Wednesday, December 1, 2010

KOTR & NXT Winners plus Michael Cole

It's been a crazy week once again in the world of WWE. We've had the beginning of several new eras and title reigns now that Miz is WWE Champion. King of the Ring tournament has ended and so has Season 3 of NXT, much to the pleasure of commentator Michael Cole. Speaking of Cole, he's been a hot topic on the minds of many ever since Raw. where he betrayed his broadcast partner, Jerry "The King" Lawler.

We'll start with Raw, which is where the "Era of Awesomeness" began since Miz won the WWE Title a week prior from Randy Orton. Orton was not part of Raw due to his injury situation. However, Miz showed up along with protege Alex Riley to gloat about his championship reign starting. Michael Cole was of course applauding and jumping up and down.

Jerry Lawler decided to interrupt. While he had a point in saying Miz defeated a guy who 7 others had already attacked, he may want to review the tape. Orton nearly had a win despite all that, but Miz countered the RKO with Skull Crushing finale. Orton's injury didn't seem to come into play when he had momentum in the final moments of the match. Still, it's understandable for some to hate Miz for what he did, although CM Punk agrees, you cash in when the time's right.

We saw Lawler given his first ever WWE Title shot on Raw against Miz. It was a TLC match that Lawler nearly won until Michael Cole rushed in to save the day, grabbing Lawler's leg to prevent the King from pulling down the hanging championship belt. Eventually Miz did that, after Lawler had clocked Cole.

Cole was back to work the next night on NXT's Season 3 Finale, where Kaitlyn was crowned its Next diva champion. A word about that, why must WWE pretty much rig the vote? I'll be the first to root for Kaitlyn, she's gorgeous and has a great physique/personality, but they basically gave her an easy pass to the finals by pairing her with Vickie Guerrero. Kaitlyn got to be the one to push Vickie down, wrestle against her and make out with Dolph Ziggler. All that added up to gaining popular votes, in my opinion. Wouldn't any of the divas given that role have been popular with fans? Did another diva rookie deserve it more? That may be debatable, but they all seemed to have talents. Maxine even seemed like a suitable heel diva replacement for the likes of Dawn Marie and Victoria. Nonetheless we will see which divas they bring on board now that Season 4 of NXT will be starting up.

Back to Michael Cole who was on NXT, he brought up the Lawler incident briefly saying he was going to try to contact King in private to discuss what happened. Cole said he would only speak of the Raw incident on the next episode of the show.

Some believe Michael Cole may now attach himself to be the manager for The Miz and Alex Riley. It would be one of the first real managers in some time, since the likes of Bobby the Brain Heenan, Mr. Fuji, Harvey Whippleman and Slick. In fact one of the last managers on Raw was probably Armando Estrada who managed Umaga. It would be a good move for Cole, because otherwise it would be tough to see him as a commentator with Jerry Lawler. That may be why they started to bring Punk into the mix on Raw.

As for the 2010 King of the Ring, that went to The Celtic Warrior Sheamus. Many see this one coming now, that the "King of Kings" Triple H will be back at some point to battle him. This happened before when we had another King, King Booker, and they started teasing HHH promos. Maybe HHH will be a surprise Royal Rumble entrant even.

With all that, John Morrison got a great push again, as he put on a fantastic match with Sheamus on Raw. They will likely have at least one more battle, which at this point is probably going to Sheamus, due to the HHH storyline. Morrison seems like a good successor after Orton, to do battle with The Miz over the WWE Title.

Make sure to head over and vote in this "Who is the Raw GM" Poll as fans are weighing in on which WWE personality is that anonymous GM we keep getting email statements from!

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