Monday, November 22, 2010

Raw Preview 11/21/10

With the conclusion of 2010 Survivor Series results, fans from the WWE Universe were left in shock. That's because they may have seen John Cena at his final WWE event, after Cena made the correct pinfall count, in favor of WWE Champion, Randy Orton. The decision is likely to not sit well with Nexus leader Wade Barrett, and per his stipulations, Cena will now be fired from WWE. Even Randy Orton was shocked by the decision, in which he retained the WWE Title. Will Cena show up on Raw to say his farewell to the WWE Universe? Is this the last we've seen of John Cena?

There were plenty of other Raw superstars in action on the Survivor Series PPV card. One contest saw Daniel Bryan in another successful defense of his United States Championship as he was able to make Ted Dibiase tap out to the Labelle Lock. Another match, saw John Morrison take the first victory in what is likely to be a feud of several matches between he and Sheamus. The team of Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov failed in their attempts to win the tag titles from Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. Will there be rematches in store for these superstars on Raw?

There was one championship winner at Survivor Series from Raw, and that was Natalya. The Raw diva was able to overcome tough odds against Team LayCool. In a match that went under 5 minutes, Natalya was able to grab Michelle in the ring and put her down on the mat into the Sharpshooter. With McCool tapping out soon after, Natalya captured the Divas title for her first ever reign. However, despite the win, Natalya is part of the Hart Dynasty which has been having issues for weeks now. Will she be able to re-unite Tyson Kidd and DH Smith, or is the Hart Dynasty done? Who will be first to challenge Natalya for the Divas title?

Check out Raw at its regular time tonight of 9PM EST on USA!

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