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WWE NXT Results 11/23/10

WWE NXT Results from :

The show opened with a video package spotlighting Aksana's elimination last week and noting another rookie diva gets eliminated tonight with just one episode left until the big finale. After the opening video theme, Michael Cole talked up the show and sent it to Matt Striker in the ring to introduce the remaining 3 rookie divas: Kaitlyn, Naomi and AJ. Cole complained that there were two weeks left of the "silly competition."

Time for the first competition of the night "WWE Trivia." Round 1 questions worth 100 points and Round 2 questions worth 200 points. Answer 1 was who won Season 1 of NXT, and the answer was Wade Barrett. Answer 2 was the first female pros on NXT, Michelle McCool which AJ got correct to even the scores. AJ had the lead at the end of Round 1 with 300 points. Cole and Matthews found ways to distract themselves playing games on an iPad and messing around. AJ won the competition easily with 1300 points to Naomi's 100 and Kaitlyn's 0 points.

Kaitlyn vs. Nikki Bella

Kaitlyn's pro mentor Vickie Guerrero was ringside for coaching. Kaitlyn tried to give her her trucker hat to hold but Vickie tossed it. Early on, Nikki had the advantage as she used several moves to take down Kaitlyn including a huge dropkick to the legs.

At one point, Nikki tried to work on Kaitlyn's hurt left leg. She locked in a submission to wear down Kaitlyn on the mat. Nikki eventually put the match away, despite Kaitlyn's comeback attempts. Vickie screamed at Kaitlyn post-match since she lost again.

Winner: Nikki Bella wins via pinfall over Kaitlyn.

They showed highlights of last night's episode of Raw which featured John Cena's farewell speech to the WWE Universe. Also on last night's Raw, Cena screwed Barrett out of winning the WWE Title in his rematch against Randy Orton, and The Miz cashed in his MITB contract to become new WWE Champion.

Naomi vs. AJ

Second match of the night was a rookie versus rookie matchup. Kelly Kelly was on hand for her rookie and Primo escorted AJ to the ring for the match. They showed AJ using an impressive submission hold to finish off Aksana last week.

AJ seemed to hurt her lower back at one point, then got back in the ring. The two diva rookies shook hands, but then Naomi gained control as she landed a dropkick to the back of AJ. She followed with a huge legdrop for a near fall pin. Moments later, Naomi hit an enziguiri kick but still couldn't capture the pinfall. She used a surfboard submission for a while, but Matthews said Naomi's shoulders were down. AJ escaped it and turned it into a pinfall, but Naomi tossed her away.

AJ managed to land a spinning Tilt-a-whirl DDT in the middle of the ring. However, she was slow to go over for the pinfall and Naomi kicked out. AJ kept building the minimum. There were multiple kickouts with Cole and Matthews calling it the best match of the season. AJ started to go for a headscissors spin, but turned it into something else. Again AJ locked "The Octopus" submission onto Naomi just like she did to Aksana last week, to grab another big win by submission.

Winner: AJ wins via submission over Naomi.

The final competition of the evening for the rookie divas was "Last Sumo Standing." All of the rookie divas were introduced once again, but they each came out wearing those fake sumo suits. Vickie was upset at how Kaitlyn rolled down the ramp jokingly. Striker told AJ she has a bye to the finals, so Kaitlyn went against Naomi in the yellow circle in the ring. The object was to push your opponent out of the circle. Naomi tried to push Kaitlyn but ended up falling over and landing outside the circle. Friends Kaitlyn and AJ faced off in the finals AJ got Kaitlyn down on the mat but couldn't quite move her out of the yellow circle. Since they were both down on the mat for so long, they did a restart with both divas standing again. This time, Kaitlyn won it.

Cole and Matthews introduced the Raw Rebound which gave highlights of the end of last night's Raw, involving Randy Orton versus Wade Barrett, John Cena's run-in and The Miz arriving to cash in his Money in the Bank contract to become new WWE Champion.

Backstage, Matt Striker interviewed the 3 rookie divas asking which rookie diva should be eliminated tonight. AJ and Kaitlyn both said Naomi should be sent home so they could see what happens between them for the final. Naomi said that Kaitlyn should go because she clearly can't wrestle. The WWE pros huddled up on stage to decide the latest votes and elimination.

Time for the elimination with all three rookie divas at ringside with Striker. Eliminated tonight was AJ lee in a big surprise vote. Primo looked upset up on the stage. AJ got to speak saying she's not a diva model, but she's the type of girl that ever single guy would want to hang out with. AJ said this isn't the last time you've seen AJ, and she will accomplish all her dreams. Naomi and Kaitlyn are competing in the finals for NXT Season 3. AJ became teary and got hugs from Kaitlyn and Naomi.

They showed Primo comforting AJ up on stage as Naomi and Kaitlyn stood ringside. Josh Matthews says the final round of voting opens tomorrow at Noon EST on WWE.com. The show closed out 12 minutes before the hour.

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