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NXT Results 11/30/10 - Season 3 Finale

WWE NXT Results from Norfolk, VA:

Tonight's episode of NXT was the finale of Season 3 where the Next Breakout Diva would be. The finalists were Naomi, coached by Kelly Kelly; and Kaitlyn, coached by Vickie Guerrero. The show opened with a video highlight package of Naomi and Kaitlyn with a few clips of each from the past season.

Michael Cole started talking about how the world is buzzing about what he did during last night's Raw main event. Cole said he rushed the ring grabbed Lawler's leg and cost him the WWE Title. Cole said he still doesn't know what came over him. He said he'll try to talk to Lawler privately about this matter, but will reserve all comments about the matter until next Monday's Raw. Josh Matthews talked about how big a night it is, then sent it to Matt Striker in the ring. Striker introduced Vickie Guerrero who came out from backstage to do her excuse me bit. Vickie introduced her rookie diva, Kaitlyn, insulting her again.

Striker introduced Naomi who arrived out without her pro Kelly Kelly. Other pros were up on the stage including Bella Twins and Primo. Striker talked about the journey that Naomi and Kaitlyn took to get to where they are now. Striker asked the WWE Universe to congratulate Naomi and Kaitlyn. Striker intro'd a video package of Kelly Kelly who is traveling overseas with Big Show and Eve to visit the troops. She praised Naomi as a great diva rookie, saying she thinks she'll be the next diva in WWE.

Striker said the pair of Kaitlyn/Vickie may put the "fun" in dysfunctional. Striker asked for Kaitlyn's comments about her pro, with Vickie interrupting her. Vickie reminded everyone she fired her original rookie diva before the season started. Vickie said she handpicked Kaitlyn and not a day goes by she doesn't regret it. Vickie brought up that Kaitlyn tried to steal her boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler. Kaitlyn said she actually gave thanks for having Vickie as her pro during Thanksgiving, but it's obvious Vickie gave thanks for that second helping of mashed potatoes. Vickie screamed out she's had it, and started to leave the ring, when Kaitlyn shoved her down. Kaitlyn laughed as Vickie screamed on the mat.

Cole started to rant about how Vickie is like royalty on the show. Matthews said they will introduce the pros and rookies for NXT Season 4. The first pro shown was R-Truth. His rookie is Johnny Curtis from Maine. Season 4 debuts next week.

Tonight's matches included AJ and the Bellas versus Alicia Fox, Maxine and Aksana. Also, Kaitlyn versus Naomi in a battle of the two finalists.

AJ & The Bella Twins vs. Maxine, Aksana & Alicia Fox
Six Diva Tag Match

When Goldust arrived out with the other heel divas, Aksana looked over towards Goldust on stage. He gave her a confused look back shaking his head. Cole said they put six divas in this match for quantity over quality. Aksana went over and punched down one of the Bellas causing a distraction for the refs. The heels gained control as Aksana tagged Alicia in to work on AJ.

AJ managed to avoid a charging Maxine in the corner, so Maxine hit shoulder first into the corner. AJ tagged in a Bella who started taking it to Maxine. The Bella scored a faceplant on Maxine, but Aksana rushed in to break up the pin. The action broke down with Aksana, Alicia Fox and one of the Bellas all ending up outside the ring. Maxine was still legal against a Bella and shoved her to the corner where AJ managed to tag in blindly. AJ got up on the corner and hit a flying bodypress to score the winning pinfall. Primo rushed to the ring to congratulate his former rookie. AJ jumped up to straddle hug Primo, then he gave her a kiss in the ring.

Winners: AJ & The Bella Twins win via pinfall over Maxine, Aksana and Alicia Fox.

The Masterpiece Chris Masters was introduced as the next pro for NXT Season 4. His cocky, brash and young rookie is Byron Saxton, who was also a commentator for ECW.

NXT returned with Maryse and Ted Dibiase backstage. Dibiase said he'll be a pro for Season 4 to coach his rookie Brodus Clay. Clay is 6'8", 350 lbs. He said he's the world's biggest suplex machine. Cole said he's the former bodyguard for Snoop Dogg, the "Mastedon of Mayhem."

Striker was in the ring with the two finalists Naomi and Kaitlyn. He said it's time for a diva trash talk face-off where each diva rookie talks themselves up and trash talks the other diva down. Kaitlyn talked about how Naomi is the most athletic and talented of the rookies, but she lacks one thing that can't be taught: personality. Naomi said the time is now and she's ready to be a diva now. Naomi said she just wants to thank the WWE Universe for the experience. Striker came over to say now that they've squared off verbally, they'll face off in a match, next.

Kaitlyn vs. Naomi

Early on, Kaitlyn started goofing off doing the robot, so Naomi mocked her dancing. Kaitlyn rushed her and went for a surprise schoolboy pin. Kaitlyn used an airplane spin to throw Naomi across the ring, which also made Kaitlyn dizzy. Naomi made a comeback though and used her butt bump to knock down Kaitlyn. Moments later, Kaitlyn tossed Naomi to the mat for a near fall.

Cole and Matthews pretended they were bored with Cole whistling, saying he was trying to get emotionally involved in the match, but it was tough to do. Cole made an apology for not mentioning Harley Race as a former KOTR winner last night. Matthews noted that Don Muraco also wasn't mentioned.

Both divas ended up on the outside, with Kaitlyn using a catapult move to launch Naomi towards the ring. Kaitlyn settled into a leg scissors in the ring to wear down Naomi. Naomi eventually got out and started to gain momentum with a variety of takedowns. Cole yelled to the ref to count faster. Kaitlyn went for a move off the corner, but met a boot to the face from Naomi.


Post-match, Vickie got up to make another speech. She said she wanted to introduce one of the WWE Pro's for Season 4, her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler arrived out to the stage in street clothes, to say he'll represent Jacob Novak.

Striker had the pros convene up on stage to talk over the voting for the NXT Season 3 Finals between Kaitlyn and Naomi.

Cole reminded fans that one week from Monday will be the 2010 Slammy Awards on a special 3-hour Raw in New Orleans, LA.

They showed the Raw Rebound which recapped Miz's speech as the new WWE Champion, and Lawler interrupting to talk about how Miz won after 7 guys attacked Orton. The Raw GM eventually got involved in their argument, ordering Miz to defend the title against Lawler in a TLC match for Raw's main event. Later on the two fought it out, with things going wrong for Miz despite Alex Riley trying to help out.

Lawler was up on the ladder with Miz having crashed through a table on the outside. Michael Cole left his announce position to go try to help Miz up. Eventually, Cole got into the ring and grabbed Lawler's leg to prevent him from reaching to get the WWE Title down. That prompted Lawler to drop down, confront Cole and eventually punch him down. Meanwhile, The Miz made the climb up the ladder. Lawler rushed back up the other side but was eventually clocked in the face by the belt, so Miz was able to retain his title.

Cole reiterated he'll try to contact Lawler privately about this matter, but will address it at length on WWE Raw.

The next pro introduced was former NXT rookie, Daniel Bryan. His NXT season 4 rookie is Derrick Bateman from Cleveland, Ohio. Bateman describes himself as "Man-tastic." Cole joked maybe Bateman can teach Bryan how to be a man.

Striker was back up on stage with the other four eliminated NXT divas, Jamie Keys, AJ, Maxine and Aksana. Striker asked the four former competitors who they thought should win. Jamie and Maxine were both in favor of Naomi, while AJ said she wants her best friend Kaitlyn to win. Striker asked Aksana who she thought should win, and she asked Striker if he's single. Goldust chimed in telling Aksana to shut her mouth since nobody can understand her. Aksana said she thinks WWE Universe wants her to be winner of NXT.

Matthews reminded fans to watch tonight's episode and other past episodes on WWE.com, YouTube and Hulu.

The next Season 4 Pro is Alberto Del Rio and he will coach rookie Conor O'Brian. O'Brian said it's a "dog eat dog world" and you have to fight for yourself out there.

Time for the final elimination to determine the Season 4 NXT Winner between Naomi and Kaitlyn. Striker had both rookie divas in the ring for the big announcement. They showed the Titantron with both their pictures flashing back and forth until finally it stopped on Kaitlyn as the Season 3 winner of NXT. Kaitlyn is the next breakout diva. She dropped to her knees in excitement then gave Naomi a hug.

Striker asked Naomi to give her thoughts. She said it's bittersweet she wished she had won, but everyone worked hard so she's happy for Kaitlyn. Time for Kaitlyn to give her acceptance speech. Kaitlyn even thanked her "ridiculous pro, Vickie Guerrero." Kaitlyn said she hopes fans will cheer her for who she is and who she will be. Kaitlyn thanked Aksana and her friend AJ. She tried to start up an "Aksana sucks" chant but didn't get it going. Cole called that move "classy."

Other pros, Goldust, Alicia Fox, Primo and Bellas got in the ring to congratulate Kaitlyn. AJ rushed to the ring to hug her friend, and other rookie divas joined them. Cole said he's out of there. No big attack scene to close out the season like Season 2. They showed a replay of Kaitlyn and Vickie's reactions to the announcement of Kaitlyn winning to close the show.

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