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WWE Superstars Results 11/25/10

WWE Superstars Results 11/25/10:

Smackdown's team of Matt Striker and Todd Grisham were on hand to start off the special Thanksgiving edition of WWE Superstars. Curt Hawkins arrived out to start off the show.

Trent Barreta vs. Curt Hawkins

Right before the match started, Striker wished Josh Matthews a happy birthday. Grisham noted that Barreta and Hawkins were roommates and trained together for a number of years but are now feuding. Right before a commercial break, Barretta was able to do a huge suicide dive over the top rope to take out Hawkins outside the ring. As he walked over to Hawkins, Curt grabbed his tights and tossed Barreta into the crowd barrier.

Post-break, Barreta was trying to fight out of a hold but Hawkins took him right back down. Hawkins worked on a headlock down on the mat. Despite a comeback from Barreta, Hawkins scored a flapjack style move and another move to slam Barreta to the mat. He went for the flying elbow from the corner, but Barreta rolled out of the way. Trent came back with the running knee to take Curt down but couldn't score a 3 count. Barreta went for his springboard DDT move but Hawkins countered to throw Trent to the mat. Hawins followed with a swinging neckbreaker into a face plant on the mat.

Winner: Curt Hawkins wins via pinfall over Trent Barreta.

Grisham talked about how John Cena was fired from WWE since he officiated the WWE Title match at Survivor Series and Orton won to retain the title. Grisham introduced the highlight footage of Cena's farewell speech to the WWE Universe.

When Superstars returned, the Raw commentators were now present, with Lawler and new commentator Scott Stanford. Stanford thanked All Hail the Villain for the Survivor Series theme "Runaway." They sent it to the ring where Ashley Valence was shown as the ring announcer. Valence had been MIA since her use as a co-host on NXT Season 2.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Primo & Zack Ryder

Stanford talked about how the WWE Universe is still in shock over what happened this past week with Raw and John Cena. Lawler said the entire landscape has been changed.

Early on Kozlov took control against Ryder and threw him around, prompting Ryder to back up to tag in Primo. Primo didn't want any of Kozlov either and demanded he tag in Santino. Santino and Primo locked up a bit until Santino finally took down Primo with a side headlock. He kept it on and rolled backwards to make the tag to Kozlov.

After commercial break, the heels managed to gain control against Santino, working the doubleteam and tagging in and out to wear him down. Santino managed to avoid Primo charging towards him, then leapt over to tag in Kozlov who took control. He eventually hit a running powerslam, but Ryder came in to kick Kozlov in the head. Kozlov went over towards the ropes and Santino tagged him just as Kozlov took Ryder to the outside with a clothesline. Santino went in to face Primo, the legal man, who punched him in the gut. Santino got up though, and after kicking Primo, wound up the Cobra punch to strike. He connected and made the winning pin.

Winners: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov win via pinfall over Primo & Zack Ryder.

Superstars returned with the Raw Rebound. It featured highlights of Nexus attacking the champ Randy Orton, right before Wade Barrett was to take him on for the WWE Title. Barrett tried to take advantage of Orton's hurt knee, and nearly had the winning pin after his Wasteland move. However, John Cena rushed to ringside and yanked the ref out of the ring before he could make the winning pinfall count. Cena pounded on Barrett some until the Nexus came rushing out from backstage. They chased Cena out through the crowd. Meanwhile, Orton managed to hit the RKO and pinned Barrett to retain the WWE Title.

Post-match, Orton was celebrating a tough victory. All of a sudden, The Miz's theme music sounded and Miz arrived to the ring with his MITB briefcase and Alex Riley. Miz indicated he wanted to cash in, then an official match began. Miz had his work cut out for him, but took advantage of Orton's injury. Orton kept fighting back and at one point went for a quick RKO. However, Miz countered it and hit Skullcrushing Finale for the win. Miz is your new WWE Champion.

Mark Henry vs. The Usos
2-on-1 Handicap Match

A rematch from the previous Superstars where the Usos beat Henry in the handicap match. Jimmy and Jey Uso were accompanied to the ring by Tamina.

During the match, Henry was near the ropes with the ref distracted by one of the Usos. Tamina got up on the apron and kicked Henry in the back, but it didn't do a thing. He turned to stare her down, and that allowed one of the Usos to pounce on him from behind. Henry reacted to him and soon tossed him to the corner. Henry went for the huge running splash, but the Uso moved away, then worked on Henry's leg as he was down. The Usos continued to keep working on Henry while he was down on the mat, but their pinfall attempts failed.

One of the Usos head a headlock on Henry, but Henry stood up and tossed him in the air. The Usos made a tag, but Henry clubbed the other one down and headbutted him. Towards the close, Henry threw the other non-legal Uso into the ring. He slammed one on top of the other, then did a huge splash on them. He pushed the one non-legal Uso hard causing him to roll all the way out of the ring. Henry then picked up the legal Uso and hit World's Strongest Slam, prompting a "Goodnight Irene" phrase from Scott Stanford. Henry with the pinfall win and celebration to close Superstars.

Winner: Mark Henry wins via pinfall over The Usos.

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