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Raw Results 06/13/11 - All-Star Edition

Raw Results from Uniondale, NY:

Tonight's special 3-hour All-Star edition of Raw had Stone Cold Steve Austin as host. It opened with The Miz coming to the ring to talk about being the all-time greatest WWE All-Star, especially after he and R-Truth won their match against Cena and Riley last week. Miz said later tonight he'll call out Austin, because he's sick of the Attitude Era stars taking his spotlight. That brought out Austin to confront Miz and silence him in the ring. Miz was able to leave the ring without a Stone Cold Stunnder.

Next up, Alberto Del Rio came driving out in his car. Stone Cold said he books the matches tonight and he lambasted Del Rio for attacking Big Show. Austin said tonight Del Rio faces Kane in the opening match.

Kane won due to DQ of Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio had the cross armbreaker applied and wouldn't break it at the ref's count of 5. He kept it on post-match too, bringing out a surprise return from Big Show. Show tackled Del Rio down in the ring. Ricardo Rodriguez got involved to help Del Rio escape. Show pounded away on Rodriguez until Kane subdued him. Del Rio ran backstage and Austin came out to announce it'll be Del Rio vs Show at Capitol Punishment PPV.

Daniel Bryan, Ezekiel Jackson and Sin Cara defeated Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase & Wade Barrett via pinfall. Sin Cara got the win with a cross-body springboard onto Barrett for the pinfall.

Hornswoggle was in-ring shooting T-shirts out to the fans in the crowd. R-Truth came out and interrupted saying he'll beat Cena at Capitol Punishment. Horney shot him in the gut with the T-Shirt bazooka. Truth grabbed him and then kicked him down. Austin appeared on the Titantron and said tonight Truth will get to face someone his own size, John Morrison.

Sheamus defeated Santino via pinfall after connecting on the Brogue Kick.

They showed a replay of Christian's heel turn and the damage he's done to Orton. Randy Orton came to the Raw ring to call out Christian after what he did last week to him on Smackdown. Christian appeared on the big screen and polled the crowd to see if he should come out. He said he doesn't care what they think. Christian came out to the stage anyways. Security got in front of Orton to prevent a brawl. The Raw GM got involved in this, buzzing in to email that tonight Christian will face Rey Mysterio. He said Orton needs to rest due to a concussion so he won't be wrestling tonight. Also announced, Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk at Capitol Punishment in a best 2 of 3 falls match.

Rey Mysterio won due to DQ of Christian after Christian refused to follow the ref's instructions on a 5-count. Post-match saw Christian try to attack Rey, then CM Punk rush out to attack. Rey was able to fight both off, but Nexus also came out. Mason Ryan got the upperhand on Rey and rolled him into the ring. Christian hit the Killswitch on Mysterio for further damage.

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero interrupted Austin on a phone call. She demanded a US Title match for Dolph Ziggler this Sunday at Capitol Punishment. Austin said the match is a done deal, on the condition that Ziggler drops Vickie as his manager. Ziggler contemplated it as Austin told him he needs to do this on his own. Finally Ziggler agreed and said "I'll drop her!" Vickie was livid as Austin laughed it off. He said he was just having some fun because the match is booked already. Ziggler tried to explain himself to Vickie.

Truth came out to the ring for his match against John Morrison. Morrison's music kept playing but no sign of J-Mo. Truth was on the mic and said he can tell Morrison's scared because he would be too. Truth said he'd go backstage and find him himself. Truth found Morrison backstage, layed out on the concrete with a neck injury. Truth added to the injury by ramming a travel trunk into him. He said "Take that Little Jimmy" which drew some laughter from the crowd.

Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger by pinfall after Evan Bourne hit his Air Bourne move on Swagger.

Cole congratuled Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for winning the Guys Choice Award for "Biggest Ass Kicker."

They had a Piper's Pit segment with The Miz and Alex Riley. Piper and Miz went back and forth with jabs at each other. Riley came out and proposed that Piper could still wrestle and could beat Miz. Miz said he'd wager $1,000 of his own money he could defeat Piper. Piper said how about $5,000? Austin came on the Titantron and said the match was official, with Alex Riley as the referee.

Roddy Piper defeated The Miz by pinfall. Alex Riley and Miz got into it during the match, with Riley landing a hard punch on him. Piper rolled up Miz for a pinfall with Riley giving a fast count for the win. Post-match, Riley tossed Miz out of the ring and raised up Piper's hand in victory.

Kelly Kelly, AJ, Natalya, Kaitlyn, Eve, Gail Kim & Beth Phoenix defeated Melina, Tamina, Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox, Maryse & The Bellas by pinfall. Kelly scored the winning pinfall on Rosa for the win.

They had a backstage segment involving Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk. Austin offered Punk a beer several times with Punk saying "What?" Eventually, Punk thanked Austin for booking him against Cena tonight. Austin informed Punk that Nexus isn't allowed ringside tonight. He said he had an announcement to make and left the scene.

Stone Cold came out to the ring. The Raw GM eventually interrupted and informed Austin the anonymous Raw GM will be in control again next week. However, next week's Raw will also be a special 3-hour show. This time will be fan's choice to create the matches. The segment saw the Raw GM continue to try to interrupt Austin, to the point Austin went out and Cole ran away through the crowd. The email sound and lights kept flashing repeatedly. Austin eventually knocked the laptop and podium down. He took the laptop, tossed it down on the ramp and then poured two beers on it. He also drove over it with his ATV several times for good measure. Austin rushed back to the ring to do his celebratory beer bash on the corners.

They had another mock press conference with President Obama to promote Capitol Punishment. This skit featured Christian, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus and Hornswoggle asking questions. Booker pretended he just woke up from a crazy dream and kept asking Lawler, "are you kidding me?"

CM Punk defeated John Cena via pinfall after hitting GTS. R-Truth's distraction in the crowd caused Cena to lose. Truth was finding "Little Jimmy" fans and asked one to trade his Cena hat for a sip of Truth's water. Cena was seen urging the kid not to do it, right before Punk got him with the GTS. Post-match, Truth rushed into the ring wearing a red Cena cap. He smashed a bottle of water on Cena then hit his finisher. Truth left the ring with Cena's WWE Championship.

Next Monday's show will feature a "Power to the People" theme with fans deciding the matches, rules and stipulations during the 3-hour show.

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