commentary for this tag team match featuring the brand new champs, Rhodes and McIntyre. Cole kept throwing comedic jabs at Tyson Kidd who seemed to do all the talking for the Harts.

Rhodes took an early advantage against Santino, then tagged in Drew for more punishment. At one point though, Santino got on a roll with the momentum. He prepared for the Cobra punch but got a huge boot to knock him down from Drew.

In the closing moments, Kozlov had a pin on Drew McIntyre. Rhodes rushed in to break it up with a kick to Kozlov. Santino came in and grabbed Cody, but ended up getting tossed outside. Kozlov kicked Cody in the chest, causing him to roll to the outside. As Kozlov turned around, he was overcome by McIntyre who hit the Future Shock DDT for the win.

The new tag champs showed off their hardware through the ropes to taunt The Hart Dynasty.

Winners: Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes win via pinfall over Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov.

Lawler had a copy of the "Legendary" DVD and said the movie will be available on DVD exclusively at Wal Mart next Tuesday, 9/28/10. Get the Legendary DVD at

They showed highlights from last week's Falls Count Anywhere match between John Morrison and Sheamus on Raw. Morrison had the win but Chris Jericho came out and bashed him with a steel chair.

They cut to a backstage shot of Morrison doing special one-armed pushups against the wall. He flipped up to his feet and the camera got a close-up action shot of his face right before JMo put on his shades to head to the ring.

After a camera shot of Conseco Fieldhouse they showed Edge contemplating things in the locker room. Zack Ryder came into the locker room to try to cheer up Edge about old times. Edge yelled at Ryder telling him to get it through his head they aren't friends. He complained about losing the WWE Title opportunity last nite at NOC. Just then, Daniel Bryan walked in with a book in hand asking them to keep it down a little bit. Edge yelled at Bryan right before Ryder did a backwards L for Loser on his forehead. He tried to high five Edge who just looked at him. Edge told Bryan he wants to hurt someone tonight and he chooses him. He told Bryan to meet him at the ring later if he has the guts.

John Morrison vs. Chris Jericho

Morrison was out for revenge after Jericho cost him a spot in the Six Pack Challenge. After Jericho nearly got Morrison to tap in Walls of Jericho, the two traded pinfalls. Jericho had another near Walls of Jericho locked in, but Morrison countered then flipped himself to toss Jericho down. He got up then delivered a hard kick to Jericho's skull right before measuring and hitting Starship Pain.

Jericho looked near tears as he rolled out under the bottom rope and thought about what just happened.

Winner: John Morrison wins via pinfall over Chris Jericho.

They showed John Cena's locker room door backstage. Cole spoke about how Cena was eliminated last night due to Nexus causing a distraction in the Six Pack Challenge.

Josh Matthews spoke with Cena backstage. He asked Cena if he's disappointed in losing at last night's WWE Title match. Cena said he admits he enjoyed seeing Orton win and RKO Wade Barrett. Cena said tonight he's got a chance to take out the Nexus leader and make the group fall to pieces. Cena told Barrett tonight the winds of change stop.

The former US Champion The Miz arrived out in a suit carrying the MITB briefcase and a microphone. Lawler said Miz was weeping like a willow last night. Miz said he didn't tap out last night and Daniel Bryan didn't beat him. Miz said he woke up yesterday with an MCL injury and doctors begged him not to compete. Miz said he fought anyways despite the risk being the great champ he is. The Miz vowed to regain his United States Championship. He did his trademark but instead said "Because I'm the Miz and I- I DID NOT TAP OUT!" Miz angrily headed towards a seat at the commentators table as Raw went to break.

Daniel Bryan vs. Edge

During the match, Cole asked for Miz's autograph on the new WWE Magazine he's on. Cole kept talking about how Daniel Bryan's a nerd. The Miz announced that he's recently signed Alex Riley to an exclusive personal service contract to do any tasks he needs.

Bryan went for a huge high risk move during the match, but Edge got him with a kick to the chest to knock him down. Edge went over to the corner and prepared for a Spear. As he charged though, Bryan caught him by the arm and locked in the Labelle on the mat. Suddenly, Alex Riley rushed to the ring and got on the apron to cause a distraction. Bryan released the hold and went after Riley on the apron. The ref got them apart, but Miz got up on the other apron and snapped Bryan against the top rope. As Bryan stumbled forward, Edge got him with the Spear. The ref turned and counted the pinfall.

Not so fast for Edge though. An email came through from the GM, saying the decision was reversed and Daniel Bryan was the winner due to DQ.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins due to disqualification of Edge per the Raw GM's decision reversal.

Post-match: Edge went crazy with a mic outside the ring saying he was sick of all these anonymous emails and Michael Cole and the computer. Edge said this isn't a joke, it's his career. He tossed the mic and walked backstage still irate. Meanwhile, The Miz and Alex Riley got into the ring and began the beatdown on Daniel Bryan. Miz delivered several hard kicks to Bryan's face with his dress shoes. Riley held Bryan's arms back as Miz kicked and slapped him several times. Miz slapped Bryan in the face calling him "nothing," as the crowd chanted "You tapped out." The Miz with one more serious kick to the face to level Bryan, then ordered Riley to pick him up again. The Miz did some more taunting before finally finishing with the Skullcrushing Finale.

"Sacrifice" by Atom Smash is the official theme song for Hell in a Cell 2010 PPV. The song is currently available everywhere.

Melina vs. Layla

Layla was announced as "self-professed co-owner of the Divas Championsip." The Womens Championship has officially been retired. Michelle McCool joined Lawler and Cole on commentary. She said that LayCool is the official champion and reminded fans that Vickie gave them a clause in their contract that either could defend the title.

Early on, Melina got knocked to the outside by Layla. She went out to get Melina, but Melina took her down hard, then turned her attention to McCool. McCool ran all the way over into the crowd with Melina trying to get at her. Finally things got back to the ring. Layla was up on the corner, and grabbed Melina for a DDT-style move off the corner to win it.

Winner: Layla wins via pinfall over Melina.

The Nexus was huddled together backstage talking strategy. Lawler said it doesn't look good for Cena.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed Jericho to ask about his big announcement. Jericho held up a new 3-disc DVD set about Chris Jericho. He said it's the greatest story ever told of excellence which proves he is the best in the world at what he does. Jericho said as great as he's been in the past, he plans to get better. He said he got the IP address of Cole's computer so he's even closer to finding out the Raw GM's identity. Jericho said he plans to extort and blackmail the GM to run the Raw show. He said he'll demand a WWE title match against the winner of Orton vs Sheamus at Hell in a Cell.

Just then, Randy Orton walked in. He told Jericho he'd give him a chance to beat him on next week's Raw. Orton said if Jericho wins he can have a title shot whenever he wants it. Jericho asked what the catch is, and Orton said he's sick of hearing his voice, so he'll make sure he doesn't have to hear it anymore after next week.

R-Truth and Eve came out doing Truth's new theme song "Right time for me to get Crunk." Eve did cheerleader-style dance moves on her way to the ring with Truth.

R-Truth & Eve vs. Ted Dibiase & Maryse

Dibiase had a brand new theme song also, using autotuned singing. Highlights were shown of Dibiase and Maryse performing "I Did it My Way" last week. They tried to attack Truth and Eve but were thwarted in their attempts.

The action broke down late in this one as Ted Dibiase yanked Eve out of the ring by her leg. Truth came in to beat up Truth, and clotheslined him out of the ring before leaping over the top rope onto Dibiase outside. Meanwhile, Maryse tried to get Eve with the French Kiss DDT, but Eve countered for a swinging neckbreaker to win it.

Post-match Maryse and Dibiase were arguing over who lost the match. As they started up the ramp a strange message came onto the Titantron which said "I will have You" with slow romantic music playing. The couple continued backstage with Maryse still yelling at Ted.

Winners: Eve & R-Truth win via pinfall over Maryse & Ted Dibiase.

John Cena and Wade Barrett were shown walking backstage on a split screen.

Members of the Indianapolis Colts were shown sitting front row with a John Cena spinner belt. Cole and Lawler confirmed that next week Randy Orton will face Chris Jericho one-on-one for the first time ever on Raw.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett

Cena was introduced first. Next Wade Barrett arrived out flanked by the other Nexus members who waited up on stage. Barrett walked over and asked for a mic, then stood on the commentators table to make a speech. Barrett told Cena there's been a slight change of plans. He said he heard Cena say he wants to pick apart Nexus one-by-one. Barrett said Cena can have a Gauntlet match tonight against the other four Nexus members. He said if Cena can defeat the four other guys then he gets him. Barrett said or Cena can get a beatdown from them all in the ring instead. The fans started a "one-by-one" chant so Cena tore off his shirt and tossed it to the crowd.

Gauntlet Match #1 - Heath Slater was up first. He had momentum at one point and did a flying bodypress off the corner, but Cena rolled through the pin, then stood up with Slater in his arms. He put him into the Attitude Adjustment and hit it for the pinfall win.

Gauntlet Match #2 - Next up was David Otunga. Raw took a break as he was heading to the ring. WHen Raw returned Cena was down with Otunga taunting him. Otunga went for a move but Cena grabbed him for a surprise small package pin.

Gauntlet Match #3 - Michael Tarver arrived third. Tarver immediately took control and gave Cena a beating in the corner. Cena came back though to knock Tarver down and locked the STF on him. Tarver quickly tapped out.

Gauntlet Match #4 - Final Nexus member for Cena was Justin Gabriel. Gabriel did some impressive moves to escape Cena's early attack, and kept Cena down. Barrett watched from atop the commentators table as Gabriel flipped over the top rope to land on Cena. Cena kicked out of a nearfall. Gabriel hit a wide variety of moves including a moonsault from off the side top rope for a near fall. Cena survived that and barely kicked out of the pin. As Cena started to get up he managed to hit a suplex on Gabriel. Both guys struggled on the mat.

Cena regained momentum moments later and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle after looking right out at Wade Barrett. Cena was just about to hit the Attitude Adjustment, but the other guys rushed into the ring to attack. The bell rang for the DQ. Barrett grabbed a chair and got in the ring. However, Cena fought off the Nexus guys and knocked down Barrett. Cena grabbed the chair and started swinging, but all the Nexus guys scrambled and made their escape. They backed up the ramp. Cena and Barrett both had mics, so Cena told Barrett it should be them fighting at it right now. Barrett said its an interesting offer but he has nothing to gain from laying him to waste again.

Barrett finally said he will face Cena in 2 weeks at Hell in a Cell, with one condition; if Cena loses he becomes part of The Nexus. Cena looked around as the fans booed. Cena told Barrett he won't back down from a fight with him, it's on. Barrett started to talk and Cena interrupted saying they have to make this big. Cena said if he wins then Nexus is done. He insulted each of the Nexus guys, then said if Barrett really wants this, he needs to put something on the line too. Barrett thought about it then told Cena he was on. Raw closed out with Cena all smiles as his theme song played on and Barret and Nexus up on stage glaring.

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