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WWE Night of Champions 2010 Predictions

WWE presents its Night of Champions Pay-Per-View on this Sunday, September 19th, 2010. The theme of this particular event, is that all of the titles in the WWE will be contested in addition to a few non-title matches. As of this posting, there is just one non-title match, but there's always potential for more when the PPV actually airs. Also as of this post, the WWE Tag Team Championships are not on the line, but will be as of the event. We've got some compelling matches including a No Holds Barred match and a Six Pack Challenge WWE title match. With that, let's get a quick look at WWE Characters the Blog Night of Champions 2010 predictions!

First up, a prediction for the tag titles, or what they should do with them. The Hart Dynasty should defend in a Triple Threat due to the match that went awry on Raw. So this match would feature Hart Dynasty defending against R-Truth/John Morrison and Cody Rhodes/Drew McIntyre. If that happens, or even if its just Drew/Cody, I think they will be the new tag champions.

There's also potential that Smackdown GM Theodore Long comes out and puts Alberto Del Rio into a one-on-one with Christian, just based on what we saw on Smackdown Friday. If that happens, Del Rio's the clear favorite as he's yet to lose and a loss would hurt him early on.

As for Big Show vs CM Punk, the Straight Edge seems to have disbanded, with Luke Gallows now on his own, and Punk left as the final solo member to face Big Show. On Smackdown we saw Show deliver a KO right hand punch to Punk, leaving him on the mat. The match could be Show's final moment in dismantling Punk's SES, or it could lead to a new push for Punk. He hasn't really been part of the title picture due to SES, with the exception of Fatal Fourway. Let's say Punk wins this one, either by some sort of cheating or a new person emerges to befriend Punk.

Now for the titles. First up, Dolph Ziggler will defend the Intercontinental Title against Kofi Kingston. The stipulations, no countout or DQ for Ziggler or he loses that title. Vickie is likely to be involved again, and we've seen some "Trouble in Paradise" for her and Dolph as of NXT. We didn't see Dolph on Smackdown, so it makes you wonder what will happen next. They could go several ways with the whole Vickie-Dolph and Kaitlyn love triangle, making for a unique story. Let's say Dolph wins this one somehow, seeing as he has both a sleeper submission and the Zig-Zag that he can use to finish Kofi.

In the Womens division, the Divas and Womens Championship will be historically unified at NOC. This will be a Lumberjill match, featuring one member of Team LayCool with the Womens Championship against Divas Champ Melina. On Smackdown, we saw Michelle rigged the "draw from a hat" so that she'd be the team member facing Melina. Layla was none too please and made it seem she won't be joining Michelle at ringside. With that in mind, let's assume that Team LayCool is on the verge of splitsville, Layla will cost Michelle the win, and Melina becomes first ever unified champion in the womens division.

The United States title will be on the line as The Miz will face his former NXT rookie Daniel Bryan. These two guys have never liked one another and now its time to put up or shutup. A win by Bryan is a big stepping stone for both he and The Miz. It clears the Miz of the title so he can soon cash in that MITB contract for a bigger prize, the WWE Title. If Bryan wins this one and the title, I'm expecting Wade Barrett wins as well, so WWE can claim two former NXT stars made it big already.

The World Championship currently rests around the evil waist of the Big Red Monster, Kane. He'll put it on the line against Big Brother, The Undertaker, in a No-Holds Barred contest. It could be the match of the night, or feature a lot of slow action. Best bet here is Kane finds a way to survive with the title to continue on for another PPV match. It seems this is the kind of feud that needs to end with a buried alive match.

Finally, there's the Six Pack Challenge. You can check out a breakdown of the Six Pack Challenge WWE match by Matt Clark of His pick, like mine is that Wade Barrett will win the match, since he is using his NXT prize here, basically cashing in for the title shot. He's got a five-man team to help him out which could come into play. Darren Young could also come into play and cost him the title. Let's say it comes down to Wade Barrett and Jericho, with Barrett schooling his former NXT mentor and taking the WWE Title for his first reign.

Feel free to leave your own WWE Night of Champions predictions below. As always, results will be updated here on the blog starting at 8PM EST Sunday up until 11PM EST when the PPV ends. Enjoy!

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