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Smackdown Results 11/26/10

Smackdown Results from Jacksonville, FL:

Kane arrived out to the ring to start the show off. Grisham and Striker said that Smackdown arrives on the heels of one of the most controversial Surivor Series PPV's ever. They said the Kane vs Edge match has so many talking points.

Kane talked in the ring about Edge taking away the one thing that means anything to him, Paul Bearer. He talked about all the mind games and Edge trying to lure him into a trap. Kane said despite all Edge's games, he is still the World Champion now. Kane asked Edge to come out and explain himself. Kane said he's not a monster, and that he's a human being with feelings. Kane said he wants to spend the holidays with his family just like everyone else.

As Kane kept going on and on, finally Edge's theme music started up. Edge came to the stage wheeling a wheelchair. Edge said Paul Bearer is there tonight and all Kane has to do is ask, politely. Kane asked once but in a yelling voice, so Edge told him to try again. Edge told Kane to use the magic word, "please." Kane did so, but Edge said it wasn't a proper please, so Kane said it again. The crowd chanted "On your knees," and Kane finally asked in a softer voice. Edge called it insincere and said Kane didn't mean it, then went backstage.

Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger
King of the Ring Qualifying #1

Four Raw Superstars already qualified for Monday's KOTR, so now it was time to start qualifying Smackdown stars. First up, Kofi and Swagger locked up for a spot. Swagger had the Soaring Eagle Mascot with him again.

During the match, Cole said Ezekiel Jackson is his favorite to win the tournament. Striker and Cole talked about the prestige of winning KOTR and how six WWE Hall of Famers have won it. At one point in the match, the Soaring Eagle grabbed Kofi's leg on the apron, and Kofi kicked it away. Swagger rushed over to knock Kofi off the apron hard.

In the closing moments, both guys were trying to stand up and finally did with Kofi in the corner. Swagger charged at him with Kofi getting to the apron for a pendulum kick through the ropes. Swagger grabbed his legs to stop it though. He had the ankle lock on Kofi, but Kofi was holding the top rope as Swagger tried to pull him away. Kofi finally used his legs to toss Swagger into the corner shoulder first. Moments later, Kofi did the Trouble in Paradise kick to win it.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger to qualify for the 2010 King of the Ring Tournament.

Kane was backstage with Smackdown GM Theodore Long whom he apologized to for intimidating last week, then said surely Teddy was close to his father. Teddy said he never really knew his dad but it didn't stop him from being who he is, reaching for the stars. Just then, Edge appeared on the TV monitor in the room. He told Kane from the smell of things, mother nature is calling for Paul Bearer. He told Kane they're over near the cotton candy stand if he wants to join them. Edge pulled the tape off Bearer's mouth and he started screaming that Edge and all the people in the arena didn't deserve to have fathers. Edge put the tape back on and wheeled Bearer to the nearby restroom. Kane stormed off to go look for them.

Smackdown returned with Kane in the same area of the arena that Edge was with Bearer at. He yelled Paul a few times then tore open the bathroom door to find an empty wheelchair with a "Gone Fishin" sign on the wall. Striker and Cole talked about how unhinged Kane is becoming over all this.

Josh Matthews was backstage with Alberto Del Rio. He said that Del Rio was knocked out by Big Show at Survivor Series and was unable to finish the match, then suggested Del Rio is the underdog in tonight's KOTR match with Big Show. Del Rio said Show is not his equal, and he will be victorious tonight, then Monday at KOTR to become King Alberto Del Rio.

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio
King of the Ring Qualifying #2

Del Rio arrived out in another expensive Rolls Royce. Personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez did the introduction bit for him. Big Show arrived out wearing a Knucklehead promotional T-shirt.

Early on in this one, Del Rio avoided a big slap in the corner, then tried for quick offense. He got a dropkick to briefly stun Show, then ran to the corner and jumped up for a high risk move. Show quickly walked over and grabbed him by the throat. Del Rio hit on his arm to try to stop a Chokeslam, then finally dropped out of the ring to the outside before a break.

Post-break, Show kept having his way with Del Rio, but Alberto wisely went after Show's knee to ground him. He kept attacking the left knee, but Show flattened him several times to regain control a bit. Del Rio landed a running enziguiri kick then went for the Cross Armbreaker, but Show countered and tossed him back to the mat. Show wound up for a KO punch, but Del Rio dropped to the mat and escaped the ring.

Show went out after Del Rio, and gave him several chest slaps near the commentators table. He rolled Del Rio back in the ring as the ref was counting both guys out. Ricardo Rodriguez rushed over and grabbed Show by the leg to prevent him from getting in the ring. Show stood him up then delivered the KO punch. However, just as he landed it, the ref counted to 10 and Show was counted out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins due to countout of Big Show to advance to the 2010 KOTR Tournament.

As Del Rio was celebrating his win and going up the ramp, Edge's voice came over the speakers. Edge was shown up in the stands area behind a metal gate with Bearer in a wheelchair. He called Kane to come out see them, then had Bearer scream for Kane. Kane arrived out to the stage and called Edge a bunch of names including a "monster." Edge said it sounds like he's describing himself for all he's done over the years. Edge said he would ask the people what should happen to Paul Bearer. He asked if he should give Bearer back to Kane, or shove Bearer down the stairs. The fans rooted for the latter.
Kane yelled for him to stop saying he knows all this is about him giving him another attempt at the World Championship. Kane said fine he can have it. Edge said he accepts, then asked Kane to come join them. He said they'd be at the Hot Dog Stand. Kane rushed through the crowd and up the stairs then out to the concessions area to find an empty wheelchair.

MVP vs. Drew McIntyre
King of the Ring Qualifying #3

Grisham reminded everyone that MVP defeated McIntyre just last week on Smackdown. Late in this match, MVP was battling an arm injury. He had some momentum, and tried to whip Drew to the corner, but Drew reversed it. MVP tried to jump up with the ropes but his injured arm gave out and MVP fell against the corner. Drew followed up with the FutureShock DDT to win it.

Winner: Drew McIntyre wins via pinfall over MVP to qualify for the 2010 KOTR Tournament.

Backstage, Swagger was yelling at his Soaring Eagle Mascot saying it was all his fault. He told him to straighten things out and fly right, then stormed off. Hornswoggle was shown sitting at a table dressed as a pilgrim ready for a Thanksgiving meal. Rosa Mendes brought a platter over and lifted the lid but she had burnt the turkey. Hornswoggle looked dejected as she offered to bring him a sandwich instead. Just then, he saw the Soaring Eagle walk by looking upset. Hornswoggle got an idea, then hopped up on the table. He pulled out a bow and arrow then shot the Soaring Eagle off camera. Horney grabbed his fork and knife to go get some bird.

Team LayCool arrived out after a commercial break. They talked about how this is the worst week ever, saying that Natalya stole their Divas Championship, then had them kicked out of Monday Night Raw. They talked about being in Michelle's hometown of Jacksonville, FL. Michelle said the people there are so amazing, then said the crowd members look gorgeous. Layla and Michelle turned to each other then yelled "Not!" Kelly Kelly arrived out to a bigger cheer from the Jacksonville crowd in her hometown.

Kelly Kelly vs. Michelle McCool

Layla was spraying aerosol air freshener around for the whole "Smelly Kelly" insult, so Kelly kicked her off the apron. Kelly and Michelle locked up with Kelly getting the early advantage.

Later on, Michelle had Kelly on the ropes and tried to turn it into a Faithbreaker. Kelly grabbed the ropes to counter it and blocked, then fell to the mat. Michelle tried to pick her up again for the Faithbreaker, but Kelly reversed into a pinfall to win it.

Post-match, LayCool began a 2-on-1 attack on Kelly. Beth Phoenix rushed to the ring and beat up both of them, then grabbed Michelle for her Glam Slam. Layla was horrified outside the ring. Beth went over and made sure Kelly was ok, as Cole complained that Beth keeps getting involved in LayCool's business.

Winner: Kelly Kelly wins via pinfall over Michelle McCool.

As Smackdown returned they showed the John Cena farewell speech from this past Monday's Raw. Then it was the Raw Rebound featuring the Nexus attack on Orton, Barrett vs Orton for the WWE Title in the main event, and Cena rushing out to prevent Barrett from the win. Orton managed to RKO Barrett to retain the title, but The Miz arrived out to cash in his MITB contract. The Miz after a hard fight against Orton, ultimately captured the WWE Title for his first reign.

They introduced Rey Mysterio for the final KOTR qualifying match right before commercial break.

Rey Mysterio vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes
King of the Ring Qualifying #4

After Rhodes got to the ring he tossed a new Dashing Cody Rhodes T-shirt over to Striker. Before the match started, Alberto Del Rio arrived to the ringside area to scout the match, then joined the commentary team. Del Rio shook hands with Cole and hugged him, then refused to shake hands with Grisham.

Early in the match, Rhodes escaped to the outside then asked Chimel to hold up his mirror jacket so Rhodes could check his face. Mysterio came out after him and smacked him around a bit, but Rhodes came back with a flash kick off the steel steps to take Mysterio down. Mysterio was outside the ring recovering as Smackdown went to break.

After the break, Rhodes had control and was exploiting a Mysterio arm injury against the bottom rope. He tossed Mysterio in from the apron to the mat for a near fall. Mysterio started to gain momentum with a seated Senton from the corner, then a flying crossbody from the ropes. Rhodes had several near falls on Rey with Del Rio looking on. Mysterio escaped then came back with a kick to Rhodes head for a near fall.

Rey was able to land a dropkick on Rhodes' back to send him against the ropes. He was ready for a 619, but Del Rio came over to taunt. Rhodes escaped out of the ring. Rey went for a Seated Senton off the apron, but Rhodes moved away and Rey hit it on Del Rio instead. Rey tossed Rhodes back into the ring then tried to hop over the ropes at him. Rhodes grabbed his legs, but Rey was able to kick him away. Rhodes fell back against the ref causing him to fall down. Del Rio was back up and grabbed Rey's legs from outside the ring. He crotched Rey against the ringpost with the ref not seeing it. Rhodes took advantage by hitting Cross Rhodes to win it.

Winner: Dashing Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall over Rey Mysterio to qualify for the 2010 KOTR Tournament.

The 2010 King of the Ring field is now set for Monday's Tournament: John Morrison, Ezekiel Jackson, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan of Raw as well as Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre and Dashing Cody Rhodes of Smackdown.

Bacstkage, Kane screamed at Smackdown GM Teddy Long that he's not helping him much. Kane grabbed Teddy by the suit collar saying it's all his fault. Just then, Edge appeared on the TV screen again. Edge said Kane needs to come out and get some fresh air in gorgeous Jacksonville, Florida. He had Paul Bearer tied to the wheelchair. Edge told Kane to come out to the parking lot before there's an accident.

Kane stormed off leaving Teddy in his couch. The camera showed Paul Bearer shaking his head "No." Kane came running out to the parking lot just as a car came screeching out and smashed into the wheelchair. There had been a dummy set up in it with pillow stuffing which all fell apart. Edge rolled down the car window with Bearer in back and said "Whoops!" Then drove off with Bearer. Kane threw the dummy's head at the car and started to smash the wheelchair angrily as Smackdown ended.

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