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Raw Results 11/29/10 - 2010 King of the Ring

Raw Results from Philadelphia, PA:

They kicked things off with highlights of last week's main event, Barrett vs Orton for the WWE Title. Barrett and Nexus attacked Orton before the match, hurting his knee. Barrett took advantage of that during the match, and hit his finisher, but John Cena arrived to ringside to yank the ref out before he could count the pinfall. Cena was chased through the crowd by Nexus, and Orton won the match. Not long after, The Miz cashed in his MITB contract getting a title match against Orton. After a hard fought match, Miz hit his finisher to win the WWE title.

Michael Cole welcomed fans to the 2010 King of the Ring tournament, plus the "Era of Awesome" begins with The Miz, new WWE Champion. Lawler suggested Cole calm down just a bit. They showed a royal thrown, cape and crown set up on stage with special king music playing. Just then, Alex Riley, The Miz's apprentice came out onto the stage to boast about Miz being the WWE Champion. Riley talked about the unforgettable moment when Miz won the title. Riley kept talking saying it was time to party, even insulting new Raw commentator CM Punk. He said Raw is going A-Ri and it's going to be "Awesome."

Brackets were revealed for the 2010 KOTR as: Bryan vs Del Rio, Morrison vs Rhodes, Jackson vs McIntyre, and Kingston vs Sheamus.

Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio
KOTR Tournament Round 1

Ricardo Rodriguez was on hand to introduce the first competitor in the KOTR tourney. Rodriguez was sporting a bruised eye from the punch he received from Big Show on Smackdown.

After commercial break, Del Rio had control but it wasn't long before Bryan gained momentum back. He had multiple pinfall attempts with Del Rio escaping them all. At one point, Del Rio rushed towards Bryan at the ropes, but missed and fell near the crowd barrier. Bryan went for the suicide dive through the ropes and took down Del Rio but also crashed shoulder first into the barrier. Del Rio took advantage of it in the ring by slapping on the Armbreaker to make Bryan tap out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins via submission over Danie Byran to advance to Round 2 of KOTR 2010.

Cole, Punk and Lawler talked about former King of the Ring winners: Edge, Bret Hart, Triple H and Brock Lesnar. Another superstar will join those names after tonight.

R-Truth arrived out performing "What's Up?" his standard crowd-pumping theme song. Truth spoke in the ring about Cena giving his farewell last week to the WWE. Truth said he tried to get Cena to quit on his own terms earlier, but it all ended up costing him what he loves the most - the WWE Universe. Truth said Nexus may have won the battle, but the war hasn't even started yet. Truth challenged any Nexus member to go one-on-one.

Josh Matthews was shown backstage and went to Nexus locker room. Michael McGillicutty walked out telling Matthews to shut up and that he hear Truth, saying he's about to show him what happens when he challenges Nexus. The camera showed McGill walking on his way to the ring when he got attacked by someone off camera wearing jean shorts. McGill got beat up and tossed to the ground, then a hand with a purple wristband waved to the camera, looking very much like John Cena's arm.

John Morrison vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes
KOTR Round Tournament 1

Early on Morrison slapped Rhodes in the face, prompting Dashing to roll out of the ring and kick the barrier. Morrison retrieved him and tossed him back in for more punishment. Rhodes soon gained the advantage.

Late in the match, both men jumped to the ropes to go for their flying kicks. Morrison was quicker though and landed his to Rhodes face to knock him down. He followed up with a knee to the head to take out Rhodes for the pinfall.

Winner: John Morrison wins via pinfall over Dashing Cody Rhodes to advance to KOTR Round 2.

Miss USA Rima Fakih will be on hand to crown tonight's 2010 King of the Ring winner.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Drew McIntyre
KOTR Tournament Round 1

Jackson got the early advantage and smashed Drew in the corner with a huge clothesline then a splash. CM Punk noted that one of the turnbuckle covers came off a bit causing it to be exposed. Drew smashed Ezekiel face first into it and had a near fall as a result.

At one point in the match, both guys went tumbling out of the ring. They continued to fight at the bottom of the ramp. Jackson had Drew down and saw the ref count nearing 10. He went to rush back to the ring, but Drew grabbed his leg to hold him back. The result, a double countout, meaning whoever wins the Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston match gets a bye to the finals.

Winner: Double countout so neither superstar will advance to Round 2 of KOTR.

Daniel Bryan was backstage icing his shoulder injury from the earlier match with Del Rio. Both of the Bella Twins came up trying to cozy up to Bryan. Alex Riley entered the scene to ask what they were doing hanging with that loser. He chastised them saying they're in charge of entertainment for The Miz's big victory celebration, and yelled at Bryan for blowing his opportunity on NXT to be mentored by The Miz.

When Raw returned they reviewed last week's main event again with Barrett vs Orton for the WWE Title, preying upon Orton's injury. Also shown were highlights of The Miz cashing in his MITB contract to win the WWE Title. After the highlights, Jerry Lawler said former champion Randy Orton won't be there tonight due to the injury he suffered.

Justin Roberts introduced the new WWE champion, The Miz. Miz arrived out in a suit carrying the WWE Championship belt. Alex Riley was with him. Michael Cole stood up from his seat and applauded the new champ.

Miz showed off photos of a girl from the crowd last week who was angry that he won the WWE Championship. He said that little girl will forever be known as "the Miz girl," reminding him of all the trouble he had to go through to get there. He said Orton's not there due to a knee injury. Miz said the only real injury on Orton is his pride due to being embarrassed in last week's loss. He said Orton is the first in a long list of people who will be demoralized. He vowed to be longest reigning champion in WWE history.

Alex Riley held up a copy of the new book about the rich history of the WWE Championship. Miz said Roddy Piper and Ricky Steamboat, both Hall of Famers, never won the title. He said the list goes on and on. Jerry Lawler got up to interrupt saying he's a name on that list. Lawler said Miz basically beat a guy who had already been beaten up by 7 other guys. Miz told Lawler it sounds like the ramblings of a bitter old man. Michael Cole got up and told Lawler to sit down and let Miz have his moment. Lawler suggested that Miz call someone out tonight for a WWE title match who hasn't been beaten down by 7 other guys.

Cole told Lawler to be careful or Miz might make an example of him. Lawler said he's been there since 1993 and never has had a WWE title opportunity, so he asked Miz for a shot. Miz said he won't be defending his WWE title tonight. Lawler said that confirms it, Miz is a coward. Miz retorted that Lawler is just a shell of a Hall of Famer who's never done anything.

Suddenly, the lights flashed and email sound dinged. Cole got up to read an email from the GM. The Raw GM said they are interested in seeing Miz defend the WWE title tonight, so he will do so in the main event against Jerry "the King" Lawler. Raw GM adds a stipulation, tonight's match is Tables, Ladders and Chairs in anticipation of the TLC PPV in December.

Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus
KOTR Tournament Round 1

CM Punk said Sheamus is his pick, and said he'll be facing John Morrison in the finals. Not sure if this was a slip by Punk or just his prediction. Michael Cole announced the 2010 Slammy Awards will be in two weeks with a special 3 hour Raw. CM Punk apologized saying he thought this was the finals.

Mid-way through this match, Kofi scored the Boom Boom double leg drop. Cole noted that the winners of the KOTR tournament have combined for 62 championships. Sheamus had Kofi up for the High Cross move. Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise, but Sheamus landed under the bottom rope. Kofi tried to pull Sheamus into the ring, but Sheamus held onto the apron cover. Kofi stomped on his hand then pulled him in.

Moments later, after a pendulum kick, Kofi got on the corner and went for a flying move. Sheamus got him mid air with his Brogh Kick, then scored the winning pinfall. Sheamus will be in the finals due to the double countout of Jackson/McIntyre.

Winner: Sheamus wins via pinfall over Kofi Kingston to advance to the finals of 2010 KOTR Tournament.

Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

As the match was continuing the crowd started going wild all of a sudden. John Cena was shown out in the crowd with a ticket in hand. He shook hands and hugged various fans, then took a seat in the front row to watch the match. CM Punk called Cena a showboater because he sat on the side to get his face on camera.

Gabriel broke up a pinfall that Henry had on Heath Slater. Gabriel and Yoshi ended up going to the outside. Slater managed to kick Henry as he rushed him in the corner. Slater got up on the corner and turned his attention to yell at Cena in the front row. As he jumped at Henry, Henry caught him and hit World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Winners: Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu win via pinfall over Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.

Post-match, John Cena jumped over the crowd barrier and rushed to ringside. He tore off the commentator's table top and moved the monitors, then yanked Slater out of the ring. Cena did an Attitude Adjustment on Slater to crash him through the table. Cena took off into the crowd, and jumped up on some equipment to do the You Cant C Me taunt. Nexus arrived to ringside to assist Gabriel backstage.

They replayed highlights of the earlier incidents involving Cena taking out Nexus members McGillicutty and Gabriel.

Nexus members Otunga, Harris and Gabriel were in the locker room backstage. Otunga said they're sitting ducks for Cena. Barrett walked in and said they're going to end things tonight. He said he'll go call him out there.

They showed Jerry Lawler in the locker room getting ready for the match. Arn Anderson walked in to say the title match is long overdue. AA told King the TLC matches are dangerous and chances of getting hurt are pretty good. He said nobody will blame him for letting the opportunity pass him by. Lawler said he's never been in a TLC or WWE title match. AA said we'll see what you're made of, one thing left to do is beat him. CM Punk and Cole talked of Lawler's chances at winning the WWE title TLC match later on.

John Morrison vs. Alberto Del Rio
KOTR Tournament Rd 2 Match

During the match, Cole and Punk talked of former winners, noting that Regal was the last winner in 2008, but he is currently on a sabatical. Morrison took down Del Rio with a flying kick for a near fall. Moments later, Del Rio hit a move to work over Morrison's arm, by smashing it against both knees as he dropped to the mat. He hammered on Morrison's head down on the mat, then whipped him to the corner for a running kick.

Suddenly, the horn started to beep on Del Rio's car several times. Del Rio turned to look out towards his car and saw Rey Mysterio appear out of the sunroof area. With Del Rio distracted, Morrison hit the flash kick from the ropes and took the winning pinfall.

Winner: John Morrison wins via pinfall over Alberto Del Rio to advance to the finals of KOTR Tournament.

Wade Barrett was shown walking down the backstage hall, on his way out to the ring to call out John Cena.

They showed Barrett vs Orton in last week's main event yet again, with Cena rushing out to yank the ref from the ring and then hit the AA on Barrett. Orton was able to win the match with the RKO to retain the WWE Title.

Nexus leader Wade Barrett arrived out to the ring by himself. In the ring, Barrett said he's the only one on the planet with the power to bring Cena back to the WWE. Barrett said he sees right through Cena's plan to try to get him so mad he reinstates him. Wade said he promises Cena will never work in WWE again. Barrett vowed that Nexus will get their hands on him. As Barrett continued to speak he was interrupted on the big screen with John Cena appearing in the parking lot. He said he made a promise before he was fired to take out each member one-by-one. Barrett said it's obvious Cena's out in the parking lot. He said "Security go get him." Cena reminded him that Nexus attacked security weeks ago so they're in no rush to save Nexus.

Suddenly, Harris, Otunga and Gabriel showed up to corner Cena near a truck in the parking lot. Cena said they should know that he's not the only enemy there. They turned around and got attacked by other Raw superstars including DH Smith, Mark Henry, Yoshi Tatsu and Vladimir Kozlov. Cena tossed Otunga head first at the nearby limo, smashing the glass window. He threw him into some nearby trash cans. Cena also delivered the AA to Gabriel, smashing him onto the hood of the Limo. Cena says to the camera that he'll keep going until he gets each and every one of them, then said he'd see Wade and Nexus again next week.

They showed video of the aftermath of the scene outside in the parking lot with broken glass and the smashed up limo. Cole introduced a replay of what just happened out there with Cena and Nexus. CM Punk said Cena isn't working for WWE so he is assaulting these guys.

Gail Kim, Melina & Natalya vs. Tamina, Alicia Fox & Maryse
Six Diva Tag Match

They showed a replay of last week when Tamina serenaded Santino backstage with her acoustic guitar ballad, and then the passionate kiss. As the match was going on, Santino came out from backstage serenading Tamina with his own acoustic song "I Think We're Alone Now."

Tamina was wooed by Santino's song and put him in a headlock then walked him backstage. Maryse was yelling about the fact Tamina left them. It ended up with Natalya versus Alicia Fox in the ring. Natalya put Alicia down on the mat, locked in the Sharpshooter and forced the tap.

Winners: Natalya, Gail Kim & Melina win via submission over Tamina, Alicia Fox & Maryse.

They showed a career highlight video of Jerry "The King" Lawler in anticipation of his first ever WWE Championship match tonight. They showed Lawler stretching back in the locker room wearing his wrestling gear.

Raw returned with Ted Dibiase back in the locker room looking at a toy version of the WWE championship belt. Maryse came in yelling at Dibiase for playing with toys and not winning the real belt. She said when he looks bad, he makes her look bad. Finally, Dibiase had enough and screamed at her to Shut up then stormed off.

Harris and Otunga were shown sneaking around the arena. Harris said Cena won't stop until Cena gets his job back from Wade. Otunga said he thinks he knows a way to bring an end to all of this, then said he has Harris' back.

Josh Matthews interviewed the finalists for the King of the Ring 2010 tournament, John Morrison and Sheamus. He said Sheamus may be fresher due to less matches, but Morrison has history on his side since he beat Sheamus at Survivor Series. Sheamus told Morrison he got lucky at SS, but tonight he's got an arm injury so he's ripe for the picking. Morrison said it doesn't matter if Sheamus is bigger or stronger or looks white like powder, at the end of the night only one of them will walk out of there as King of the Ring. The camera showed the crowd, robe and throne up on stage with Cole saying the finals are coming up next.

John Morrison vs. Sheamus
KOTR Finals Match

Miss USA Rima Fakih was introduced by Justin Roberts as the special guest ring announcer for the match. Sheamus gained control of the match heading into the commercial and continued to be in control afterwords. They showed Sheamus had tossed Morrison into the crowd barrier during the break. Sheamus dropped Morrison in the ring to further damage that hurt arm.

Morrison started to make a comeback and eventually had Sheamus in the corner. He started to pound away on him, but Sheamus shoved him off. Sheamus went for the running Brogh Kick, but Morrison ducked it. Sheamus set up for the High Cross to finish off Sheamus. Morrison slid off and tried to land a backslide pin, but couldn't. Sheamus shoved Morrison to the corner then charged with Morrison elbowing him. Morrison reversed a Sheamus sidewalk slam to turn it into a DDT. Morrison had the pin but Sheamus grabbed the bottom rope to stop it before 3.

Moments later Sheamus dropped Morrison to the mat on his hurt arm. He went for the pinfall with Morrison able to kick out. Sheamus kept assaulting that hurt shoulder and put on a submission to try to get Morrison to tap. Morrison flipped around on the mat and kicked Sheamus in the head to get out. Sheamus grabbed Morrison from behind but Morrison delivered a reverse kick to his face to take him down.

Morrison went for Starship Pain, but Sheamus got both knees up to block it. Moments later, Sheamus managed to finally deliver that Brogh Kick to level Morrison. He followed with the High Cross to throw Morrison across the ring, then grabbed the winning pinfall for the win. Sheamus is the 2010 King of the Ring winner.

Winner: to win the 2010 King of the Ring Tournament.

Post-match, Sheamus walked up the ramp and received the sceptre, robe and crown from Miss USA Rima Fakih. Sheamus took his seat in the throne as the 2010 King of the Ring. He picked up a mic to speak, saying finally the lineage for the high kings of lineage has been fulfilled. He stood up yelling "All Hail the King" after referring to the WWE Universe as his royal subjects.

They showed Jerry Lawler and WWE Champ The Miz walking backstage on a split-screen on their way out for the main event WWE Championship TLC Match.

Jerry Lawler vs. The Miz
WWE Title TLC Match

A main event match set up earlier by the Raw GM gave Jerry Lawler his first ever WWE Title match in a TLC match against The Miz. The ring had tables, ladders and chairs set up around the ring with the WWE Championship hanging above the ring. The Miz was introduced first and arrived out with his protege Alex Riley. Riley had the beat up and battered MITB briefcase with him. Jerry Lawler was introduced second to the crowd's ovation.

Michael Cole said he was guaranteeing that Jerry Lawler isn't walking out of there as the WWE Champion tonight. CM Punk told him he can't say that since Jerry Lawler is a legend. Lawler scored the first punch after a lock up, causing the two to recircle each other.

Later, The Miz started to bash Lawler with chairs on the outside. He tossed Lawler back in the ring, then set up two chairs. Lawler nearly hit a backdrop to drop Miz onto both chairs, but Miz managed to jump over them. He picked up Lawler then did a back breaker onto the chair. Punk kept saying Miz was making mistakes, while Cole was saying this is a young man's game which doesn't favor Lawler.

Alex Riley started to grab a ladder to hand to Miz in the ring. It took several moments and allowed the King to start bashing Miz with a steel chair. Lawler went to the outside to get a ladder, with Alex Riley rushing over. King floored him with a huge punch, then started to slide the ladder back into the ring. Miz grabbed the other end inside the ring, but Lawler flipped the ladder causing it to hit Miz in the jaw. Back in the ring, Miz managed to counter a move in the corner causing Lawler to hit the ladder. Moments later, Lawler avoided a move by the Miz with the ladder in the corner then backdropped him onto the ladder.

Riley hopped onto the apron and clotheslined King down. Lawler got back up though and fought with him from in the ring. Riley went for a suplex, with Lawler punching him, causing Riley to fall backwards through a table smashing it. Lawler set up a ladder and began his climb for the title, with Miz pulling him down. Punk criticized him for not climbing up the ladder right then. Miz went for a high risk move with a chair, but Lawler cut him off on the corner. Lawler went up for a Superplex, but Miz headbutted him down. King git back up and shoved Miz off the corner apron area and Miz fell backwards through a table, crashing to the floor.

Michael Cole got out of his announce position, leaving Punk alone to do commentary. Cole tried to get Miz up from the floor, as King climbed up the ladder and got to the WWE belt. Suddenly with lawler's hand on the belt, Michael Cole rushed into the ring and grabbed him by the leg. Punk was shocked as was Lawler when he looked down to see what was going on. Lawler hopped down to confront Cole over what was going on. Cole kept backing around the ladder in the center of the ring telling Lawler he didn't mean it. Finally Lawler punched Cole in the face as he'd had enough of him. Lawler got on top of Cole on the mat and began to punch away on him.

All of that chaos allowed Miz to return to the ring and make his climb up the ladder. He got to the top and started to reach for the belt, but Lawler had managed to get up the other side. The two competitors fought up top with Miz grasping one hand on the swinging belt. After several punches from Lawler, Miz smashed the belt into Lawler's face. Lawler fell off the ladder to the mat while Miz snatched down his WWE belt to retain.

Winner: The Miz wins the TLC Match over Jerry Lawler to retain the WWE Championship.

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