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Raw Results 06/27/11 - Raw Roulette

Raw Results from Las Vegas, NV:

Michael Cole and Lawler opened on commentary reminding fans that tonight's show is Raw Roulette. The spinning of the wheel was shown bycommentator/wrestler Booker T. Shawn Michael's music hit to bring the Heartbreak Kid out to start off Raw. Michaels talked about how tough it was to stay away from the WWE after leaving. He said he's not going to be like the other hosts plugging their stuff, but then announced he's got a show premiering on the Outdoor channel tomorrow night.
As Michaels was joking around about his Twitter being up on the Titantron, CM Punk's music hit and he arrived out with McGillicutty and Otunga. Punk brought up how he'll be leaving WWE just like Michaels did. Punk said it's a win-win, and reminded Michaels that he didn't win on his way out, but lost to Undertaker. Punk said he's going to lose as their WWE Champion. Michaels asked Punk if he's run that by WWE Champion John Cena. Punk said he has no doubt he can beat Cena again at MITB in Chicago in July.

Michaels and Punk got into it about who's better. Punk said he's the best now, just like Michaels used to be the best. Punk said they're a lot alike. Michaels said they're not, because he's got his own style. He delivered a Superkick to KO Otunga. Punk told Michaels he just made the biggest mistake of his life. The anonymous Raw GM chimed in with an email saying Punk gets the first Raw Roulette match of the night.

Booker T spun the wheel backstage and it stopped on a question mark match. Booker said it means Punk gets a mystery opponent and he has an all-expense trip to Hell, because he gets to face Kane. Back in the ring, Punk was stunned by the news. Michaels gave another superkick to knock down McGillicutty, then said "good luck with all of that" before leaving. Kane's pyro flashed and he came to the ring.

Kane vs CM Punk

Late in this one, Punk went to the corner where Kane was going to attempt a high risk move. Punk tried for a Superplex, but Kane fought him off and knocked him to the mat. Kane set up for his flying clothesline, but Punk rolled to the outside of the ring. Punk walked up the ramp saying he was done with this. The ref started the countout and Punk walked backstage. Finally the countout reached 10.

Winner: Kane wins due to countout of CM Punk.

Tonight's Raw Roulette will feature Big Show versus Alberto Del Rio and John Cena vs R-Truth.

Sin Cara vs Evan Bourne

Booker had WWE Diva Eve Torres backstage to spin the roulette wheel. It landed on No Countounts for the match. Late in this one, Bourne had Sin Cara down and went for Air Bourne. Sin Cara rolled out of the way, so Evan Bourne landed on his feet. Sin Cara rushed at Bourne and did his spinning move to drive Bourne face-first to the mat for a pinfall victory. Bourne recovered outside the ring, frustrated at the loss.

Winner: Sin Cara wins via pinfall over Evan Bourne.

Backstage, Booker told Kofi Kingston the Raw GM gave him the power to spin the wheel and determine his match against Dolph Ziggler. Kofi went to spin, but Vickie Guerrero stepped in his way and said "excuse me" then spun the wheel. Kofi asked if that counted and Booker told him to just wait. It landed on "Player's Choice" meaning Kofi got to pick the match anyways. He said he wanted the match he voted for last week, with Vickie banned from ringside.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler returned with a shot of the Strip in Vegas. They talked about the MITB PPV in 3 weeks, then revealed the field for the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne, Alberto Del Rio, R-Truth, Jack Swagger, Alex Riley and The Miz will compete for the briefcase for Raw.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

The match would require Vickie to be banned from ringside thanks to Kofi's spin of the Raw Roulette wheel. Vickie arrived out on stage to yell "Excuse Me" several times. She tried to introduce Dolph Ziggler, but two referees arrived out and told her to go backstage. US Champion Dolph Ziggler arrived out without her intro, looking frustrated.

Late in this one, Kofi attacked Ziggler with kicks and punches, hammering away. Dolph got a big kick to Kofi's head stunning him. Ziggler tried to toss Kofi out of the ring, but instead Kofi hit the top rope with his head and shoulders, then bounced back. He delivered Trouble in Paradise to a surprised Ziggler as he turned around. Kofi with the pinfall win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler.

Backstage, Raw Roulette host Booker T had WWE Diva Maryse standing next to him. Booker kept talking up the show so far. Alberto Del Rio came in to interrupt asking why he has to face Big Show again. Booker said he'd ask him to spin but he'll do it instead. Del Rio told him no, then asked Maryse to spin for good luck. Maryse started talking to Del Rio how much they have in common, liking expensive things. Meanwhile, the wheel stopped on Steel Cage match, upsetting Del Rio. Booker said "tell me she did not just spin that!" and laughed at Del Rio.

Raw returned to show highlights of Big Show KO'ing Mark Henry on Smackdown and then Henry hitting a World's Strongest Slam on Big Show at Capitol Punishment through the announcers table.

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio
Steel Cage Match

Del Rio came out in a fancy yellow sports car which Cole said is valued over $200k. Del Rio ran and jumped up the cage wall after the bell rang, but Show rushed over to yank him off by his shorts. Show started to punish Del Rio around the ring from there. On one rushing move at Del Rio in the corner, Alberto moved away and kicked Show in his bad leg, eventually grounding Show.

Mark Henry came down to the ringside area with the match in progress. Henry went over and yelled at the commentators "don't eyeball me, I do what I wanna do!" Del Rio kept a submission hold on Show's hurt leg on the mat. Show managed to finally knock down Del Rio from one knee though. He grabbed him for a chokeslam, but Del Rio kicked him in the leg to escape.

Later in this one, Del Rio was up on the corner. Big Show went up to fight him and eventually got the Superplex to bring Del Rio down to the mat. With both men down, Henry walked over to the steel cage door area. He could open the handle, so he grabbed the frame and ripped the door off the hinges. Henry walked up the steps with the door and brought it in the ring. As Show was getting up, Henry went over and kicked him in the head. Del Rio saw his chance and crawled out the open doorway to win the match.

Back in the ring, Show was leaning against the cage wall near the ropes. Henry rushed over with the broken door and rammed Big Show hard, causing the cage wall to break with Show falling on it to the floor. Henry jumped outside the ring and yelled at Show "You think I'm playing?" then threatened the crew of refs trying to help out. Henry tore off part of the commentators table.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins the steel cage match against Big Show.

When Raw returned, Cole and Lawler reviewed what Henry just did to Big Show in the steel cage. They showed during commercial as Show started to get up and had various refs and staff around to help him out. Cole said this is becoming commonplace for Big Show now over the past month.

Kelly Kelly vs. Nikki Bella

Cole and Lawler reviewed how the fans voted for Kelly to face Brie last week for the Divas title and she won it, thanks to the fans. Cole said Brie Bella gets her championship rematch 3 weeks at the MITB PPV. Backstage, Booker T spun the wheel saying he hoped it would land on the pillow fight match. Instead it landed on submission match.

Nikki kept trying to use an armbar on Kelly, screaming for her to tap out. Kelly refused to though. Kelly finally got to her feet and punched away at Nikki, knocking her down. Kelly followed by grabbing Nikki by the legs and putting a Boston Crab on her. Nikki soon tapped out.

Post-match, Kelly celebrated but Brie rushed in to attack from behind. The Bellas started to gang up on her, with Eve Torres rushing down to save Kelly. The Bellas backed up the ramp saying "It ain't over!"

Winner: Kelly Kelly wins the submission match against Nikki Bella.

Raw Roulette returned with a shot of the Bellagio fountains. Cole introduced footage of Big Andy winning Tough Enough 2011 against Luke. There were some interview bits with Andy Leavine, talking about paying his dues by being slapped in the face or getting the Stone Cold Stunner. Ricky Steamboat spoke saying Andy was the right choice for the WWE, because he's the kind of guy you want to help and teach. Dusty Rhodes said it's going to be a longer road for him than most people figure.

Backstage, Booker spun the wheel with Rey Mysterio awaiting his match. A tornado match came up. Booker said it's Rey and Riley versus Jack Swagger and The Miz. All four in the ring at once.

Rey left the scene, but Booker was shocked at someone off camera. DDP came walking up holding the new WCW Nitro DVD he's part of. As Booker and DDP were reminiscing, Drew McIntyre came up to them. He said a lot of guys backstage have been calling them relics. Drew said he's the future of the company and demands they leave in the next 10 minutes or get taken out on stretchers. Suddenly someone slugged Drew and he hit the ground. It was HBK, who said "that had to hurt." He asked DDP about the Nitro DVD, and DDP said he's going to like it. Booker suggested DDT send him a copy.

Alex Riley & Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger & The Miz
Tornado Match

All four men would be in the ring at once for this Raw Roulette match determined by a spin of the wheel.

During this one, Rey and Riley started to take it to Swagger and Miz in the corner area. Riley whipped Rey across the ring and he did a dropkick into Swagger's midsection. On the outside, Jack tried to recover, but Rey got on the apron and jumped off onto him. Meanwhile, Riley ran and jumped up on the corner, then did a huge hip toss to bring Miz crashing to the mat. Raw took a commercial break.

Late in the match, Riley escaped a near fall by Miz in the ring, then clotheslined him out of the ring. Rey came back in to go at Swagger, who kicked him down. Rey escaped the near fall.

The closing moments saw Swagger holding the Ankle Lock on Rey. Rey grabbed the ropes, with Miz going onto the apron to put a headlock on Rey. Riley rushed over and yanked Miz off the apron to KO him outside the ring. Back in the ring, Rey kicked Swagger against the ropes. Riley got up to kick Swagger in the head, causing him to fall to the other side of the ring against the ropes. Rey hit the 619, Swagger staggered back, so Riley hit a face plant move to the mat, and then Rey finished with his diving splash off the corner.

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Alex Riley win via pinfall over Jack Swagger & The Miz.

Cole and Lawler looked at a promotional video for Shawn Michaels' new show on the Outdoor channel, MacMillan River Adventures. Cole said to go checkout @ShawnMichaels Twitter for more info about it.

Backstage, R-Truth was having a conversation with himself. Booker said sorry to interrupt but asked if he wanted to spin the wheel. Truth gave it a spin and it landed on a tables match. Truth said tonight Cena's gonna get got. Truth started talking to someone off camera about Little Jimmy and conspiracy theories. Booker said he was starting to scare him a bit so he left the scene. Truth kept talking to someone.

John Cena vs. R-Truth
Tables Match

Cole and Lawler talked about how Cena lost a Tables match to Sheamus before for the WWE Championship. Meanwhile, as Cena and Truth battled in the ring the "Let's Go Cena" and "Cena Sucks" crowd chants broke out.

During this match, Truth had control and set up a table in the corner. He was about to suplex Cena into it, but Cena blocked, then suplexed Truth the other way. Later still, Cena had the upperhand and set up a second table in the ring. He prepared to hit the AA with Truth. However, CM Punk rushed to ringside and grabbed the table legs then shoved it over. Cena hit the AA and dropped Truth to the mat, but not through a table. Cena saw Punk on the outside and rushed out to attack.

Punk managed to fight it off and get back into the ring. Cena went after him, but Truth was ready and tackled Cena through the table in the corner to win the match. Truth left the ring holding his head as he went backstage. Meanwhile, CM Punk grabbed a mic from nearby and walked up the ramp.

Punk sat at the top of the stage and said he has a lot to get off his chest in the next three weeks. Punk brought up how Cena is one of the biggest ass kissers in the WWE. He brought up The Rock being a big kiss ass also. Punk said he's the best in the business but yet he isn't on any of the promo cups or programs or in the main event for Wrestlemania next year.

Punk said he's leaving because of all the people and how it's all about money and the people spending it. He also brought up how Paul Heyman brought him into the business, and another guy Heyman brought in, Brock Lesnar, left too. Punk reminded fans he will leave as WWE Champion on July 17th and might go to New Japan or Ring of Honor afterwards.

He kept going on and on about the WWE company, saying it'll keep running even after Vince dies because his idiot kids will take it over. As Punk kept going on, suddenly his mic cut out. Punk stood up and started looking at a nearby camera saying he's the best. The camera soon cut out too without the standard WWE/Raw logo sign off.

Winner: R-Truth wins the tables match against John Cena.

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