Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jericho's Back in Six Pack, Cole exits NXT

A lot has happened in just the past several days in the WWE. On WWE Raw, we saw Chris Jericho find his way back into the Six Pack Challenge at Night of Champions. Meanwhile on NXT we saw Michael Cole become fed up with working that lesser gig, and he decided to walk off. Some interesting developments, but where will they lead?

Let's start with the latest episode of NXT Season 3, featuring all diva rookies. This time around we got the buildup of a story many of us should've expected. Kaitlyn has drawn some jealousy and the wrath of her mentor, Smackdown consultant Vickie Guerrero. On the episode Vickie's boyfriend, the IC champ Dolph Ziggler was on hand, and helped Kaitlyn win her first match, a mixed tag against AJ and Primo. Afterwords, Vickie wasn't having the hug going on between Dolph as Kaitlyn jumped on him. She let Dolph have it back stage, but you can tell this is far from over.

The obstacle course challenges are fun to watch because they involve an element of athleticism. However, the Joke off Challenge, is well a Joke. They never had the male NXT rookies do these and most of the improv mic time challenges end up backfiring on them. The joke challenge was no different as really only Jaimie showed creativity in her joke, hence the winner. Two of the jokes fell flat and turned into catfights. It doesn't seem to give the WWE Universe much to go on.

For the grand finale of NXT, announcer Michael Cole decided that he'd had enough of this train wreck of a season of NXT. Cole banged on a gong set up next to the commentary table, and then went backstage. It's a shame because the interactions between him and colleague Josh Matthews were pretty humorous at times. You have to wonder who replaces Cole, Matt Striker or Todd Grisham, since NXT usually takes place on the same night as Smackdown tapings. Many are saying Cole was written off because he didn't want to travel an extra day with WWE.

As for Raw, Cole's regular show, we saw the dynamic of the Six Pack Challenge change. First off, we saw John Morrison get a shot at a spot in the match at NOC, if he could beat Sheamus in a Falls Count Anywhere match. One of the better Raw matches in some time, featuring some amazing stunts from Morrison. He could very well be the next Jeff Hardy type daredevil performer in the ring. Morrison's hardcore training has payed off in his athletic moves, but unfortunately he fell victim to a Chris Jericho chairshot. That allowed Sheamus to win, and kept Morrison out of the match.

From there, Jericho staged a sit down in the ring until the Raw GM sent an email. He gave Jericho a shot to get into the Challenge, if he could defeat The Hart Dynasty in a Handicap steel cage match. And Jericho did just that. DH Smith escaped the cage, which left Jericho against Kidd. Jericho was able to finally win by using the Walls of Jericho after piledriving Kidd from the corner. Another entertaining match on this edition of Raw, and Jericho's back in the Six Pack Challenge, which will now also be Elimination style.

Predictions will be coming soon for Night of Champions, but the early pick here for the WWE Title match is Wade Barrett. Seems like his time to win it, although The Miz is still lurking with that briefcase in hand...

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