Friday, June 24, 2011

Smackdown Results 06/24/11

Here are the shortened results for the 06/24/11 episode of Smackdown on SyFy. Smackdown opened with Teddy Long calling Christian out to discuss the way his match ended against Orton at Capitol Punishment. Christian demanded another title match, but Long said he'd need to earn one, by defeating Kane later tonight.

Sin Cara defeated Ted Dibiase Jr. by pinfall after hitting his spinning finisher on him.

Cody Rhodes defeated Daniel Bryan by pinfall after hitting Cross Rhodes.

Mark Henry attacked The Big Show backstage.

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Wade Barrett to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel made fun of Barrett backstage.

Heath Slather & Justin Gabriel defeated The Usos in a tag match. One of the Usos went for a splash off the corner on Slater, who put his knees up to block it, then rolled him up for the winning pinfall.

Yoshi Tatsu got beat up inside the ring by Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali. After that, Maha did an in-ring promo.

During the Christian vs Kane match, Mark Henry ran in to attack Kane, causing a DQ. Teddy Long said Christian lost the match, but he'd give him yet another chance. Long booked Christian and Henry to take on Kane and Orton. If Christian's team wins, Christian gets his title shot.

In the tag match, Mark Henry scored a pinfall on Randy Orton, giving Christian's team the win. Late in the match, Orton hit the RKO on Christian, but Christian wasn't legal. Mark Henry got Orton for the World's Strongest Slam to win it.

Now Christian will receive another title shot against Randy Orton. The show ended with Christian standing over Orton with the World Championship belt.

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