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NXT Results 02/22/11

WWE NXT Results from Sacramento, CA:

The showed video from earlier today Johnny Curtis with his mentor, R-Truth hugging. Truth told Curtis none of the Pros will be on tonight's episode of NXT. He told Curtis it's time to take off his training wheels. Curtis told Truth he's a one-man wolfpack and then howled.

Another camera showed Ricardo Rodriguez telling Brodus Clay he would be on his own tonight, so he needs to get it done.

Finally, a camera caught Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman in the locker room. They were both on the floor resting. Bryan told Bateman if he comes to NXT next week and Derrick's eliminated, he'll punch him. Bateman said "it's time to cowboy up" then put on a cowboy hat.

The NXT intro video aired and then it went to the arena with commentators Grisham and Matthews.

Matt Striker was with the rookies for the first challenge of the night, the obstacle course. It was a unique set of obstacles including a beer pong station, tower-building area, cup-flipping, and using chopsticks to re-arrange some dice. The crowd booed them over this concept.

Johnny Curtis was able to complete the course in 1:19:0, while Bateman failed to beat that time. Brodus Clay got through several of the obstacles but then played around with cup-flipping, ending up losing out. Johnny Curtis wins the challenge and 3 immunity points.

Johnny Curtis vs. Derrick Bateman vs. Brodus Clay

Late in this triple threat match involving the three remaining NXT rookies, Curtis hit a guillotine leg drop on Brodus for a near fall. Curtis tried to pin Bateman, but he escaped as well. It took all three guys some time to get to their feet. Bateman and Curtis hit a double suplex on each other. Curtis then did a suplex to smash Bateman on top of Clay. Curtis rolled up Bateman for the winning pinfall.

Winner: Johnny Curtis wins via pinfall over Derrick Bateman.

They showed a Raw Rebound which featured John Cena's rap response to The Rock's speech last Monday night. Cena dissed The Rock's various movie roles in a new rap song, before leaving the ring.

Time for the "Talk the Talk" challenge with 3 points on the line. Striker was in-ring with Curtis, Bateman and Clay. Clay leads with 5 immunity points. Curtis is in second with 2 points. He went first and didn't talk trash really, just played up to the crowd.

Bateman talked about having a golden dream in Sacramento, where he is king. Audience wasn't having it. Brodus Clay went last and got a huge ovation as he mentioned areas of CA to get the crowd riled up. Striker polled the crowd and Brodus Clay easily won the crowd support in his hometown, earning him immunity tonight. That means either Bateman or Curtis gets eliminated tonight.

Todd Grisham said NXT episodes can be seen on WWE.com, YouTube and Hulu.com. Voting for NXT Season finale winner starts tomorrow at noon EST on WWE.com.

Striker had all 3 rookies at the bottom of the ramp in front of the ring. It's time for the latest NXT rookie elimination. Brodus Clay has 8 immunity points and can't get eliminated tonight. It will be Johnny Curtis or Derrick Bateman going home tonight.

Striker had Curtis and Bateman's images flash back and forth on the screen. Suddenly it stopped on Bateman, shocking Grisham and many others. Bateman seemed shocked himself. Curtis was also shocked by it.

He got to give a farewell speech, saying he felt he's proven he's the future of the industry and the most entertaining NXT competitor. Bateman mumbled something at the end and the commentators were clueless what he said. Josh Matthews said he's sure Bateman is upset over the elimination. He started up the ramp, stopped and shook his head then kept going.

As Bateman was heading up the ramp, Brodus Clay attacked Johnny Curtis and knocked him to the outside floor. A replay showed Curtis looking up the ramp as Clay rushed over and clotheslined him down to the floor. Clay walked up the ramp as Striker helped Curtis up near the ring.

The commentators showed a replay of Bateman getting the news he was eliminated and the shocked look on his pal Johnny Curtis' face. Next week is the NXT Season 4 finale, where the next rookie will be crowned in Cleveland, Ohio.

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