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WWE Superstars Results 09/16/10

WWE Superstars Results 09/16/10:

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler of Raw were on hand to open the show and announced that Smackdown will have the main event featuring MVP versus Luke Gallows, formerly of Straight Edge Society. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov arrived to the ring to start off the show.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Usos

Tamina accompanied her tag team of Jimmy and Jey Uso to the ring. They showed highlights from when Tamina gave a kiss to Santino's "Cobra" hand a few weeks ago after he hurt his hand.

Early in the match, the legal Uso taunted Santino over on the apron, bringing him into the ring. The ref held back Santino as the Usoss pulled a doubleteam on Vlad near their corner. They continued to attack Kozlov with doubleteam moves including a serious hip splash on his face in the corner. From there, they used submission holds to wear Kozlov down.

Tamina was concerned after Santino tagged in and started getting beat up. Santino went for a submission hold on one of the Uso, but he was close enough to the corner to tag his partner in. The Usos stayed in control of Santino through a commercial break.

Following the break, Santino managed to make the hog tag to bring in Kozlov. Kozlov had a serious powerslam but his pinfall was broken up by the other Uso. Santino came in to rush at the other Uso, who pulled the rope down for him to fall out of the ring. Kozlov kicked the non-legal Uso out of the ring. The legal Uso rushed at Kozlov who moved away. As the Uso bounced off the ropes, Kozlov grabbed him for the one-armed slam finisher to win it.

Post-match, Kozlov and Santino hugged in the ring. Tamina came in to approach Santino. She asked for him to show her how to do the Cobra with her hands, so Santino obliged. He ended the lesson by kissing her Cobra hand then sucking on her fingers. Tamina gave him a weird look before finally exiting the ring. Santino told her "there's more where that came from."

Winners: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov win via pinfall over The Usos.

Cole introduced a highlight video from Tuesday's WWE NXT Season 3 on SyFy. On the show, they had two challenges mixed in with matches. The first challenge a "Joke Off" went to Jamie. The second challenge, an obstacle course was won by Vickie Guerrero's rookie, Kaitlyn.

The Great Khali was shown walking backstage with his manager Runjin Singh.

Primo vs. The Great Khali

The Great Khali came to the ring without Runjin Singh even though he was seen with him backstage. Primo came to the ring along with his NXT rookie, AJ Lee.

Early on, Primo went for quick strikes but Khali grabbed his leg and shoved him down before bringing him to the corner for a beating. Primo tried for a leave the ring then rush back in behind Khali attack. He managed to gain some momentum and kicked away on Khali in the corner. Unfortunately for Primo that attack was shortlived and Khali elbowed him down to the mat. After a chop down to the mat, Khali signaled for a Punjabi Plunge and hit it to win the match.

Winner: The Great Khali wins via pinfall over Primo.

Superstars returned with a Randy Orton highlight package video. It profiled "The Viper" as he hit RKO's on several victims in the ring.

Smackdown's Todd Grisham and Matt Striker were now on commentary to remind fans of their main event for the World Title at Night of Champions: Undertaker vs Kane in a No Holds Barred Match. They rolled a highlight video that covered Kane's first arrival to WWE to attack Taker inside a steel cage, all the way up to their current rivalry.

Matt Striker and Todd Grisham ran down the lineup of matches for Night of Champions including Daniel Bryan vs The Miz for the US Title, and the Six Pack Challenge Elimination match for the WWE Title.

Montell Vontavius Porter arrived to the ring for the main event match. Superstars went to commercial break.

MVP vs. Luke Gallows

Gallows requested a mic after he got into the ring. Gallows said he's going to prove tonight he can stand on his own two feet and come out victorious. Gallows said tonight he's going to make an example out of their party hero, M-V-P. MVP asked for a mic to respond. He said he was honored to be called a party hero. MVP started kicking a rap verse, but Gallows interrupted saying it wasn't a rap concert. MVP told Gallows to lighten up, and started to come up with a nickname for Gallows. He called him "Big LG" then said it's better than what they call him in the locker room, "Big Dummy." MVP said it was time to get things "straight ballin" and the bell finally rang.

Gallows took an early advantage, but later missed on a clothesline, allowing MVP to stage his early comeback. At one point, Gallows was in the corner and MVP hit his running kick to knock Gallows out of the ring. Superstars took its final commercial break of the night.

Superstars returned with MVP in control. He went for a running move at Gallows near the ropes, but Luke dumped MVP over onto the apron, then hit a high kick to his head to knock MVP off. He went out, beat up Porter some more then tossed him in the ring again. Gallows followed with multiple elbow drops and eventually used arm submission holds to wear Porter down some. Later, Gallows used a powerslam out of the corner for a near fall. He mocked MVP's Ballin elbow drop but MVP put both knees up to stop him and regain control.

In the closing moments, MVP was in control all the way. He knocked Gallows down numerous times, ducked a clothesline and then flipped Gallows with a suplex-style slam to the mat. MVP waited for Gallows to stand up then kicked him in the gut. From there it was The Playmaker to win the match.

MVP was preparing to leave the ring, then turned back. He got back in and offered Gallows a hand up. Gallows was taken back but eventually let MVP help him up. MVP stood there and Gallows took a swipe at him. MVP ducked it then took Gallows down to the mat again. From there he hit his trademark "Ballin' Elbow" on Gallows to close out the show.

Winner: MVP wins via pinfall over Luke Gallows.

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