Wednesday, November 24, 2010

John Cena Spoiler & The Miz as WWE Champion

What a rollercoaster ride of a Monday Night Raw! From Cena's farewell, to Nexus' attack on Orton, to Wade Barrett nearly winning the title, to Cena's run-in, we ended with a triumphant new WWE Champion, The Miz! The Miz fanatics and haters are all buzzing over the latest champ, with some praising the move, others hating the awesome new champ, and still others not caring much after the long wait for the MITB cash-in.

It's been about four months since Miz won Money in the Bank, and he constantly talked up and teased cashing in. What made this interesting is that most other MITB winners cashed in relatively soon after they won that briefcase, but not the Miz. Mr. Kennedy comes to mind as a guy who said he was waiting until Wrestlemania. That decision (made by WWE) ultimately hurt Kennedy's rise to superstardom, because during his wait to cash-in, he got injured. Miz is lucky the same fate didn't occur during his wait.

The cash-in time was a smart opportunity by Miz though, given all that's going on with Nexus and Cena. He waited for the Nexus leader Barrett to be knocked down by an RKO and Attitude Adjustment, and the rest of Nexus to chase John Cena out of the arena. All that was left was to defeat a hobbled Orton, and that was no easy feat.

If you compare Miz's cash-in to others, it took him longer in his match to finally win. Other former champs who cashed in like Edge, Punk and Swagger had a very easy path towards the title, taking advantage of a knocked down and out champ in the ring with a quick finisher. Orton put up quite a battle despite his injured knee, and Miz had to counter the RKO with a Skullcrushing Finale to win it. There was no bashing with the briefcase involved, just a smart opportunity to fight Orton when he wasn't at his best. You can't call that too cheap a win.

Now for John Cena. SPOILER ALERT: Don't read beyond this point if you want the surprise, but it looks like Cena will be present at Raw in Philly next Monday, as he announced on his Twitter he bought tickets to the show:

CeNation. Last night was tough. I am glad its over. On way to see niece. And moms bday tomorrow. Sorry i ran back in ring but i told....

Mr barrett that if he keeps taking short cuts it will come back to haunt him. Just got tix for raw in philly

There's also spoiler rumors hitting the internet today about "Juan Cena." That's right, they're looking to get Cena into a luchador mask and play the part of his Spanish cousin, sort of the way Buzz Lightyear got turned into "Spanish Buzz" in "Toy Story 3." Other wrestlers have employed this gimmick including Hulk Hogan as Mr. America, and the late Owen Hart as the "Blue Blazer." So this seems to be what will keep Cena hanging around to beat up on Barrett and Nexus. Will we see Juan Cena as the next WWE Champ doing the Paso Doble in the ring?

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