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WWE NXT Results 09/14/10

WWE NXT Results from Detroit, MI:

Michael Cole said we're just three weeks away from the first NXT Season 3 elimination. Cole was eliminated by Vickie Guerrero yelling "excuse me" multiple times. She said her rookie Kaitlyn embarrassed her last week, so she brought someone on the show to make her proud, the IC champ and her boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler. They replayed last week's incident in the ring involving Vickie, Primo, AJ and Kaitlyn.

AJ & Primo vs. Kaitlyn & Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler got a bit roughed up by Primo early on, prompting him to tag Kaitlyn in early. Kaitlyn took control against AJ, then crawled over to tag in Ziggler. Ziggler rushed in and knocked Primo off the apron, then turned his attention to AJ. She tried to run around him but Ziggler cut her off several times. Finally she hauled off and slapped Dolph several times then rushed past him to tag in Primo. Primo came in with serious momentum for a while, but eventually hit the corner hard. Ziggler quickly grabbed him from behind for the Zig Zag and the win.

After the victory, Kaitlyn celebrated the win by jumping up and hugging Ziggler. Vickie was shown on the outside looking not so happy at the hugging and touching going on. She backed up the ramp still looking upset.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn win via pinfall over Primo & AJ.

Josh and Cole talked over how Vickie and Kaitlyn need to get on the same page. They rolled a background video about Maxine who is Cuban, Chinese and Italian. She went to college for criminology and has done modeling on the side.

Now time for a divas challenge. Host Matt Striker was in the ring with Kaitlyn and AJ, then introduced the rest of the rookies, Jamie, Aksana, Maxine and Naomi. It was time for a "Joke Off" contest. The live Detroit audience would judge the divas on their joking ability. They started booing AJ immediately as she did some long joke about potato sacks. Ring announcer got the crowd into a knock knock joke saying "Aksana who?" and then said "exactly." Two of the divas, Maxine and Kaitlyn each involved AJ in their jokes and ended up in mini-catfights with her that Striker had to break up in the ring. Eventually the crowd pronounced Jamie the winner.

Michael Cole stood up and smashed a gong repeatedly next to the commentators table, then got on the mic saying all the divas, Matt Striker and the audience should all be gonged. He said this worthless season 3 should be gonged as well.

Jamie vs. Aksana

The Bella Twins and Goldust were on the apron to coach their respective diva rookies. Early on Jamie managed to gain control and shoved Aksana to the corner, then started to work on her left arm. Aksana made a comeback using multiple clotheslines to take Jamie down. However as she charged at her in the corner, Jamie moved away and Aksana hit hard. Jamie scored the quick rollup pinfall to win the match.

Winner: Jamie wins via pinfall over Aksana.

They showed the video package for Naomi who is mentored by Kelly Kelly. She describes herself as spunky sporty and very spontaneous. She was a former Orlando Magic dancer and got to put on a dunk show off the trampolines at the arena as well.

Upon NXT's return they reviewed the history between The Brothers of Destruction, Kane and the Undertaker. Kane claims Taker will now be nothing more "than the brother I destroyed." Kane talked of his plan of taking over as the dominant brother and capturing the World Heavyweight Title. Undertaker will face Kane for the title in a No Holds Barred match on Sunday at Night of Champions PPV. Cole and Matthews ran down the card which includes Daniel Bryan vs The Miz for the US Title, and the Six Pack Challenge for the WWE Title.

Cole said fans can watch a replay of tonight's show at WWE.com tomorrow. They reviewed Kaitlyn and Dolph's victory earlier over Primo and AJ. Dolph and Kaitlyn hugged after the victory but Vickie was clearly not pleased.

Backstage, Dolph and Kaitlyn were discussing their victory. Vickie Guerrero walked up and told Kaitlyn to excuse her and Dolph for a moment. Kaitlyn started to leave then turned back to thank Dolph. Vickie yelled "I said excuse us!" Kaitlyn walked off. Vickie asked Dolph what all the touching was about with him and Kaitlyn. He tried to explain that she was happy over her first win. Vickie told Dolph if she sees any of that again, he'll lose all of her. Vickie walked off to leave Dolph thinking.

The final divas challenge of the night was an obstacle course. All of the divas were lined up on the ramp at a yellow start line. The course involved tires, hurdles to jump, a pushups area, balance beam and a weighted trnk they had to push up the ramp. Before they could start, Vickie came out to coach her rookie Kaitlyn. She told Kaitlyn she needs to win the obstacle course. Vickie said she's going to show her how it's done. Vickie took her time in getting ready to run the course, stretching excessively and making the crowd antsy.

Finally she got going. Vickie ran most of the course but after she finished the balance beam she tripped and fell on the ground. Vickie started screaming at the refs and Striker to get away. She headed backstage screaming at everyone even Kaitlyn.

Here's their results:

Kaitlyn: 36.5 seconds
Aksana: 37.2 seconds
AJ: 46.0 seconds
Maxine: 39.1 seconds
Jamie: 36.8 seconds
Naomi: 57.4 seconds

Kaitlyn is your Obstacle Course challenge winner, giving her a first win in the challenges. Naomi still has 2 wins, and Jamie has 1 win. The rookie diva with the most wins will get immunity from the first diva elimination in three weeks for the big vote.

After Vickie Guerrero came out to celebrate with her rookie, Michael Cole got up and began to bang the big gong next to the commentators table again. Cole said he's had it with the NXT show and that it violates his journalistic integrity. Cole said he's done with the show and Josh Matthews. He tossed his mic down and headed backstage, getting taunted by both the Pros and the rookie divas.

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