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Raw Results 05/16/11

Raw Results from San Antonio, TX:

Josh Matthews started off the show on commentary saying in less than a week they'll see just how far the superstars will go at Over the Limit. John Cena arrived out to start off the show. Cole questioned if Cena will be champion after Sunday's I Quit match for the WWE Championship.

Alex Riley arrived out on the stage in a suit to interrupt Cena's in-ring speech. Riley mocked Cena saying all his speeches are the same and he's just gonna talk about how he'll beat Miz this Sunday. Riley asked Cena to watch a Miz highlight video on the big screen which showed Miz destroying Cena in various situations and matches. After the video, Riley introduced the most "must-see" champ in WWE history, and Miz came out from backstage. Riley and Miz went to the ring with Cena. Cole stood up applauding.

Riley kept talking about how the fans predictions are never right, because they all said the Spurs were going to make it out of the first round. Cena retorted about all the things Miz would never say like "I no longer want to play with My Little Pony" or "I have a pair of testicles." Cena said he'll need them for their match Sunday because he sees fear in Miz's eyes. He said after OTL, he'll be saying "Because I'm the Miz, and I Quit."

An email came from the Raw GM to Cole's iPad. The GM said as long as Miz and Riley aren't involved, Miz can pick the kind of match and opponent for John Cena tonight. Miz said he doesn't know Cena's opponent or stipulation yet, but he does know it will be "Awesome."

Kofi Kingston vs. CM Punk

The New Nexus members arrived out and waited up on stage to watch Punk's match. They showed highlights from last week when Punk was ringside as Mason Ryan was facing Kane. Punk helped cheat but wound up getting KO'd by Big Show outside the ring.

In this match, Punk and CM Punk traded finishers late in the match. Kofi went for a move towards the corner on Punk. Punk avoided it and Kofi got tripped up in the corner. Punk grabbed him, hit the GTS and won the match.

Punk went up on stage and sat down in front of Nexus. He said that was leadership by example. He said they aren't going to stop until each member of Nexus is the most dominant wrestler the WWE Universe has ever seen.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over Kofi Kingston.

Backstage, The Miz was having a conversation with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero, possibly about tonight's match against Cena.

Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella

They showed Eve and Kelly in the ring when Karma came out last week. She decimated Eve as Kelly got away. Nikki arrived to the ring with her sister.

Late in the match, Kelly hit her handspring move on Brie in the corner. She also hit her spinning headscissors move. The finish saw her take an interesting pinfall seated on Brie for the win.

Post-match, Nikki got in the ring to help doubleteam Kelly, leaving her planted on the mat. Suddenly, Karma arrived out to the ring. The Bellas stayed in the ring this time awaiting her arrival. They watched Kharma go towards Kelly in the corner, then one of the Bellas tried to attack her from behind. Karma turned around and hammered her down.

The other Bella jumped off the corner at her, but Karma caught her in the air then slammed her to the mat. Karma then hit the Implant Buster on her. She turned her attention to Kelly in the corner, walked over and looked her up and down. She pulled on Kelly's hair, then flicked her in the forehead before leaving.

Winner: Kelly Kelly wins via pinfall over Brie Bella.

Backstage, The Miz was talking to Big Show, possibly about a match tonight against John Cena.

They showed an exclusive look at WWE Studios film "That's What I Am." One of his co-stars called Orton "very natural." They also discussed the big kiss scene.

A video was shown from last week's main event, post-match, when R-Truth attacked Rey in the ring after he lost the Triple Threat #1 contender's match to Miz.

Rey Mysterio hit the ring to talk about what happened last week. He said he doesn't blame other people for his own problems and he doesn't whine about it if he doesn't get his way. He said he'll call out the guy who jumped him and handle his business like a man. He told R-Truth to come on out and face him in the ring like a man. Rey waited in the ring as Cole and Lawler traded jabs on commentary about it. Raw went to a commercial awaiting Truth's arrival.

Instead of R-Truth, Ricardo Rodriguez came out to introduce Alberto Del Rio, who drove out in a vintage Rolls Royce worth over $100,000. The song "Realeza" which is Del Rio's theme, is now available on iTunes.

Del Rio blamed Mysterio for last week's match going sour for him and losing a shot at Cena's WWE Championship. He disrespected Mysterio and the other Mexicans in the arena. Del Rio said Mysterio's people came to America like a bunch of rats. Rey said he won't stand there and let Del Rio disrespect his people. He said he's proud to be a Chicano and an American. He said if R-Truth isn't going to come down, he's got no problem shutting Del Rio's mouth instead.

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

Late in the match, Del Rio went fora running move at Rey near the ropes. Rey ducked it and Del Rio slipped out through the middle ropes hitting the outside floor. Rey started to set up for another move.

All of a sudden, R-Truth's voice came on over the speakers. Truth was shown up in the stands in an empty section yelling to call the police because Mysterio's a thief. He kept yelling to call the cops, then walked out of the stands.

Del Rio got back in the ring and the match continued with Rey getting a near fall. He managed to get Del Rio set up for a 619, but Ricardo Rodriguez rushed over and caught Rey's legs. The ref called for the bell for a DQ. Del Rio managed to kick Rey on the apron, then tossed him into the ring. He got up on the corner and hit a huge elbow drop on him from there. The ref finally stepped in and got Del Rio to leave.

However, as Rey was getting to his feet, R-Truth had snuck into the ring and bashed him down from behind. He kept beating on Rey on the mat, then yelled at him to get up. Rey staggered to his feet, then Truth hit his finisher on him.

Truth got on the mic and said he and Rey will fight Sunday at OTL. He said this Sunday Rey "you gonna get got!" Then Truth beat on Rey some more before leaving the ring.

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins due to disqualification of Alberto Del Rio.

Backstage, The Miz was talking to CM Punk with Mason Ryan standing by. It appeared they might be discussing the match tonight with John Cena.

Raw returned with the official contract signing for Cole vs Lawler at OTL. Cole was in the ring seated in a chair with his feet up on the table with Swagger standing behind him. Lawler was standing up with a mic in hand. Cole said Lawler needs to reiterate to the world the promise he made to him last week if Cole beats him again on Sunday.

Lawler said Cole's never beat him legitimately, but if he does win Sunday, he's a man of his word. Lawler said he'll give him his Hall of Fame ring and should it come to it, he'll personally induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame. Cole smiled and then signed off quickly, then told Lawler to sign too, so he did.

Cole said he believes in full disclosure and Lawler neglected to read the fine print. Cole said it will be a "Kiss My Foot" match and Lawler will have to do the same thing JR did last month on Raw. They rolled the clip of Swagger forcing JR to kiss Cole's Athlete's foot while in the Ankle lock.

Cole also had footage shown of when Lawler lost to Bret Hart and got his foot in his mouth back at 1995 King of the Ring. Hart also bent Lawler's own leg back to make him kiss his own foot. Cole then revealed his ugly foot again to remind Lawler of what he'll be kissing on Sunday. Lawler said Cole's made Swagger into nothing more than a lowly sidekick.

Cole said nobody remembers Swagger being a World Champion. He kept talking down about Swagger, so Jack finally walked up behind Cole and bumped him a bit. Cole turned around, so Swagger asked "nobody remembers me?" He stared Cole down then said "he's all yours King" before leaving the ring. Cole pleaded with Swagger to come back, then turned around and told Lawler this was all a joke. He tried to turn things around and said he respects everything Lawler's done. Lawler interrupted him saying "stuff if Cole." He yanked Cole by the tie against the table, then said on Sunday he's gonna stick his foot in Cole's mouth and close it. Lawler shoved the table over onto Cole on the mat.

Backstage, The Miz was shown talking to Kane about taking on John Cena tonight. Big Show walked up and handed Kane his half of the WWE Tac team championship belts. Kane and Show walked off from The Miz.

Lawler joked to Cole about what just happened. Cole was in his box and said it's not funny, then dropped his mic looking dejected.

Kane & Big Show vs. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

On Sunday, Kane and Big Show face CM Punk and Mason Ryan with the tag titles on the line. Punk and Ryan were ringside to watch the match, scouting their opponents for Sunday.

Late in this one, Kane was in control against McGill. Otunga tried to rush into the ring, but Kane booted him down. Mason Ryan slipped into the ring then out the other side to distract Kane and the ref. Big Show rushed over on the outside and took him down with a shoulder block. The ref kept his attention outside the ring. Kane grabbed McGillicutty but stumbled back towards the ropes. Punk was on the apron and got in a kick to the back of Kane's head, allowing McGill to hit his neckbreaker on Kane for the win.

Winners: David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty win via pinfall over Big Show & Kane.

Backstage, The Miz was trying to talk to R-Truth about taking the match against Cena tonight.

When Raw returned, Lawler and Matthews talked about the WWE All-Stars video game. They showed a simulation of John Cena vs The Rock, saying fans won't have to wait until Wrestlemania 28 to see this match happen.

Josh Matthews joked with Lawler about how he's going to have a great Sunday. They ran down the lineup of matches for Sunday including Christian vs Orton for the World Championship, and Cena vs Miz with the WWE Championship on the line. R-Truth will go against Rey Mysterio, and Cole will face Lawler in the Kiss My Foot Match.

Scott Stanford was backstage to interview Kane and Big Show asking how the loss affects them for Sunday's match at OTL. Show said it doesn't affect them a bit, they won't give up these tag titles to anyone anytime soon. Kane said Punk was in all his glory tonight, but Sunday will be the annihilation of New Nexus.

John Cena was seen walking backstage wearing his championship belt. He came up to a bunch of WWE staff backstage with Zack Ryder. Ryder showed him a new T-shirt of him and gave it to Cena. They did a few secret handshakes and Cena walked off laughing.

The Miz arrived out with Alex Riley, both in suits. He said on the mic that tonight's match will be a "No Holds Barred" match. He told Cena to get out there, so the champ soon arrived with his theme music playing. Cena walked out and kept eyeing Miz and Riley. Suddenly, Jack Swagger ambushed him from behind, knocking Cena down. Miz introduced Swagger as Cena's opponent as Swagger kept beating up Cena all the way to the ring.

John Cena vs. Jack Swagger
No Holds Barred Match

Swagger stayed in control for most of the start of the match, with Cena getting a brief comeback. "Let's Go Cena - Cena Sucks" alternating chants started up. Raw went to break with the match still going.

After break, Cena kept getting pummeled by Swagger. At one point, Swagger layed a chair on Cena then did his Swagger bomb splash off the corner. He set up the chair in the corner, then went to get Cena but instead got punched down. Cena went on his burst for a bit, but Swagger slammed Cena down. Swagger kept at it, then was able to put the Ankle Lock on. Cena managed to shift his weight and flip out though. Swagger rushed at Cena near the corner, but Cena managed to avoid him and Swagger slammed head first into the chair.

Cena gained moment with shoulder take downs from the ropes and then a side slam followed by Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment looking up the ramp at Miz and hit it, then put the STF on Swagger. Swagger tapped out giving Cena the win.

Winner: John Cena wins due to submission of Jack Swagger.

Post-match, The Miz applauded from up on the ramp in a mocking fashion. Miz got on the mic saying "very, very very impressive." Miz told Cena there's so many ways to make someone say "I Quit." He said he could toss Cena off the first, face first into the concrete. Miz walked over to one of the camera cranes near the stage, saying he could put Cena against the stage and do something like this, as he smashed the camera against the stage twice.

Miz came to the ring area, and told Alex to find something useful under the ring. Riley retrieved a big piece of pipe and Miz said he could use this too. Miz said that's all the obvious stuff. He said there's a million ways to beat Cena that he probably hasn't even imagined yet. Miz said he's more conniving and ruthless than any other opponent Cena's faced. Miz said he's found a way Cena's never even seen before, to make him quit. Miz guaranteed on Sunday after the OTL match, he'll be declared the new WWE Champion.

Miz said while he won't use the pipe Sunday, he's got no problem using it on Cena tonight. Riley tried to attack Cena, but Cena fought him off. Miz got in the ring and smashed the pipe into Cena's gut then across his back. He backed up and waited for Cena, but this time Cena caught him off guard. Cena grabbed the pipe and rammed Miz in the gut, then bashed it on Riley several times. Miz managed to slip out of the ring. Cena demanded a mic and said "Miz better bring a million more ways to beat him on Sunday, because he's got a hurtin comin' at their match. Cena yelled on Sunday he will force Miz to say "I Quit."

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