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Smackdown Results 02/04/11

Smackdown Results from Long Island, NY:

Commentator Josh Matthews reviewed the fact that Alberto Del Rio was the 2011 Royal Rumble winner and will go on Wrestlemania 27. The camera showed a Wrestlemania 27 pinata hanging above the ring for a big celebration tonight.

Just then, Booker T's music came on and Booker T arrived out to the fans' delight. Cole and Matthews were excited to say Booker is the new member of their announce team. he did a Spinarooney in the ring for the fans. As he was leaving the ring a loud "Excuse Me" came on the mic. Vickie and Dolph came walking out from backstage.

Matthews said Teddy Long is still out after the assault weeks ago. Matthews said Teddy may never be on Smackdown ever again. Vickie said she's assembled qualifying matches for the Smackdown Elimation Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge and Dolph Ziggler will be in the match with one of them the Champion. Vickie said that Dolph will be wrestling later in a 3-on-2 handicap match with Dolph and LayCool against Edge and Kelly Kelly.

Vickie demanded that Kelly come to the ring, right now. Kelly finally came out after the third time. In the ring, Vickie yelled at Kelly for costing Ziggler the World title at Royal Rumble. Vickie said it would be easy to fire her, but instead she'll humiliate her and break her down bit-by-bit. She said tonight Kelly can be the reason Edge loses the World Championship.

Kelly said she's sick of Vickie getting involved in her personal life and going through all her stuff backstage. She said everyone's sick of her, then called her a witch. Dolph started to yell at Kelly next, saying she cost him the title and the only reason she's allowed in the ring now is she will be the reason he wins the title later. He yelled for Kelly to leave, twice. Kelly slapped him in the face. Vickie got in Kelly's face and tried to hit her, but Kelly shoved her down. LayCool rushed to the ring and cornered Kelly. Edge ran in for the save, clearing the ring. He and Kelly backed up the ramp as the heels were scattered outside the ring.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater

The tag champs were on hand with Santino's girlfriend, Tamina. The commentators reviewed how Orton rushed to the ring to eventually punt kick Nexus member Husky Harris, after Vlad & Santino defeated Harris and McGillicutty.

Late in the match, Slater was stomping on Santino in the corner when the ref pulled him away. Slater went for a huge running move on Santino, but Santino moved away. Vlad tagged in and took control, then slammed Slater for a near fall. Gabriel came in and broke it up. Things broke down with Gabriel and Santino ending up outside the ring. Slater hit an impressive reverse DDT type move on Santino. Gabriel became legal and hit his 450 Splash off the corner.

Winners: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater win via pinfall over Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella.

WWE Smack of the Night showed last week's Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio match against Del Rio and Kane. Kane abandoned Del Rio in the match, allowing Rey to hit 619, followed by Kofi's Trouble in Paradise finisher.

Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match #1

Kofi started to rev up for Trouble in Paradise late in the match. Drew swatted Kofi away then ran to get under the ropes. Kofi went after him, but suddenly Ricardo Rodriguez appeared on the Titantron to intro Del Rio. Del Rio's face showed on the screen. He didn't say anything, but winked as Kofi was distracted by it. Drew kicked Kofi in his leg to take him down. He followed with the Future Shock DDT for the big win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre wins via pinfall over Kofi Kingston to advance to the Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match.

After the commentators talked up the main event 3-on-2 World Championship Handicap match, the "2/21/11" promo video showed again.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match


Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match 2

Swagger charged at Rey near the ropes at one point, but Rey dropkicked his leg and had Swagger against the ropes. He ran against the other rope and came back for 619. Swagger blocked it and grabbed Rey by the legs, then started applying the ankle lock. Rey held onto the top rope though. Swagger yanked him into the ring with the lock still on, but Rey managed to do a move to toss Swagger into the corner. Swagger backed up over Rey's legs to try to grab him, but Rey kicked straight up into Swagger's chest, then got him into a pinfall. Matthews and Booker reviewed the footage and ensured it wasn't a low blow. Cole said Mysterio's knee caught Swagger down low.

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger to advance to the Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match.

The commentators reviewed Del Rio making his decision over which title to go for at Wrestlemania 27. Del Rio was in the ring with The Miz, Alex Riley and Edge, announcing he will compete for the World Heavyweight Championship on Raw. A fight ensued with Del Rio ultimately hitting Edge with a mariachi member's guitar.

They showed Edge backstage talking to Kelly Kelly about the match. Kelly asked if Edge doesn't have faith in her for the match. He said he can't expect her to beat both of LayCool. She repeated her question, then said he and Drew McIntyre are the same. Edge shook his head asking what McIntyre has to do with this. Kelly said it doesn't matter, then walked off leaving Edge confused.

Ricardo Rodriguez arrived out from backstage to introduce the 2011 Royal Rumble winner, Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio came driving out in a white Mercedes convertible. The ring was decorated with yellow ballons and a red carpet on it. Hornswoggle and Rosa Mendes were shown in the ring looking confused as to what they were there for.

Del Rio talked about his destiny again to win the Rumble, go to Wrestlemania and be new World Heavyweight Champion. Del Rio said he has a present for his little amigito, Hornswoggle. He pointed to the pinata above saying he had candy and toys in it, all for Hornswoggle. Rosa tried to protest them doing it, but Ricardo blindfolded Horney and gave him the stick.

After some fun watching Horney just swing the stick around, Del Rio said to lower it to "this thing's level." They lowered it down but not enough. Horney kept swinging as Del Rio was talking to Ricardo. One swing hit Del Rio in the hand/groin area. Del Rio took exception to it after some time, and kicked Hornswoggle down. Del Rio went over and started beating on Horney. Finally, Kofi Kingston rushed to the ring for a save. He clotheslined Del Rio out, then went to check on Hornswoggle.

Ricardo Rodriguez distracted Kofi from outside the ring, then Del Rio rushed back in. He dropped Kofi to the mat with a sneak attack, then bashed the stick on his leg several times. Del Rio applied his Cross Armbreaker for several moments until a team of refs arrived to break things up.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Kane
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match #3

Chavo tried to jump on Kane with a flying bodypress. Kane caught him and put Chavo on his shoulder. Chavo slipped off, then kicked Kane towards the corner area. Moments later, Chavo got on the corner. Kane tried to grab him but Chavo dropped off to the outside, yanking Kane against the corner. Kane snapped back to the mat. Chavo got back to the apron then the corner and went for the Frogsplash. Kane grabbed Chavo by the neck, stood up and hit the Chokeslam to win it.

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over Chavo Guerrero to qualify for the Smackdown Elimination Chamber.

Cole and Matthews introduced the theatrical trailer for Triple H in "The Chaperone," Rated PG-13. Cole said after the trailer was shown it's almost as funny as Booker T's commentary tonight. Booker said it's almost as funny as looking at your face. Matthews reminded fans that five of six are in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber, one more to go.

A Wrestlemania 27 is 58 days away promo video was shown. The theme music was "Written in the Stars by Time Tempah featuring Eric Turner.

Big Show vs. Wade Barrett
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match

Cole said Show has been pouting all day over how he was eliminated from the 2011 Royal Rumble. Booker T said Show knows it's about the future, not the past. Booker yelled out "What up Dog?" to Show. Booker said it's been a celebration for him now that he's back home.

Barrett arrived out to the ring with The Corre members, who surrounded the ring. Show got an early chest slap then a huge punch to the gut on Barrett to start things off. At one point in the match, Show tried to whip Barrett out of the corner. The ref moved to the corner as Show reverse-whipped Barrett back to the corner, hitting the ref. With the ref out of it, Slater got on the apron. Show had Barrett in a chokeslam but instead shoved him into Slater to bump Heath off the apron. Still, Ezekiel Jackson got into the ring and as Show turned around, Jackson clotheslined him down hard.

Barrett tried for the pin as the ref came to, but Show somehow kicked out. Barrett got up and with Show trying to sit up, Barrett hit a DDT to finish things off.

Post-match, The Corre celebrated, but Show got up and clotheslined Barrett out of the ring. He shoved Jackson to the corner and knocked Slater/Gabriel down. Show grabbed Jackson by the throat. Slater and Gabriel tried to clip Show's legs, allowing Jackson to pick up Show for a huge powerslam.

Cole yelled at Booker that he wished he had that sort of stature and strength like Jackson.

Winner: Wade Barrett wins via pinfall over Big Show to join the Smackdown Elimination Chamber.

Matthews reviewed the Smackdown Elimination Chamber members: Edge, Dolph Ziggler, Kane, Rey Mysterio, Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett.

Another "2/21/11" promo video was shown before the main event match started.

Kelly Kelly & Edge vs. Team LayCool & Dolph Ziggler
3-on-2 Handicap World Championship Match

In this match, if Edge is pinned by Ziggler, or either of LayCool pins Kelly for the win, then Ziggler becomes World Champion.

During the match, LayCool was able to take advantage against Kelly Kelly, isolating her from the tag to Edge. Layla got in and put a headscissors submission on Kelly on the mat. Booker kept saying she looked like she's about to tap out. Kelly escaped it, but Layla kept trying to beat her up. Kelly exploded back with a faceplant though. Both she and Layla were down on the mat, with Kelly crawling towards Edge. Ziggler rushed in and distracted the ref just as Kelly broke away for a tag.

Everything got crazy as Edge pretended to leave for the apron then rushed over to attack Ziggler. They ended up outside the ring where Edge tossed Ziggler into a crowd barricade. Back in the ring, the ref was distracted as LayCool had Kelly. Layla held Kelly and Michelle went for her big kick, but Kelly move so Layla ate the boot.

Edge got back on the apron and encouraged the crowd in a "Spear" chant. Kelly took the page out of Edge's book and charged at Layla then speared her down for the pinfall win.

Post-match, Edge celebrated with Kelly over the win. Vickie composed herself and got into the ring with a mic. She clapped mockingly then said congratulations to Kelly because this is her last match. Vickie screamed that Kelly is fired. As Vickie kept screaming, Kelly was in tears. Kelly backed out of the ring and up the ramp, still crying. Edge was fuming. Vickie turned and said next week, Edge will be former World Champion. Vickie booked Edge vs Dolph Ziggler for the Championship with her as the Special referee.

As Vickie let out a cackle, Ziggler jumped Edge from behind to hit the ZigZag on him. Vickie kept laughing as Ziggler posed over Edge in the ring.

Winners: Kelly Kelly & Edge win via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler & Team LayCool.

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