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Raw Results 09/13/10

Raw Results from Cincinatti, OH:

Tonight's episode arrived ahead of Sunday's 2010 Night of Champions PPV. The season premiere of the show also featured "Raw Roulette."

The show opened with a shot of the Raw Roulette wheel and then the camera panned out to show Orton and Cena in a face off. Josh Matthews walked in and stood between them to introduce the show. He said every match will be determined by a spin of the wheel. Matthews showed the various choices on the wheel which included a steel cage match, Falls Count Anywhere and even a Pillow fight.

Matthews was about to spin to determine their match, but Cena stopped him and said he wants "Lady Luck" on his side. Eve Torres walked in and gave the wheel a spin. It landed on "Tables." Orton smirked at Orton, then walked off. Matthews reminded Cena that last time he was in a Tables match he lost the WWE title to Sheamus. Cena said it's a brand new season of Raw and he's feeling lucky tonight. He gave the wheel a spin and the Raw intro video kicked off.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were now on hand as the camera showed the steel cage hanging above the ring. Cole said Raw Roulette has returned after 3 years. Justin Roberts introduced tonight's guest host #85 Chad Ochocinco. Ocho said there's never been a guest star as handsome as himself, drawing a mix of cheers and boos.

As he continued speaking he was interrupted by The Miz's theme music. Miz arrived out with briefcase and mic in hand. Miz welcomed Ochocinco to the show, saying the Bengals are Chad's team, but Raw is his show. Miz kept bragging and then said he's a champion but Ochocinco's not. Ochocinco said he's got two words for Miz "child please." Chad reminded Miz the Bengals won their division last year, and the Reds are going to the playoffs this year. He added that TO, himself and the rest of the team are looking for a Superbowl Championship this year. Miz insulted Ocho some more then started his "I'm the Miz and I'm Awes-" he was interrupted by an email from the Raw GM.

Cole read from the podium saying it was time to spin the wheel and determine the Miz's match for the night. Alicia Fox gave the wheel a spin backstage and it landed on Submission match. The Raw GM's next email said Miz's opponent for tonight's non-title match will be decided by Chad Ochocinco. Chad smiled and joked about it then chose Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz
Submission Match

Raw joined the match in progress with Alex Riley outside the ring rooting The Miz on. Miz took control after break and hung Bryan's left leg over the middle rope to make an attack easier. Miz put a Figure Four onto Bryan in the center of the ring, but Bryan reversed it. Miz quickly broke loose. Bryan tripped him down for another submission. Miz was able to grab the ropes then got out of the ring.

On the outside, Miz started holding his stomach as Riley told him he had to get into the ring. Miz took the mic at ringside saying he thought he had a hiatal hernia. He said he couldn't go any more and wanted to preserve himself for Sunday's US Title match. Justin Roberts started to announce Bryan had won by forefeit, but Miz interrupted. He said if Bryan wants to compete he can go against his apprentice, Alex Riley.

Daniel Bryan locked in the Labelle Lock on Alex Riley and made him quickly tap out. The Miz rushed into the ring and attacked Bryan from behind, delivering multiple kicks to take him down. Miz put his US Title on the mat, then shoved Bryan's face into it, taunting him that he would never have that title. Miz prepared for a Skullcrushing Finale, but Bryan slipped out and tripped Miz to the mat. Bryan locked The Labelle hold on Miz making him tap, with Michael Cole yelling for someone to break this up.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins by submission over Alex Riley.

Jillian was backstage and spun the big roulette wheel. She started singing the hook for the Flo Rida song "Right Round," and Edge soon joined in. Jillian kept singing and Edge shot her a look as the wheel kept spinning. Raw went to commercial with Cole asking what match will Edge get?

Evan Bourne vs. Edge
Bodyslam Challenge

The match type wasn't known yet as Edge was introduced. Cole talked about how this Sunday the WWE Title is up for grabs in a "Five Pack Challenge." The first one to bodylsam their opponent in this match would be winner.

Bourne slid off Edge after the bell to elude getting bodyslammed. Edge caught Bourne on one shoulder as he tried for a move from the corner. From there, Bourne kept grabbing the ropes to prevent a slam. Bourne managed to slip off again and delivered a high kick to take him down. Edge regained control and hit his backslam on Bourne. Edge picked up Bourne from there and then bodyslammed Bourne to the mat.

Post-match, Edge awaited Bourne to get up, then delivered a Spear to take him down. As Edge celebrated, the lights flashed and sound chimed for another email. Michael Cole read the latest GM message, saying Edge took advantage of his opponent after the win, so now he gets a second Bodylsam Challenge.

Winner: Edge wins the Bodyslam Challenge over Evan Bourne.

Edge vs. Mark Henry
Bodyslam Challenge

Henry was all smiles as he arrived to the ring and Edge contemplated his fate. Edge tried for a slam early on but couldn't budge Henry who fell on top of him. From there, Henry picked Edge up for World's Strongest Slam to win it. Henry got out of the ring and went over to check on Evan Bourne ringside.

Winner: Mark Henry wins the Bodyslam Challenge over Edge.

Eve Torres & R-Truth vs. Ted Dibiase & Maryse
Song & Dance Match

A first-of-its-kind match, the Song & Dance match debuted on arrive. Justin Roberts said one member gets to sing while the other gets to dance. Truth started doing a Bengals theme song while Eve did Bengals cheerleader moves in the ring. The crowd chanted along with the chorus.

Dibiase got on the mic saying this is stupid. Dibiase said it's Monday Night Raw not America's Got Talent. Dibiase said he should just forfeit and walk out, but he won't. Dibiase asked for a spotlight and started doing "I Did It My Way" by Sinatra, while Maryse danced with it as best she could. The crowd wasn't having it though. Dibiase and Maryse attacked Truth and Eve. Eve overcame Maryse and clotheslined her down hard. Dibiase went for Dream Street, but Truth flipped him over then Maryse slapped him. Truth did a high kick to the face to knock Dibiase out of the ring.

Eve and Truth started up their "Get Crunk" Cincinatti Bengals song and dance again.

Winners: R-Truth & Eve win the "Song & Dance" match over Ted Dibiase & Maryse.

Chad Ochocinco was backstage with The Bella Twins who gave the roulette wheel a good spin. William Regal was there to see his match choice, which was "Trading Places." Ocho explained that meant Regal would have to switch jerseys with the other team, his opponent. Goldust walked in and handed Regal his blonde wig saying he thinks he might need it.

Sheamus walked in after Goldust and Regal left. Ochocinco said he got an email from the Raw GM. It said that if John Morrison can beat Sheamus in a match tonight, he gets Jericho's spot in the Six Pack Challenge match. Sheamus told the Bellas to make themselves useful and spin the wheel. The wheel landed on Falls Count Anywhere. Sheamus told Chad he was going to wipe the floor with Morrison just like the Pats did to his Bengals. He said unlike Ochocinco he backs up his banter.

Edge was backstage pacing in the locker room when Zack Ryder walked in asking what the General Manager's problem was? Ryder asked what Edge did, steal the GM's girlfriend? Edge told Ryder when he wins the WWE Title he's going to go on a holdout and go MIA. Sheamus walked in asking Edge if he's serious about a holdout. He said he wouldn't hold his breath. Sheamus walked off and Edge suggested maybe he should hold his breath.

The camera showed Morrison doing twist chinup moves on a piece of WWE equipment backstage. From there, Morrison started running through the backstage set like an obstacle course with Cole saying it's a style of training Morrison uses daily. Sheamus arrived out for their Falls Count Anywhere match.

John Morrison vs. Sheamus
Falls Count Anywhere

They showed highlights of John Morrison defeating Chris Jericho using the Starship Pain on last week's Raw. The win knocked Jericho out of the Six Pack Challenge, per the Raw GM's stipulation.

Morrison got in a huge knee to the face early outside the ring adn went for a pin near the barrier, but Sheamus kicked out. Sheamus soon responded by shoving Morrison into the barrier. Sheamus rushed at Morrison who dumped him over the barricae. Sheamus fell onto a staff member, who Cole said was a WWE Security guard. Moments later Morrison leaped over the barrier onto Sheamus and went for a pin. Sheamus kicked out and his foot jabbed a man sitting there in the chest, not causing a serious injury.

The two continued their fight away from the crowd onto the paved side area of the arena. Sheamus went for a Rogue kick on Morrison, who moved away, causing Sheamus to kick a big speaker down. It sparked a few times. Morrison tried to take control but Sheamus slammed him up on the stage for a near fall.

Moments later Sheamus tried to toss Morrison off the stage. Morrison flipped in the air and landed on his feet. Morrison was able to do his mule kick from off the side of the stage and went for another pin, with Sheamus escaping. Sheamus picked up a steel chair and began to look around for Morrison. Morrison somehow got up on the Titantron set area and leaped off with a Bodypress on Sheamus. Sheamus somehow kicked out of the pin. Just then, Chris Jericho arrived out from backstage, took the steel chair and bashed it on Morrison's back. Sheamus made the lazy pin for the victory.

Chris Jericho sat on his steel chair in the ring with Cole asking what Jericho's doing. They showed the split screen of Cena and Orton backstage preparing for the main event.

Winner: Sheamus wins via pinfall over John Morrison in Falls Count Anywhere Match.

A commercial aired for Smackdown on SyFy, premiering October 1st at 8PM EST.

Raw returned with Chris Jericho still seated in the ring with a mic in hand. He remained silent for a bit as the fans made noise, then finally spoke. Jericho said he's not going anywhere until he gets what he wants. He said he'd sit in the ring all night until he gets an email from the Raw GM re-inserting him into the Six Pack Challenge on Sunday. Jericho demanded justice, tonight, saying if he doesn't get what he wants, then he'd quit. Jericho said he'd go home and watch the WWE burn up in flames, and laugh every step of the way. Jericho demanded a response, asking "so what's it gonna be?"

There was no email, so Jericho said he'd track down the GM and expose his identity to the entire world. Just then, the email sound chimed as the lights flashed. Cole started to talk and Jericho said "Of course you have an email you idiot just read it." Cole read the Raw GM's email saying that the GM doesn't like ultimatums and there's no chance in hell he's going to honor it. Jericho said it's not Vince McMahon because he's no coward and would fire him face-to-face.

The lights flashed and the email sound came through. Cole started to ask for everyone's attention and again Jericho told him to just shut up and read it. The GM's new email said he decided to make it a Six Pack Challenge Elimination match, with the competitors getting eliminated one-by-one until there's a sole winner. He said he decided to put Jericho back in, however. Jericho interrupted and said to give him his moment. He vowed to win the WWE Title on Sunday. The email sound chimed and the GM's email said "Don't ever interrupt me again." It said Jericho needs to win his match, right now. The GM continued, saying it would be a handicap match with Jericho going against the tag team champs, The Hart Dynasty in a Steel Cage match. The cage started to lower and Jericho wnet over to Cole demanding he tell him who sent the message.

Chris Jericho vs. The Hart Dynasty
Steel Cage Handicap Match

After a commercial, the match was joined in progress with Jericho still wearing his suit pants and fancy dress shoes. Hart Dynasty prevented Jericho from getting out the cage door. Smith hit a running bodyslam and then they hit the Hart Attack doubleteam move. Natalya cheered them on from the outside as Kidd and Smith climbed opposite sides of the cage. Jericho quickly went after Kidd as Smith managed to drop both feet to the floor. It was down to just Kidd and Jericho in the cage as Smith was out of it.

Later in the match, Jericho managed to get Kidd almost into the Walls of Jericho. Instead, Kidd countered and managed to put Jericho into a Sharpshooter. Jericho resisted tapping out and crawled over to grab the bottom rope. Cole explained in a cage match it wouldn't force a break, but gave Jericho momentum to kick Kidd away. Kidd rushed over and jumped at Jericho who tried to flip him. Instead, Kidd leapfrogged onto the cage wall and started climbing. Jericho was nonchalant, then turned to see Kidd and ran up to retrieve him. The two ended up fighting on the corner. Jericho managed to grab Kidd's legs and hit a Piledriver off the corner, then put him in the Walls of Jericho to win.

Chris Jericho will now regain his spot in the Six Pack Challenge Elimination Match for the WWE Title at Sunday's PPV.

Winner: Chris Jericho wins via submission over Tyson Kidd in the Steel Cage Handicap Match.

Baseball legend Pete Rose was shown in the Cincinatti crowd. Cole said it was Baseball "Hall of Famer" Pete Rose, although Rose is barred from baseball's HOF.

Goldust vs. William Regal
Trading Places Match

Goldust wore a special fuzzy wig and wrestling tights to mock Regal. Regal came out fully dressed in Goldust's costume including the face pain, robe, bodysuit and wig. Regal asked for a timeout when the bell rang and did Goldust's rev up and blow in the face. Goldust turned away then pulled out a pair of brass knuckles. He turned and clocked Regal in the face to knock him out for the easy win.

Winner: Goldust wins via pinfall over William Regal in the Trading Places match.

When Raw returned Cole and Lawler talked up Night of Champions including the various scheduled matches, such as Kane vs Undertaker, CM Punk vs Big Show and Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton
Tables Match

Chad Ochocinco introduced himself as the lovely ring announcer for tonight's main event. His ring intro could use work as he announced "The Viper Randy Orton" and "John Cena" in a regular voice without much emphasis. Orton arrived out and eyed the table set up at ringside before getting into the ring. Cena came into the ring and tossed his hat to Ocho as he was exiting the ring.

Into the match, Orton tried to suplex Cena from the apron out onto the table. Cena fought him off causing Orton to land on the ground on his feet. The two stared at each other as Raw took a final break.

When Raw returned, The Viper gained control inside the ring as he hit his patented backbreaker on Cena, then continued to attack. Cena staged a comeback and beat up Orton in the corner, then whipped him to the other and hit a suplex. Both guys recovered on the mat. Moments later, a Cena clothesline brought both man back down. Orton eventually recovered and took down Cena, then set up a chair in the corner. However, Cena went on another comeback and this time hit Five Knuckle Shuffle on The Viper. He waited for Orton to stand and then put him up for the Attitude Adjustment.

Orton slid off Cena's shoulders. Moments later he tried for a RKO, but Cena shoved him to the ropes. Cena tripped Orton down and applied the STF. Suddenly, Nexus rushed to the ring. All five guys got in the ring and started to attack Cena and Orton together. Orton fought them off a bit and then hit the RKO on Michael Tarver. Barrett, Slater and Gabriel rushed over to beat Orton up. Cena managed to overcome David Otunga and hit the Attitude Adjustment on him. Slater rushed at Cena, but got thrown over the top rope and crashed through a table.

That brought Gabriel and Barrett over to beat up Cena. Barrett hit his finisher slam move to lay out Cena. He and Gabriel surveyed the damage. Barrett told Gabriel to keep Cena down, then went out to bring in another table. They set it up next to Cena, then Barrett ordered Gabriel to get up on the corner. Randy Orton sprang up to the apron and shoved Gabriel off, causing him to crash through a table. However, Barrett was able to knock him down again.

Moments later, Orton managed to shove Barrett off the apron causing him to crash back-first through the table. Jericho, Edge and Sheamus all got involved too. Orton managed to avoid Edge's spear and instead tossed him into Jericho. Edge speared Jericho through the table in the corner. Sheamus delivered a running attack to take down Orton. Outside the ring, Sheamus and Cena fought, with Cena hitting the Attitude Adjustment on him. Back in the ring he and Orton continued their match, with Cena going for the AA with Orton. However, Orton managed to get the RKO in the air and bring Cena through the table. Orton sold the win, immediately rushing over for the ref to raise his arm.

Winner: Randy Orton wins the Tables match over John Cena.

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