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WWE NXT Results 05/17/11

WWE NXT Results from Corpus Christi, TX:

Tonight's episode of NXT Redemption was the first elimination of the 5th season. All of the former contestants, Darren Young, Jacob Novak, Lucky Cannon, Titus O'Neil, Byron Saxton and Conor O'Brian were all on the chopping block tonight. Regal and Grisham talked about how tonight the rookies have been doing all they need to do to stay in the competition.
Darren Young came out first to the ring for the show. Young talked about how he defeated Titus O'Neil last week, something none of the other rookies have been able to do. Young talked about how Titus makes him sick with that bark he does. Young showed a key hanging around his neck, saying he's got the key to Titus' weakness. He said he'll never find Hornswoggle again, never beat him and never win NXT.

That brought Titus O'Neil out to the ring to confront Young.

Titus O'Neil vs. Darren Young

Regal asked where Chavo Guerrero is tonight and Grisham had no idea. Early in the match, Titus started off good, but Young made a comeback out of the corner to take him down.

Titus made his own comeback with a near fall attempt. He followed with forearm uppercuts and kicks to Young on the mat. He yelled for him to get up and prepared for a finisher. All of a sudden, Chavo came on the big screen backstage with a box wrapped up and locked in chains. Chavo asked if Hornswoggle was ok and said he'd go get a crowbar or something to help him out.

Chavo left, and Titus dropped Young in the ring. He went over and grabbed the necklace with key from the corner of the ring and left the match. Titus was counted out as he unlocked the box backstage to pull out Hornswoggle, tied up. Suddenly, Chavo attacked Titus from behind and threw him around backstage. With Titus down, Chavo grabbed Horney and said he hasn't forgotten everything he's done to him.

Chavo brought Hornswoggle to the ring for Darren Young. Young roughed him up a bit then held him down on the mat. Chavo, in business attire, got up on the corner and did his Frog Splash as Young held Horney down. Suddenly, Titus O'Neil rushed to the ring to chase them off.

Winner: Darren Young wins due to countout of Titus O'Neil.

Grisham and Regal reviewed the replay of what happened to Titus and Hornswoggle backstage, and then the in-ring attack by Young and Chavo on Horney. Regal said nobody needs to see this happen to the little fellow. During commercial, Titus carried Hornswoggle backstage. Grisham said Hornswoggle's been rushed to a medical facility and that Titus O'Neil is with him.

Regal brought up Sunday's Over the Limit Pay-Per-View and that either John Cena or The Miz will have to say "I Quit." They rolled a video package starting back at Extreme Rules where Cena won the WWE Championship in the Triple Threat steel cage. Also shown were the Raw Triple Threat match which Miz won against Mysterio and Del Rio to become #1 contender for the WWE title at OTL.

Grisham and Regal reviewed the lineup of matches for Sunday's Over The Limit Pay-Per-View including Christian vs Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship and Cole vs Lawler in a "Kiss My Foot" match.

They showed Yoshi Tatsu walking backstage looking ready for action. Grisham said Yoshi will show his rookie Byron Saxton some tough love next.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Byron Saxton

Grisham and Regal talked about how Yoshi's been too enamored with Maryse to teach his rookie. Yoshi got the upperhand early on with an arm hold which he kept on Saxton. Byron ducked Yoshi's running kick then took him down. He managed a near fall, then locked a headlock on him. Yoshi fought back to his feet then chopped at his rookie a bit, before taking him down with kicks. With Saxton dazed late in the match, Yoshi did a spinning kick connecting with Saxton's skull to get the pinfall win.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu wins via pinfall over Byron Saxton.

When NXT returned, Striker was in the ring to introduce his NXT co-host, Maryse. Maryse arrived to the ring in a blue skirt. Maryse said before they get to elimination they have some unfinished business to take care of. She introduced Vladimir Kozlov and his rookie Conor O'Brian.

Matt Striker said Vladimir and JTG have had a gentlemen's wager over who could make their rookie more like them. Striker asked Vlad how he thinks Conor is doing. Vlad said some indistiguishable remarks with the crowd saying "What?!" Striker then introduced JTG and Jacob Novak who came down to the ring.

Striker said the live crowd will judge JTG and Conor in a talent contest. JTG introduced his rookie who then tried to do a rap to dis William Regal and Conor O'Brian. Some of it rhymed. JTG chimed in yelling remarks after the lines to back him up.

Time for Kozlov and O'Brian's routine. They did some robotic dance moves to Kozlov's theme music, followed by some sambo stylings and breaking wooden boards. Kozlov punched through his piece of wood and then O'Brian headbutted his to break it. A fight ensued because the crowd easily chose Kozlov and O'Brian as the winners. As NXT went to break, Kozlov had kicked JTG out of the ring. Enraged, JTG yelled if Kozlov wants a fight he'll get one.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. JTG

The show returned with this match in progress. Kozlov took control down on the mat with a headlock. At one point, JTG was knocked out of the ring and went over to the commentators table to talk trash to Regal. Regal told him "don't worry about me" and Kozlov grabbed JTG to throw in the ring. As Kozlov tried to get in, Novak came over to distract him, allowing JTG to dropkick Kozlov off the apron and take control.

JTG hit the Mugshot at one point in the match but failed to win with the pinfall attempt. Kozlov bounced back and headbutted JTG multiple times in the chest, then set up for a running powerslam. JTG slid off and hit a neckbreaker though. JTG with another near fall. Conor tried to rally the crowd for Kozlov outside the ring.

JTG got control again and tried for a flashy move off the corner. Kozlov shoved him down though, then did his one arm slam move for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov wins via pinfall over JTG.

Backstage, Yoshi went into Maryse's dressing room where she was putting on makeup. Yoshi asked if she saw his match and she said she missed it. She asked if he saw the new purse Lucky bought her and talked about how great it is. Yoshi said he thinks she likes things more than people. He said it's time they broke up, then walked out. Maryse yelled that they can't break up because they never were in a relationship. Just then, Lucky walked in and told her she needs a shopping spree tonight. He said he'll take her on one after the elimination tonight.

They showed the behind the scenes for "That's What I Am" with Randy Orton talking about how great it is to be in his first film and with Ed Harris. They also talked about the big kiss scene between the two young co-stars Chase Ellison and Mia Rose Frampton.

All of the rookies were lined up (except Titus) at the bottom of the ramp in front of the ring. Maryse was on the mic saying that sadly one of them will go home tonight. Striker said it was time to see who the first elimination of the season is. The big screen rolled through the rookie choices, then finally stopped on Jacob Novak's picture.

Novak was furious and tore off his shades, bandana and chain. Novak said it's twice now the people have shut him out. He said bottom line is he will be in the WWE and Redemption will be his. He told everyone to watch their back, because the day they don't flinch is the day he knocks them out.

Regal said he wasn't surprised about this at all, but said he was happy he won't have to see his face anymore. Novak went up the ramp where JTG was all animated. JTG yelled at the crowd for hating on his rookie. As NXT ended they showed the replay of Novak learning he was tonight's elimination and throwing his hands up in frustration.

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