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Smackdown Results 09/17/10

Smackdown results from Detroit, MI:

On tonight's show Kane answers The Undertaker days ahead of Night of Champions and their World Heavyweight Title match. Also tonight, Christian takes on CM Punk. Christian was already in the ring to start off Smackdown with his Peep Show.

Christian started to speak in the ring, but was soon interrupted by Ricardo Rodriguez, the personal ring announcer for Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio came out in a black and white Bentley this time. Rodriguez got into the ring to announce him to the crowd. Christian welcomed Del Rio to the Peep Show.

Christian talked about Del Rio's fancy cars, suits and his own ring announcer. He brought up the hours and hours of boring intro videos Del Rio did before getting to Smackdown. He asked if Del Rio's more of a cheap fajita "all sizzle and no steak." Del Rio said the only thing to know about him is what he did to Rey Mysterio. Christian told Del Rio he's seen it all, heard it all and outlasted them all. He asked Del Rio if he's a flash in the plan, or as advertised.

Del Rio described himself as the man who's going to change WWE forever, bringing pride to his Mexican people. He said Christian will end up cleaning his houses and washing his dishes. Christian challenged Del Rio to a match at Night of Champions. Del Rio said "I don't think so," stating Christian would end up like a peasant just like all the fans there. He said the interview's over now, then touched Christian on the chin saying "about the match let me think about it." Del Rio started to leave, so Christian spun him around and slapped him. Alberto tore off his jacket, tossed it down, but paused without retaliating. He went up the ramp then stopped. Del Rio got on a mic and screamed that he's done with Christian, then said "my answer is no."

The Hart Dynasty vs. Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes

Grisham and Striker talked over how the Harts have had the tag titles for five months now. During the match, Cody tried to toss Kidd out of the ring. Instead, Kidd hung on to the top rope and flipped back in, then dropkicked Cody through the ropes. As Cody was recovering, Natalya came around the ring and stood behind him, then slapped him in the face.

After break, Smith and Kidd ran a doubleteam on Drew McIntyre to give Kidd control. Drew was able to take over soon and worked a submission on Kidd's hands and arm. Kidd had an impressive array of moves using springboard off the ropes, but Rhodes distracted allowing McIntyre to kick Kidd off the apron. Rhodes tagged in and began to beat Tyson up.

Kidd began to make a comeback near the corner, but Rhodes caught him with a high spin kick from off the corner area. Drew tagged back in to beat on Kidd more. In the closing moments though, Smith put Rhodes into a near Sharpshooter, but Drew came in to interfere. Smith fought him off, causing Drew to roll outside the ring. Kidd and Smith went for the Hart Attack, but Drew grabbed Kidd's leg to trip him down as he came against the rope. Drew pulled Kidd out of the ring and smashed him into the commentators' table. Smith was distracted by all that, but went over to pick up Rhodes on a shoulder. Rhodes managed to shift his weight for a counter and came down to hit Cross Rhodes for the win.

Matt Striker noted that the tag titles will be defended on Sunday at Night of Champions, but there's yet to be an official match set.

Winners: Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes win via pinfall over The Hart Dynasty.

Kofi Kingston arrived to the ring. Kofi will challenge Dolph Ziggler for the IC title at Night of Champions. If Dolph is disqualified or counted out, he automatically loses the IC title on Sunday.

Kofi Kingston said everyone knows that one person is responsible for Dolph being IC champ, Vickie Guerrero. He called Vickie a loudmouth beast of a woman who Dolph hides behind as champion. Kofi reminded fans why their title match on Sunday is different, because Dolph can lose the title due to DQ or countout. Kofi said on Sunday he'll win the Intercontinental title and rid the WWE of the worst couple in WWE history. He guaranteed that on this Sunday there will be "Trouble in Paradise."

Jack Swagger arrived out for their matchup right before Smackdown went to commercial break.

Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger went for an early ankle lock but Kofi kicked him away towards the ropes. Moments later, Swagger took control and went for it again, but Kofi flipped and tossed Swagger into the ropes. Kofi gained momentum after coming off the ropes when he flew through the air to level Swagger for a near fall.

Swagger was able to regain control and kept Kofi down on the mat in an arm hold with his knee pressed on Kofi's head. Kofi got to his feet to fight back, but Swagger knocked him down then tried to catapult Kofi out of the ring. Instead, Kofi skinned the cat, then went for a springboard move. Swagger caught Kofi then slammed him before a commercial break.

Swagger continued using a variety of submission holds and other grappling for near falls, but couldn't put the match away. Kofi managed to finally regain his energy, battling out of a Swagger hold. Swagger tried to toss him out, but Swagger held onto the ropes, avoided Swagger on a charge and kicked him in the chest several times. Kofi climbed the corner slowly and jumped off with a huge bodypress splash on Swag for the near fall.

Later, Swagger ducked Trouble in Paradise, then got the ankle lock on Kofi. Luckily for Kofi he managed to grab the bottom rope. He went to the outside to recover near the steps. Swagger came out of the ring and tried to dropkick the steps, but Kofi moved, then used the steps to jump off onto Swagger. Back in the ring he jumped up on the corner on Swagger for several punches. Swagger walked out with Kofi and went for the ankle lock, which Kofi managed to counter and kick him away.

Swagger went for his running splash from the corner, but Kofi put his legs up to kick him in the face. Moments later, he hit Trouble in Paradise for the big win heading to NOC.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger.

Grisham and Striker reviewed the highlights showing how Kofi won it, then questioned what might happen at Night of Champions this Sunday with Dolph Ziggler.

Striker and Grisham talked about how Smackdown GM Teddy Long is trying to help Hornswoggle to speak English. Two weeks ago he brought in a child psychologist to use shock therapy. They showed backstage where Teddy Long was with Hornswoggle in a classroom. A nun was there to help teach him. Teddy told the nun to just call him Horney. She told Teddy to sit down with Hornswoggle, then started a lesson on how to write "ABC". Both Swoggle and Teddy had to write it down, but Swoggle swapped papers with Teddy. She told Teddy his evil drawing of her was strike two against him, even though Horney drew it.

After Hornswoggle tossed a paper airplane at the nun from behind then blamed it on Teddy she prepared to use her ruler on Teddy's hand. Hornswoggle fessed up saying it was really him. The nun prepared to use the ruler on Horney, but Teddy grabbed it from here. Hornswoggle bit her arm, then ran and clapped two erasers in her face. She screamed that Hornswoggle needs an exorcism. The nun ran out in fear, as Teddy shook his head.

Rosa Mendes & Kelly Kelly vs. Michelle McCool & Layla

Kelly's season 3 NXT rookie Naomi accompanied Kelly and Rosa to the ring. Kaval came to the ring with LayCool. LayCool went after Naomi outside the ring early on, with Rosa and Kelly attacking them to start the match off.

Rosa tried to crawl away from Layla for a tag, but Layla stopped it then knocked Kelly off the apron. Kelly tried to get in the ring but the ref held her back, allowing Michelle to come in and kick Rosa from behind. Layla hit her finisher to win it.

Winners: Michelle McCool & Layla win via pinfall over Rosa Mendes & Kelly Kelly.

After a WWE Did You Know factoid, Striker and Grisham brought up the Night of Champions Six Pack Challenge which will feature the champ Sheamus defending against five others: Edge, Orton, Jericho, Cena and Barrett. A highlight video showed previous WWE/WWF champs including Stone Cold, Bret Hart and even Bob Backlund. The video package presented each of the challengers and champion with highlights of their in ring skills.

Backstage, LayCool was with Kaval. Layla and Michelle cut a promo to Melina. They said they have a plan about how to decide who will face Melina on Sunday. Michelle brought out her favorite hat and said she wrote down their names on a bunch of pieces of paper. Layla agreed whoever Kaval drew on the first drawing would face Melina Sunday. Kaval reached in and pulled out Michelle's name. In her excitement Michelle brought her arms up, knocking the hat out of Kaval's hand and all the papers to the floor. She slapped hands and hugged Layla then said she had to go prepare. Kaval picked up the pieces of paper from the floor and showed Layla all the papers said "Michelle." Layla was furious and said she's not surprised but Michelle will be when she's alone to face Melina.

CM Punk arrived to the ring for the next match, with Christian. Striker and Grisham discussed how Punk tangles with Big Show at Sunday's Night of Champions.

Christian vs. CM Punk

Alberto Del Rio joined Striker and Grisham at ringside for commentary. Del Rio wouldn't shake Grisham's hand but shook Striker's. When Grisham asked Del Rio about why he wouldn't accept Christian's challenge, Del Rio asked why Grisham was even talking to him.

In the ring, Christian took control after a slap to Punk's face. He stood on Punk's back against the middle rope, then dropped out of the ring to slap Punk again. Back in the ring, CM Punk kneed Christian in the gut to take control of things. Del Rio admired the match as Punk was winning.

Del Rio commented on Punk's in-ring abilities saying he has all the tools to beat a giant. Christian started to fight back a bit, but Punk kneed him then suplexed him gut first onto the ropes. CM Punk jumped from the corner to kick Christian off the apron as Smackdown went to break. Upon their return, Punk still had control.

Punk continued to dominate things as he hit a backbreaker on Christian. Moments later the two bumped heads in the corner and both fell to the mat for a ref's count. They both slowly came to and got up before 9. Punk got in the first attack with a kick but Christian slapped back. Christian kept using takedowns to knock Punk to the mat, then began to clap his hands. Punk went for the GTS, but Christian countered. He went for his Sunset Flip pin off the corner but Punk kicked out.

In the closing moments, both guys traded pinfall attempts. Punk took control again and taunted the crowd a bit in the corner before trying for his bulldog. Christian countered that and was able to slam Punk to the mat. He prepared to finish him off, but Del Rio was up with a mic in hand to get Christian's attention. Christian paused, allowing Punk to get him with the GTS for the win.

Del Rio grabbed a steel chair to bring into the ring. He sat it across Christian's throat as Christian was layed out on the mat still. He said on the mic "my answer's still no." Just then, Big Show's pyro went off and he charged down to the ring to get CM Punk, who ducked back into the ring. Punk rushed out of the ring as Del Rio threatened to hit Show with the chair. Punk slipped back in behind Show to attack. Del Rio exited and Show grabbed Punk. Punk kicked Show in the head to escape, but that attack wasn't enough. He rushed at Show in the corner only to get shoved off him. Moments later he suffered a KO punch from Show.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over Christian.

The World Heavyweight Champion Kane arrived to the ring. His agenda, to answer Undertaker's "No Holds Barred" stipulation he suggested for their Night of Champions matchup on Sunday. The Big Red Monster said Sunday will be the final chapter in the epic rivalry between he and Undertaker. He said this time the story won't end as it has before- with Taker returning and summoning the power of the darkside to vanquish his opponent. Kane said this time he will be the author of the Undertaker's demise.

Kane said the powers that were once Undertaker's now belong to him. Kane said on Sunday the plot he hatched thirteen years ago will have finalized, as Undertaker becomes a distant memory. He screamed that this time things end on his terms. Kane brought up Taker's No Holds Barred stipulation, saying it's exactly what he wanted. Kane said his brother's pride has played right into his hands, because there will be no rules Sunday.
Kane said at NOC, the Devil's Favorite Demon will make sure Undertaker "Rests In - ." Kane was cut off by Undertaker's bells, and then his theme music and entrance pyro. Kane looked up the ramp awaiting Taker's arrival. Taker walked out from backstage and down to the ring. However as Taker got down the ramp near the ring, the lights went out completely. As they came back on, Kane was standing on the ramp behind Undertaker. He used the World Title to shove into Taker's gut, then started the attack.

Kane dominated his brother as he beat him up near the crowd barrier and smashed him against the steel steps. Kane kept going with the beatdown, punching Taker in the face as he struggled, then throwing him face first to the ringpost before throwing more punches. Taker punched back but Kane rammed him into the barrier. As Taker got up, Kane whipped him towards the timekeeper's area, then smashed him face first onto the commentators table.

Back in the ring, Kane used Taker's own moves, including Snake Eyes, a huge boot to take him down, and then setting up for the Chokeslam. As Taker finally got up, Kane grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him to the mat then did Taker's own cutthroat signal. Taker struggled to get up again as Kane laughed about it. Kane grabbed Undertaker and hit the Tombstone Piledriver then laughed some more about it before he kneeled down Taker style. Kane's pyro exploded from the ringposts as his music played on to finish out Smackdown.

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